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Robertson Station

30 Jul

Last Sunday on the way to Burrawang we stopped with Caroline and Matthew at Robertson Station. Peter and I were reminded that last time we had stopped there was about five years ago. We did take some pictures then of the surroundings of the station. We also took some pictures last Sunday, which was the 27th of July 2014.

I have found now in Peters files the following pictures that we took in April 2009.










I took this picture on Sunday, 28th July 2014

I took this picture on Sunday, 27th July 2014

The following pictures are also from that Sunday.














RIMG0123 (2)


These still stand not far from the station. A lot of vegetation has grown around them since 2009 when we took pictures of ourselves in front of them!

These still stand not far from the station. A lot of vegetation has grown around them since 2009 when we took pictures of ourselves in front of them!




Burrawang, NSW, Australia

30 Jul
There's even a bus stop in front of the cafe. Maybe on Sundays there aren't any buses, this is why people parked their cars there.

There’s even a bus stop in front of the cafe. Maybe on Sundays there aren’t any buses, this is why people parked their cars there.

Caroline and Matthew were with us last Sunday, July 27th. Caroline offered to drive us to the highlands. Caroline and Matthew were sitting in the front, so Peter and I could relax in the back. Caroline managed very well to drive all of us up MacQuarie Pass in our little car. We were aiming for a village called Burrawang, where Peter and I had been some time ago. We had quite liked this historical little place and were happy we could go there for another visit.

Here we had a cup of coffee and some cake.

Here we had a cup of coffee and some cake.


This is one of the pictures I took inside of the cafe.

This is one of the pictures I took inside of the cafe.

I took a few more pictures in that cafe:

RIMG0135 (2)




Here is what I googled about Burrawang and Wildes Meadow:

“Burrawang is a village in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia in Wingecarribee Shire. According to the 2011 Australian census, Burrawang’s population was 238″

“Wildes Meadow is a hamlet village in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, in Wingecarribee Shire. Due to its location, it does not receive many passers by, and so the tourism industry has suffered as a result.”

Now, if ever we had the idea to relocate to one of these places, just seeing what is on offer for buying would make us give up this idea quick smart. The problem is, that in order to live in one of these places we would have to invest millions which certainly we do not have. Still, even if we cannot live there it is within our reach to visit these places. Actually, this is good enough for me. I am not complaining, not at all.

A charming country cottage idyllically set on 27 acres of serene landscape, now doesn’t this sound lovely? Well, I can keep dreaming about places like this, can’t I? However, I know it is just a dream!


This is a card about a BURRAWANG FESTIVAL which takes place in October 2014.


This is at the back of the card.

This is at the back of the card.

Maybe this is a good way to make a living if you live in this area.

To be a House and PET Sitter? Maybe this is a good way to make a living in this area.

In June 1985 Peter had also done this 8 km FUN RUN.

In June 1985 Peter had done this 8 km FUN RUN.

End of July 2014

30 Jul

Today is already July 30. I think it is about time for me to catch up on my Diary.

The last few weeks have been difficult as far as writing for the diary is concerned. I had often very mixed feelings about what was going on in the world. Usually I felt I could not concentrate enough to do much writing. Just reading what the newspapers said and hearing the news on radio as well as watching them on television became very tiring and upsetting. However whenever I found myself with some spare time I tried to catch up on reading novels. I also went for walks as often as possible. After a bit of walking I usually sat down in the sun for a while to relax. I was always grateful when the winter sun made its appearance. I tried to catch as much of it as possible. :-)




On the Eve of my new Century

18 Jul


Berlioz filed this under the “Betty and Jack” stories. So he presumably is Jack and his wife is Betty. Really, nothing to do with me then!. :-)
Reading this story again, set in the year 2035, I notice that Betty does spend a lot of time writing blogs, just like Aunty Uta likes doing! :-)

Originally posted on Berlioz1935's Blog:


Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 100 – yes, a one  with two fat zeros. They told me the telegram from King Charles is on it’s way. We still are a monarchy. Australians don’t dare to offend the English. Now is not the time, is the slogan.

