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Uta’s Diary, July 2015

7 Jul

On the first of July Peter and I drove up MacQuarie Pass. It was a cold, but beautiful sunny day. On reaching the highlands, we took the tourist road. Our destination was the cafe of the Bradman Museum where we were to meet our blogger friends. We arrived early and ordered already some refreshments.

The pumpkin muffin was huge and we shared it. It tasted yummy. Our tea arrived in pots. It was leaf tea with milk on the side.  Very nice! Our friends soon arrived and ordered some refreshments too. Sorry, we have no more pictures from that day. It was lovely, to meet our blogger friends in person, and we hope to see them soon again.

The Entrance to the cafe, which was heated pleasantly.

The Entrance to the cafe, which was heated pleasantly.

Peter took all the pictures with his mobile phone.

Peter took all the pictures with his mobile phone.

Some sweets. We shared this too.

Some sweets. We shared this too.

A warm, savoury pumpkin muffin with butter.

A warm, savoury pumpkin muffin with butter.

4 Year Anniversary Achievement

7 Jul

I received this message from WordPress:

4 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 4 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”

Thank you WordPress, thank you very much. I hope I can stay with you for many more years.

Uta’s Diary, July 2015

3 Jul


I took this picture this morning. It is the first picture I have taken in a long time. I think all through June I never took a picture because my camera did not work anymore. Then I started using an older, smaller camera. This must have been in May. I loved walking around with this smaller camera taking pictures. All of a sudden this did not work any more either. It just would not open up, even though the battery was still full. So I gave up and just did not take any more pictures.

This morning Peter checked the little camera. Surprise, surprise, it opened up for him! Peter said, it was all right, I could used it for taking picture. When I took the above trial picture, it actually worked all right. So wish me luck, that my next pictures are going to be all right too.

There is a heatwave all over Europe right now, while we have very cold winter weather. At least it is not windy, and the humidity seems to have gone too. Right now it is beautiful sunny. The outside temperature has climbed to 13 Degrees Celsius. I should go for a walk. All morning I’ve had the heater on in the computer-room. So the temperature here has gone up to 19 C. (In the morning it was only 13 C inside and 8 C outside!)

For morning tea we had green tea with ginger, Vietnamese bread-rolls, Berliner Fleischwurst and lovely fresh radishes. For dinner we’re going to have fried fish, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potato. From two o’clock on I am going to be at Marion’s place. Irene and Barbara are going to be there too. We are all neighbours. Every Friday afternoon we women have a games afternoon. We usually play one game of Scrabble, then we have a coffee/tea break, after which we play seven games of Rummy-Cub (A Rummy game with tiles instead of cards.)

Yesterday I found out something about the ‘anti-monopolist’ Landlord’s Game by BY LIZZIE J MAGIE. I did publish some of the rules. I would be interested in finding out exactly how it works. As I understand it, it is kind of based on a single tax system which Henry George had been writing about. In this Landlord’s Game with some anti-monopolist rules apparently no player ends up as a monopolist, also all players can play right to the end, only that the players end up with different amounts of money and this determines who the winner is. Maybe the players are allowed to cooperate with each other and no player is allowed to fall below subsistence level.

We are all familiar with Parker Brothers MONOPOLY Game. This works out quite differently, doesn’t it?

I better get ready now for my morning walk.

Meeting with Granddaughters in Melbourne Two Years ago

20 Jun

I copy here a blog that I published two years ago. At the time we had spent a lovely evening with Justine and Lauren. Both their birthdays are in June. They are six years apart. Justine lives in Melbourne and Lauren lives in Newcastle. Because it is their birthday this month, I thought I republish this blog which has a few lovely pictures with the birthday girls.

Famous sculpture at the Yarra River in Melbourne.


Peter, granddaughter Lauren and I had been waiting at Flinders Street Station for granddaughter Justine who was going to meet us there after work. It was a happy meeting after not having seen each other for sooo long!


Uta and granddaughters at the Yarra River

Uta and granddaughters at the Yarra River


Dinner at Il PRIMO POSTO, Italian Restaurant

Dinner at Il PRIMO POSTO, Italian Restaurant




After dinner we strolled to a Gelato shop that was still open. We each had a little tub of this delicious gelato and sat down at a large table with a terrific view of the Yarra.








This was a lovely night out with the granddaughters. Justine caught the train back home from Flinders Street Station. Peter and I went with Lauren by train back to Essendon where our son Martin was waiting with the car to take us home.


