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Minnamurra Rainforest, EASTER SUNDAY 2014

21 Apr

Minnamurra Rainforest Centre says: “Visit Minnamurra Rainsforest wher nature is easy to reach.” They are open 7 days 9 am to 5 pm. You can find out more when you go to:


Our plan was to go to Minnamurra Rainforest early in the morning on Easter Sunday, the 20th of April. We had booked lunch for 1 pm in Wollongong. That meant we all had to get up early to have breakfast before 8 am. We were all very good and got ready on time. We were the first visitors at the Centre arriving there just before 9 am. Well before midday we were back home again to get ready for lunch in Wollongong.

We were very lucky again with the weather. It was a perfect day for a walk through the rainforest.


This snake greeted us on a wall of the Visitors' Centre.

This snake greeted us on a wall of the Visitors’ Centre.

Peter found something to hang on to!

Peter found something to hang on to!

Oh yes, I quite like it!

Oh yes, I quite like it!

Here we met up  with our son Martin and his daughter Lauren.

Here we met up with our son Martin and his daughter Lauren.

They had gone all the way up to Minnamurra Waterfalls. Peter and I had remained on the lower level, taking quite a few photos of the forest. Here are some of the photos:




















Here I googled some tourist information:

‘”It’s an incredible feeling, to stand among the trees in this ancient patch of rainforest and imagine a time when it covered most of the land around here.”

Visit the multi award-winning Minnamurra Rainforest Centre and experience the splendour of the rainforest.

Chat to friendly staff in the Minnamurra Visitor Centre – they’re experts on the area so will be able to give you plenty of useful information – and check out the interpretive signs and Aboriginal artefacts on display. You might also find that perfect little present or souvenir in the Centre’s gift shop.

Then it’s time to wander the network of elevated walkways through the rare remnant rainforest that once reached throughout the Illawarra. Feel your senses awakening as you listen to the birds, feel the spray of the waterfalls and spot rainforest residents – perhaps the superb lyrebird, eastern water dragon or swamp wallaby.

There’s also a picnic area by the river, so pack your hamper and enjoy a barbecue in this splendid environment.’

Location: shown on Minnamurra Rainforest Centre map
Getting there: Minnamurra Rainforest Centre is located in the foothills of Jamberoo Valley, west of Kiama on the NSW South Coast. To get there from Jamberoo, drive west on Jamberoo Road and turn left onto Jamberoo Mountain Road. Take the first right onto Minnamurra Falls Road, and you’ll find Minnamurra Rainforest Centre about 3km along to the end of the road.
Road access: Sealed road – 2WD vehicles.
Opening hours: The Minnamurra Rainforest Centre is:
Open 9am–5pm (Monday-Sunday).
Closed on Christmas Day
Facilities: picnic tables, gas/electric barbecues, flush toilets, drinking water, cafe/kiosk, carpark, lookout, trackhead/access point, venue
Vehicle entry fee: $11 per vehicle per day. For passengers travelling by private transport (bus or taxi), the fee is $4.40 per adult and $2.20 per child.

Easter Sunday 2014

21 Apr
After we finished Lunch, the Easter-Bunny came around and handed out little Easter Eggs.

We still had some deserts left when the Easter-Bunny came around and handed out little Easter Eggs.




We had had a buffet lunch. These lovely decorations were above one of the buffet tables:



This beach is opposite from where we had lunch. I took pictures of Peter and Granddaughter Lauren in front of North Wollongong Beach.



Peter took this picture.

Peter took this picture of North Wollongong Beach.

Lauren made all these .

Lauren made all these .


20 Apr

Happy Easter everyone!

Sydney and surrounds is bathed in beautiful autumn sunshine. We are so lucky that after all this rain during the past few weeks the skies cleared up.

The Pagoda of the Nan Tien Temple near Wollongong.

The Pagoda of the Nan Tien Temple near Wollongong.