That I’m still alive is just a miracle. When I was born I had a live expectancy of only sixty-four years. Against all expectations, and daydreaming by my wife, I’m still here. She has been a strong blogger for a long time and in 2007 forecast that in 2017 I will be dead and buried. Her wishful thinking never came true. I’m still around and she is still blogging to her heart’s content. Mind you she is blind but she knows were the keys on the keyboard are. The other day she pronounced with heightened optimisms that I wouldn’t last forever…

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Short Story Writing and a bit of Musing

17 Jul

In the past I stuck mainly to journal or diary writing, or I tried to come to grips with some of my childhood memories. Only occasionally did I resort to fiction writing in the form of a short story. As far as my reading tastes are concerned I must say, in my younger days I always preferred reading novels: Only occasionally would I read a short story.

These days the time I spend  reading novels seems to be getting less and less, even though I still like novels a lot. Today for instance I spent half an hour reading a short story. It turned out I did very much love this story. It was a story I had been reading many years ago and I could still remember the subject of this story since this is a subject that interests me very much: What happens to a mother when she is suddenly widowed?

Barbara, one of my neighbours, is the author of this story titled “For better or worse”. Many years ago Barbara won a local award for this story. As I said I could still remember having read this story. I asked Barbara the other day, whether she is still writing. I told her how I remembered this story of hers. The mother in the story moves in with the daughter´s family after her husband died. She lives with the daughter, son-in-law and their two children for several months. In the end she decides, it is better to move on. Living together all the time is just not the right thing and brings about serious tensions in the family.

In the story we learn that the daughter is not at all like the mother. The daughter is more easy going whereas the mother as a very tidy person. This reminds me how all my children are very different from me. I am definitely not a very tidy person. None of my daughters nor my son are extraordinarily tidy either, but they are easy going in lots of different ways, not the way I am, not at all. Living with any one of them I can imagine might lead to frustrations all around. I just cannot imagine to live with any of them indefinitely. Maybe if there was a granny flat, it could work out?!

Well, I am fortunate, that my husband is still alive. God willing, we may still have quite a few years together. We live in a three bedroom house, called a villa, for it is in a corporate housing complex. There is a master bedroom, a guest bedroom and the third one is a computer room but can also be made into a bedroom. Our living room has an extension sofa for overnight guests. I always love to have family staying overnight at our place. We call ourselves lucky that we can make room like this for overnight guests.

Several women who used to live in our complex, eventually moved away after their husbands died.  They live now in retirement villages. Another neighbour, who was recently widowed, keeps thinking that she might want to move too. She is a very tidy person. She feels, the effort to keep her place and surroundings in the condition that she is used to, might become too much for her with advancing age.

Some years ago I wrote a fictional short story about a hostel for the aged. I used to have a friend in a hostel like this. This hostel was a very beautiful place on top of a hill with terrific views towards the ocean. In the beginning my friend loved her stay there. She was still mobile enough to go on outings with some of the other residents. Over the years she aged a lot and did not feel like going out any more. It turned out the people in that hostel who ended up needing nursing care, could often not be transferred to a nursing home because of bed shortages there. It was sad to see residents, who required constant nursing care, struggle on in the hostel where it became more and more difficult for the staff to look after all these feeble residents. In the hostel was not enough staff for nursing care. A lot of the residents were just sitting around all day, half dazed and not being able to participate in the life that was going on around them!

Originally I thought I would not mind spending my final days in a hostel like this with my own room and private facilities. But a nursing home? Oh, I hope it will not come to this. I hope that I can die before I need a nursing home. On the other hand, a person who is that far gone, maybe does not really mind too much to have to stay in a nursing home.


Ilse came to visit us in 1999

14 Jul
18th of April 1999 in front of Sydney Opera House

18th of April 1999 in front of Sydney Opera House. David took this picture.

The 18th of April 1999 was the day when we travelled by Ferry Boat from Parramatta to Sydney (Circular Quay). Peter’s sister Ilse was with us She was still sad, because her husband, Klaus, had died the previous year. However, she liked to stay with us for a while. After a two months visit she went back to Berlin with the promise to visit us again.

The 18th of April 1998 happened to be the birthday of Klaus, his last one before he died. So on the Ferry on that day a year later Ilse could not help but thinking that it was the anniversary of the birthday of Klaus and how he would have loved this Ferry trip too.

Gaby and David were with us on that boat. David went straight away to the front deck after boarding and stayed outside for the whole trip. Ilse and I stayed inside with Gaby who was in her wheelchair, of course. Peter went backwards and forwards all the time taking pictures.


The Opera House is already in sight, so Circular Quay is not far away any more.

The Opera House is already in sight, so Circular Quay is not far away any more.