17 Jun

Here is a summary about ABC’s program: The Killing Season.
I did not write this myself. I just copied it!

“THE KILLING SEASON is Sarah Ferguson’s gripping three-part examination of the forces that shaped Labor during the Kevin Rudd / Julia Gillard leadership years.

It is a documentary series like no other. Visually striking, scripted like the best political dramas, The Killing Season is an enthralling account of one of the most turbulent periods of Australian political history.

Packed with political intrigue, strong feelings and frank disclosures, this is a must-watch series for the nation.

For the first time, Kevin Rudd gives his own, full account of the period and relives in vivid detail the events of losing the Prime Ministership – a retelling he found painful.

Julia Gillard is forthright with her recollections and analysis and doesn’t spare her colleagues.

A comprehensive cast of the main players – including many of those still in parliament – speak frankly, providing a dramatic portrait of a party at war with itself.

Episode Two of The Killing Season goes to air on Tuesday 16th June at 8.30pm, on ABC1. You can watch Episode One on ABC iview and at”

It is still Tuesday today. Peter and I just finished watching Episode Two of the above program. Having just watched it, I feel sick to my stomach. I wonder, wonder why on earth politics has to be such a dirty business?
Yesterday was a lot of talk about the Magna Carta, which was written down 800 years ago. The principals that led to the writing down of the Magna Carta have not changed in 800 years. People are still the same. What you own of the land or the wealth of the land determines what class you are in and what your political powers are. All politicians who want to stay in power have to be prepared to do more for the rich than the poor. It is as simple as that.

Why can’t the poor have simple housing, healthy food, clean water, clean air and adequate clothing? And of course a job according to their abilities. Is that too much if the poor expect as much as this? But even this much the rich of this world are not prepared to leave for the poor of this world. Has anything changed since Jesus walked the earth? Ah well, he said we are always going to have the poor with us. But do we need to drive them to desperation or distinction?

We have laws that forbid killing. Still, wars and killings go on and on. Why?

People are capable of heroic acts. They often help other people not counting the costs, sacrificing themselves. A species that can resort to such heroic acts, also needs to kill at times? Why is that so?

As far as politics is concerned, I find it very difficult to reconcile myself with mainstream politics, be it Labor or Liberal. To my mind they are practically the same. How can I like to be governed by back stabbing, scheming people who do everything to support big business at the expense of poorer people?

Correction, personally I don’t really mind that much being governed like this, for I have all my creature comforts. So what do I complain about? Well, I do not like how people through no fault of their own can end up being desperately poor and without a job. And I do not like how politicians constantly do scare all of us and try to keep us in line that way.

Some Reflections

16 Jun

I am very interested in learning to understand how people relate or not relate to each other. With some people there is immediate rapport or so it seems. With others misunderstandings pile up in no time. Trying to resolve some misunderstandings can take a long, long time: Maybe years! And maybe some misunderstandings can never be resolved. It is like living on different planets.

Do some relationships become stressed because of a confusion in the pecking order? Is a pecking order always essential in every life situation? Do childhood experiences play a very important part in a person’s life?

I wished I had it in me to write a novel, creating characters that express some unexplainable things inside me that I cannot express any other way. Sometimes talking to an open minded person can help a lot. Finding a talking partner like this whenever needed is probably not possible. People who can resort to prayer are very lucky in this regard. Having a conviction that God always listens and understands our problems, is enormously consoling. God may understand, no doubt about it. But can we talk about everything that is a puzzle to us? Maybe this puzzle becomes less of a puzzle by writing about it in a novel?

What did we have for Lunch?

16 Jun


This is our coffee (flat white) after lunch on Sunday. Caroline met us at Central Station. From there we walked to a coffee shop. Caroline and I had the soup of the day, which was a very well spiced tomato soup; Peter had a chicken/veg. pie.

On Sunday we had lunch with Klaus and Tilde at the OAK FLATS BOWLING AND RECREATION CLUB. The lunch special was Roast Meat and Vegetables. Peter, Klaus and Tilde went for the Roast, I chose just Vegetables. I did get a beautifully arranged plate of lots of different vegetables. It was yummy! We each had a glass of beer with our lunch, Tilde had a glass of white wine.

For coffee we chose to sit in a different area of the club. As usual we asked for flat white coffee. Peter had a huge Waggon Wheel with his coffee. I had some yummy cheese cake. I think Tilde chose cheese cake too.


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