Yesterday, on Easter Saturday, we went to the Nan Tien Temple. We had planned on having a vegetarian lunch in their downstairs Tea Room. The extended car places near the Temple were all taken. It was absolutely amazing how many cars were parked everywhere. We had never seen the place this packed full. It turned out there were celebrations going on for Buddha’s Birthday. However we found out later that the birthday had already been on the 8th of April. Never mind this, more celebrations are planned. The next celebrations are going to be on the Mothers’ Day Weekend.

It was announced on the speaker system that people could register their children between the ages of two and seven. From 12,30 on these children would be given a special birthday celebration party in the courtyard. Everything for free! Later on we saw lots of food- and gift-stalls near the courtyard. We did not get any food there for we had already eaten an excellent lunch in the tea-room.

Peter chose a noodle dish.

Peter chose a noodle dish.

Lauren had a Laksa dish.

Lauren had a Laksa dish.

My choice was first of all some Cappucino.

The coffee arrived well covered in chocolate together with a dish that looked liked minced meat but was vegetarian of course.

The coffee arrived well covered in chocolate together with a dish that looked liked minced meat but was vegetarian of course.

I had ordered a curry dish with rice which was delicious. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of of this rice dish. I took some photos of these interesting glass teapots that contained some exotic teas.



We went for a walk further up the hill towards the Gratitude Bell. Peter took a picture of me near this bell. Martin did give the bell a try chiming it. The sound is very pleasant and carries over large parts of the surrounding area.


This is Martin near the Gratitude Bell looking towards the Pagoda.

This is Martin near the Gratitude Bell looking towards the Pagoda.

Here I caught Peter as he is walking near some tall bamboo plants at Nan Tien Temple.

Here I caught Peter as he is walking near some tall bamboo plants at Nan Tien Temple.

Port Kembla Beach was deserted on Easter Saturday Morning.

Port Kembla Beach was deserted on Easter Saturday Morning.

This is our son Martin going for a swim in Port Kembla Pool.

This is our son Martin going for a swim in Port Kembla Pool.

The wind on that morning was very unpleasant. Lauren did not go for a swim. Peter and I decided too that we would not go into the water.



The previous day, on Good Friday, we had Caroline and Matthew staying with us and also Monika and a lot of her family, including little Lucas.

Lucas liked to play again with some toy cars.

Lucas liked to play again with some toy cars.





Here he is with Great-Granddad.

Here he is with Great-Granddad.

Time to have some marzipan covered Nut Cake that Peter made.

Time to have some marzipan covered Nut Cake that Peter made.

Caroline did bring some home baked apple and plum cake along, and Krystal and Monika had also baked some cake!



Our Frangipani bush started flowering just in time for Easter!

Our Frangipani bush started flowering just in time for Easter!


Palm Sunday

12 Apr

The following is a copy of what I wrote last year about Palm Sunday. Tomorrow is going to be another Palm Sunday. I can’t believe how quickly one year has passed!

RIMG0082 (2)


“Palm Sunday morning was a glorious morning for me. A few minutes after seven o’clock, when the sun had just started coming up a bit, I slowly walked to the church carrying my piece of palm which Peter had cut off for me from our palm tree. I arrived at 7,30. People were already walking towards an outside table where the priest started blessing the palms. After a few minutes everyone assembled in the church for the Palm Sunday mass.

During mass the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Luke was read. Some parts were read by a narrator, then there were other parts being read by a different person; in bold types was printed out on the overhead screen what the crowd (the congregation) had to read, and Father read the part of Jesus.

Towards the end Jesus said: Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.
And the narrator said: With these words he breathed his last.”

I wrote last year in response to one comment: “We have a priest who’s always coming up with new ideas how to beautify the church and its surrounds. His enthusiasm is uplifting. On Good Friday there were Hot-cross buns for everyone who participated in walking to the fourteen Stations. I had asked Peter to come and pick me up. This is why I could not stay for refreshments. And further on I did not make it to go to Saturday’s Vigil. We had visitors. Somehow I also did not make it to go to Easter Sunday Morning Mass. It was a lovely Easter anyway. I like it when we have visitors.”

