Here’s Bulli Beach again! We had another lovely time there last week on Tuesday. We decided we would stay there for lunch. And of course we had some coffee as well.





From where we were sitting we could look down to the swimming-pool.


Yesterday, that is on Sunday, 7th of April 2013, I opened another “Page”. It’s called Uta’s early Childhood. I was able to retrieve some of my early childhood pictures and published them in this “Page”. I have heaps and heaps more childhood pictures in my album, which is of course ancient. The pictures start with the day of my birth, which was on 21st of September 1934. I have at the moment some difficulties with my scanner. With Peter’s help I may eventually work something out how to do further scanning. However, for the next two weeks or so I can’t do anything about it. It’ll have to wait!

We have plans for the next two weeks! Early on Wednesday, this is the 10th of this month, we’re going to leave for a lovely little holiday in the country. We’re also going to spend some time in Melbourne with our son and his extended family. We are very much looking forward to finally see all the Melburnians again. Also going to see another granddaughter who’s coming to Melbourne from Newcastle during her school holidays. This granddaughter we missed out on seeing a year ago. So we’re glad we can finally see her again.

We plan to be back home on Saturday, 21st of this month.

12 thoughts on “Diary

  1. Liebe Freundin wünsche dir einen schönen sonnigen Tag,und liebe Grüße sind wieder von der Ahr zurück es war noch zu Kalt zum Wandern aber diese Woche so es ja endlich milder werden.Ich hoffe das es dir gut geht,was ich auch von mir sagen kann.Ein schöner Text wieder mal mit tollen Fotos.Ich wünsche dir von Herzen eine gute glückliche Woche.Und liebe Grüße Gislinde

  2. Liebe Gislinde, ich wünsche dir auch eine schöne Woche. Es freut mich, dass es dir gut geht. Peter und ich fahren ja am Mittwoch weg. Wir freuen uns schon auf unseren kleinen Urlaub und dass wir unseren Sohn und seine Familie besuchen können.
    Recht liebe Grüsse, Uta.

  3. Our caretaker’s uncle, Julian Mura, has been the conductor of the Melbourne Symphony. He was the first conductor of a symphony in the Philippines. His daughter, Liza, is a violin virtuoso… I look forward to seeing your childhood pictures.

  4. Hi Robert, this is an interesting comment about he Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. If you go to the page UTA’S EARLY CHILDHOOD you can already see the beginning of my childhood pictures. This page is right next to the ABOUT page!

  5. Bulli Beach is wonderful. I can just stare and stare at the beautiful pictures and never get tire of it. A place to relax, have fun, enjoy special times with the people we love. Thanks.

    1. Hi IT, today we went to Austinmer Beach, which people call Austi Beach. We also went to the top of the escarpment. Everywhere we took heaps of pictures. I don’t know yet when I can publish some of them because early tomorrow morning we’re going to depart to go to the country as well as to Melbourne. I bet we’ll be taking a lot of pictures again while traveling for the next ten days!

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