In March 1999, soon after Ilse had arrived from Germany, we went with her to visit Gaby at her place in Merrylands West. This is where she met David too for the first time.



This is probably a more recent photo when Gaby was about fifty years old.

This is probably a more recent photo when Gaby was about fifty years old.

Caroline’s Message on Facebook for Peter

13 Jul
Gelato de Messina

Gelato de Messina

For you and Mama. Reminds me of the day we were wandering throughout the botanical gardens with Matthew and decided “to go in search of gelato” 

“When someone is seeking it happens quite easily that she only sees the thing that she is seeking; that she is unable to find anything, unable to absorb anything, because she is only thinking of the thing she is seeking, because she has a goal, because she is obsessed with her goal. Seeking means to have a goal; but finding means: to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal.” Siddhartha, Herman Hesse
I, Uta, asked Peter to send me Caroline’s message. I think Caroline chose this passage from Hermann Hesse’s SIDDHARTHA very well. Thank you very much for this, Caroline. I too remember that day when we were wandering throughout the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. I actually enjoyed our walk very much. Finding a place for buying gelato? It was not to be, not in the Botanic Gardens anyway. Then we looked around near the Opera House. However the area was much too crowded for our liking. So we went on. In the end Matthew and Caroline led us to their favourite gelato shop. This made us very happy. I think we did have a great day!
I can see that it would have been very bad to be obsessed with this goal of getting gelato. I admit, I was on the lookout for it. Had we been able to find some in the Botanic Gardens, I am sure we would have enjoyed that too. None the less, I very much loved  this walk, I really did. And as it turned out, having to wait for the gelato a  bit longer, made it even more special when I finally did get some of this very delicious home made on the premises gelato.
I say, it is always worth waiting for GELATO DE MESSINA, made on the premises in Victoria Street! :-)

Are first born Children bossy?

7 Jul

I am a first born one, and as someone with two younger brothers I probably always tended to be bossy.   Peter, my husband of more than 57 years, is a third born one. He claims his two older sisters used to boss him around. He always lets me know in no uncertain terms that he very much resents being bossed around by me. I have to be very careful in what I am saying to him;  it can often be interpreted as an ‘order’ even if it is meant as a suggestion only.  I have the feeling Peter always  fears that I want to act as though I can make all the decisions. I think he feels immediately like a little boy who can be bossed around the way his sisters used to do it.

So I always want to try my utmost to sound like a person who is not bossy in the least. However no matter how hard I try, more often than not I come across to Peter as wanting to be bossy! It used to distress me a lot when I was younger. With advancing age these relationship difficulties don’t seem to be the end of the world anymore. I think old age teaches us to try to be more tolerant and accepting. And of course for as long as there is love in the relationship any frustration can be overcome!

Family Pictures

3 Jul






RIMG0088 (2)




Jenni, our neighbour,  gave us this tealight tower.

Jenni, our neighbour, gave us this tealight tower.



Thursday, 3rd of July 2014

Today we did get a surprise visist by Monika and family. All the pictures are todays pictures. Peter took some and I also took some. Caroline and Matthew were with us too. Sorry, nobody thought of taking pictures of them too. Krystal isn’t in any of the pictures, also Peter is missing in any of them. Ebony is in the background of the picture with Lucas.

It was so nice to have visitors! It was also great to have Caroline and Matthew with us for a while. I kept talking about our trip to Sussex Inlet in a few weeks. There’s going to be a special family meeting at Sussex Inlet for one weekend. Family from Melbourne and Newcastle are going to be with us too. I hope we’re going to have plenty of sunshine during our Sussex Inlet weekend. We are probably going to be about sixteen people  for this family meeting. The family booked four units already. Each unit  is for four people. There’s also an annex with every unit which can be used for additional people.

Cuts to Aged Care

30 Jun

Here is what Kaye Lee found out:

Kaye LeeJune 29, 2014 at 3:18 pm

To just underline the society we now live in…..

Tony Abbott’s $1.7bn cut to the Commonwealth Home Support Program will affect services including Meals on Wheels, respite care, cleaning, maintenance and other in-home services for elderly Australians living in their homes.

The government said the $1.7bn in savings from this measure would be directed to repairing the budget.

A $1.5bn scheme to fund wage increases for the aged-care workforce will also be scrapped, but the money will be redirected into boosting subsidies to aged-care providers by 2.4 per cent.


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