Well, this was last year. This year Palm Sunday is on the 13th of April and Easter Sunday is not till tge 20th of April. We are very lucky that this year too we are going to have visitors again staying with us over the Easter holidays. I am very much looking forward to this. Nobody in my family is Catholic. That means I ought to make an effort to go to church by myself.


10 Apr

In March 1879 American Henry George published in San Francisco: PROGRESS AND POVERTY. It is a big read, more than 500 pages. We have had this book  for many years.  Still, I never took time to  read it properly.

You may have noticed that I googled a lot these past few days. It all had to do with where past civilisations and our civilisation are headed for.

The unequal distribution of wealth and privilege is examined. Progress as well as poverty, how can this be? THIS IS THE QUESTION.


In 1979 Agnes George de Mille, the granddaughter of Henry George, published this:


I found the above when I googled ‘Henry George‘. There are many more links to Henry George in Google!

Our first Time at Sussex Inlet in March 1985

31 Mar

My children and grandchildren had the idea we could celebrate my 80th birthday at Sussex Inlet. We always loved to go to this place. Peter, I and the children have such lovely memories about it and often talk about it. I have stored some memories about Sussex Inlet in three of my ‘Pages’. Today I opened Sussex Inlet Page’I’. I thought, maybe some other bloggers might want to have a look too. So I copied one of the photos and the text to the first page. (I noticed nobody had actually looked at this page so far!)

As I said I copied only one of the photos. If you look at this post and would like to see some more photos, then please go to the above mentioned post in my pages about Sussex Inlet. There are many more photos to be seen in that page and two more pages about Sussex Inlet.

Uta with daughter Caroline and grandsons Ryan and Troy (the twins!). It was a wet morning.

This was our first time at Sussex Inlet. Caroline was six and the twins were still five. The rain lasted only for one day. After this we had beautiful summer weather again. When our son Martin came to visit with his wife Elizabeth the Inlet looked gorgeous in lovely sunshine.

It was March 1985 and in July Martin and Elizabeth had their first child, a boy named Tristan.  After daughter Monika’s twins, Tristan was to be our third grandchild. (The following grandchildren were all girls. Monika’s three girls and Martin’s two girls. So we have eight grandchildren ; the last one of them was born in 1997. In the meantime we are also blessed with three great-grandchildren. )

After having experienced Sussex Inlet for the first time in 1985 we went back there lots of times. The children and grandchildren always loved it. Only our first born child, daughter Gabriele, was never able to join us at Sussex Inlet because she needed an Iron Lung for the night to sleep in.

We were happy that our youngest daughter had the company of the twins. The three of them did get on very well together. When people saw us with the three of them, they often thought they were triplets! The twins would ring their mum from a public phone near the office of the camp-site. The place was still called a ‘camp’ but it had newly built units which  could accommodate up to eight people each.

In March 1985 the unit we were in had only just been built.  Everything looked brand new. The best thing about Sussex Inlet was that it was very secluded. We called it our little paradise.

Dapto to Tempe to Redfern to Sydney Central to Martin Place to Bondi Junction

29 Mar




Peter discovers a rose in the park in front of the station.

Peter discovers a rose in the park in front of the station.



The above pictures are from last Sunday when we took the train to Tempe to meet the family at the Concordia Club. We also took the train last Saturday going to Redfern for a W.A. Dowe Memorial Lecture. The speaker was our good friend Richard Lawrence Giles. The talk was about THE ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS OF LAND VALUE TAXATION and started at 2 pm. At a coffee shop near Redfern Station we had some coffee and cake.


RIMG1602 (2)

RIMG1602 Next time we are at this place I’d like to try some of the healthy things that are on offer for 6 Dollars: ‘Immunity Boost’, ‘Detox’, ‘Revitalise’, I think all this sounds good. We happen to know that a lot of university students and maybe teachers get off the train at Redfern to walk from there to Sydney University. Any coffee shops on the way would probably be patronised by some university students and teachers. In this particular coffee shop two very friendly young guys did look after the customers.

