Diary, July 2012

From the first of July to the fourth of July daughter Caroline stayed with us. It was so good to have her at our place for a few days. Matthew had booked into Wollongong University for a daytime Winter Seminar about philosophy. In the evenings he stayed with us. Caroline had always cooked lovely meals for our dinner. She also baked a wonderful cheese cake for desert. Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures at home.

On a cold windy day we went for a walk with Caroline along the lake. I asked Peter to take some pictures with my camera. I really like these pictures. I also like the pictures with Gaby in Merrylands. These pictures were already taken two weeks ago. Doesn’t Honey look sweet with that coat on? You  can see it must have been a cold day:

On a cold day Gaby always lets the dog wear this warm coat.

Lake Illawarra

Here now are the Merrylands picture

People can sit on these beautifully arranged tiles that look like a carpet. This seat was very popular with young kids to roam around on. The children are on their winter break at present.
As I said this is Honey with her special coat to keep her warm.


Update on Bulli Beach

Bulli Beach

We live south of Wollongong and Bulli Beach is north of Wollongong. From where we live to Bulli Beach is a fifteen minutes drive by car. So why did we book into a cabin at Bulli Beach when we can drive there from where we live any day really? The answer is simple. We need at least thirty minutes to go to this particular beach and back home again. Would we do this every day? No way. Most people don’t go to the beach regularly even if they live within walking distance. It is really quite different if you rent accommodation right next to the beach.

We had been staying at lots of other beaches before in different parts of Australia. Last year I had booked into hospital for a day-only procedure (biopsies on tongue). I had to leave the admission forms at Bulli Hospital. On that same day we went down to the beach to stay in that little cabin for three nights. I was happy we could do that. I found the place perfectly good for a little vacation. Why travel long distances for a three night stay when you have a beautiful beach close by?

Of course there are lots of other beaches all the way up and down the coast. Australia is blessed with numerous beaches. And all the beaches are open to the public! We spent lovely holidays at other beaches too. But last year, just a few months before my operation, we had this lovely time at Bulli Beach. Can’t wait to do something similar again.

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In  October 2010 we stayed at this cabin at Bulli Beach for three nights

I am going to republish now a few pictures from our stay at Bulli Beach.

This cabin was opposite ours.
Early morning view from our kitchen window.

Ready for a walk to the beach.

This is the little cabin we were staying in.

Our kitchen