Today is Saturday again. We had been contemplating to go to Redfern today to watch a free movie. We did get an invitation to:

CINEMA ET SYMPOSIA.  It is a seminar on film – based on Shirley-Ann Hardy’s book “Stolen Land, Stolen Lives and the Great Con Trick of Debt. It says a moderate discussion of the film follows. Free Admission. Refreshments Served. Time 2 pm – 4 pm.

Why did we not go? Simple answer: We needed to stay home to have a rest. Since Peter’s eye operation nearly two weeks ago our life has been a bit too hectic for our liking. After all we are not spring chickens any more! So what did we do apart from the two above mentioned train travels? Well, after the operation Peter went to see the eye specialist already three times for consultations! He also had to get a new referral from a GP (General Practitioner). On the day of the operation our daughter Caroline was able to stay with us. She did the driving to and from the hospital. It was great to have her around. In the evening Matthew joined us too and we had a good time together. Next morning C and M had to go back to their respective work.  They keep themselves busy with working and studying.

The next day one of our neighbours inquired how Peter was going after the operation. We mentioned that the doctor in Figtree who had done the operation in Shellharbour Hospital , wanted to see Peter for post operative care. When the neighbour heard about this he was kind enough to offer us a lift to the bus stop. He even would have driven us to Figtree, but we said we would be all right catching the bus. On the way back we caught a bus which stopped a bit closer to home, so we did not have to walk very far. The operation had been on a Tuesday, the trip to Figtree on Wednesday, then on Thursday I found out that another neighbour, my friend Irene, was about to drive  to Dapto Mall Shopping Centre. I asked her could I have a lift. When I told her I wanted to go for a haircut, she said to wait for her at the hairdresser’s. She would drive me back home then.

Irene parked in an area where it would be easy for her to drive out again. Apparently she is not all that confident yet with her parking. Her husband had been driving for all these years. When her husband recently died very unexpectedly it was up to Irene to get used to driving again. Irene gave me an idea. Maybe I was capable too driving to the Shopping Mall the way Irene did it? All of a sudden I felt I might be able to do it. I told Peter about it when it turned out Peter had to see his doctor in Figtree again on Friday. Surprise, surprise, I actually managed to drive the car to that beautiful parking spot on that Friday. From there it was not far to the bus stop. The following day, Saturday, I managed to park the car near Dapto Station. We left Dapto at 11,35 am and did not get back till nearly 7 pm. But fortunately it was still a little bit light and rained only a little bit. Something similar again the next day, on Sunday, when we caught the train to Tempe. We did get a lift back home in daughter Monika’s new car. Mark was the driver and dropped as off near Dapto Station where our car was parked.

Now to the second week after the operation. On Monday Peter had to go to the Medical Centre to get a new referral for the specialist. I drove him to the Dapto Mall Shopping Centre again. From there he could walk to the Medical Centre. On Wednesday, when Peter wanted to see his eye specialist once more for he still could not see very well with his right eye, well on Wednesday I parked the car in the Shopping Centre again. Just to make sure I asked Peter did he bring the referral from the GP. It soon was obvious that he had left it at home. So I drove back home with Peter. Peter found the referral at home. Then back to  our parking spot in the shopping centre. We ran to the bus stop. Peter was sure the bus would have left without us by now. But he was wrong. Luckily the bus was running very late again. We were really lucky to catch it. Peter had thought it could not possibly be running that late. And it goes only once every hour!

We made it in time to the doctor’s appointment or 10 am. But we had to wait for quite a while. Several other patients were waiting for Michelle, the doctor. So Peter had to wait his turn. The bus going back to Dapto is also only once every hour. When we approached the bus stop to go back to Dapto it turned out the bus had left ten minutes ago. That gave us a lot of time till the next bus was due. We used the time to go for some lovely coffee and cake. :-)

As I mentioned before we went to the Concordia Club in Tempe last Sunday. I found some more pictures from that day which I had not published yet. Here they are:

A picture inside Concordia Club

A picture inside Concordia Club


I took this picture because I thought it looked cute. I think I saw a Swiss flag inside the club. I am not sure where these traditional outfits are from. Maybe Switzerland or Bavaria or Austria? Anyway, I think these dolls look cute!


This sign is in the outside area of the club.

This sign is in the outside area of the club.



The Australian and the German Flag outside the Concordia Club

The Australian and the German Flag outside the Concordia Club


Various little sculptures in the outside area:


src=”” alt=”RIMG1631″ width=”490″ height=”305″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-5630″ />



Michelle, the doctor, told Peter by the end of the week Peter can drive again. I think she meant by the end of this week. This kind of lets me of the hook. I have no vision in my left eye and Peter has at the moment hardly any vision in his right eye! Aren’t we a nice pair?! :-)

By the way, we go to Martin Place when we see our dentist, and we go to Bondi Junction when we see daughter Caroline and Matthew. We are very happy that we have a good train connection from Dapto to Sydney. And a ticket for the whole day for public transport (that includes now buses) is for pensioners only 2,50 Australian Dollars! We really like this. :-)

More Pictures from Sunday, 23rd March 2014

26 Mar


Monika made some pictures with her phone last Sunday. I already published my pictures and Peter’s photos. Now here are some more of Monika’s pictures.

Lucas on the lawns of Concordia Club, Tempe

Lucas on the lawns of Concordia Club, Tempe

Well, Lucas, this field is for running!

Well, Lucas, this field is for running!

Lucas, do you want to play?

Yes, pick up the ball.

Yes, pick up the ball.

Well done, Lucas!

Well done, Lucas!






This picture was taken by Monika when we stopped at Bulli Tops on our way home last Sunday.

This picture was taken by Monika when we stopped at Bulli Tops on our way home last Sunday.

Five iCloud Pictures

25 Mar
Lookout from Bulli Tops

Lookout from Bulli Tops

In my previous post I mentioned the Concordia Club at Tempe and that we had a family lunch there. I could actually not publish any lunch photos for I completely forgot to take a few pictures of our food. But I was thrilled to get such beautiful pictures of little Lucas running around on the lawn in front of the club with a few older boys who look like they are very much enjoying watching this cute little boy running around and picking up their ball.

Lucas did get a bit tired after lunch. Ryan and family had their own transport and went home soon after lunch with Lucas probably falling asleep in the car! They gave Monika’s daughter Kristal a lift too. Martin and S had been in Sydney only for the weekend. Mark and Monika gave them a lift to the airport in the early afternoon so they could catch their flight back to Melbourne.

When Mark and Monika came back from the airport they gave us a lift home. Mark was the driver. Near Bulli Tops he asked us would we like him to stop for an ice-cream. It turned out they had delicious ice-cream at Bulli Tops. We all enjoyed it very much. Plus we had a terrific look down the escarpment towards the Pacific Ocean. Peter thought of taking some iCloud pictures. I am happy to publish them now.


Here I am with daughter Monika.

Here I am with daughter Monika.





Earlier on while we were waiting at the Concordia Club for Mark and Monika to return from the airport, Caroline and Matthew were still with us. A very friendly young fellow sat with us at our table outside. During the conversation we found out that his sister is married to a German and lives in Berlin where he has been visiting twice. He said that he liked Berlin very much. We told him about our connection with Berlin. And so it went. He then offered to take some pictures of the four of us. Here they are:






Concordia Club, Tempe, NSW

23 Mar

Today we visited the Concordia Club. It was still quite warm as though the summer did not want to leave us yet. We did meet our family at the club for lunch.

There were our two daughters and our son with their partners, as well as our twin grandsons. One of them was there with partner and beautiful son, who is our great-grandson!Also one of our grand-daughters, who turns seventeen early next month, was also there.


Lucas, our little great grandson soon found company on the lawns in front of the club and kept tirelessly running around.

Lucas, our little great grandson soon found company on the lawns in front of the club and kept tirelessly running around.



We had great fun watching the kids from where we were sitting down for lunch.

We had great fun watching the kids from where we were sitting down for lunch.








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