Diary before Christmas 2013

The job is done: We managed putting up the Christmas Tree.
The job is done: We managed putting up the Christmas Tree.

This was yesterday when we put up the tree. Today is Tuesday, the 17th of December 2013. I went for an early morning walk past Brooks Creek and then along Cambridge Road. Bear with me, I took some more flower pictures! And then I discovered a house decorated with lights and a lot of Christmas themes. I hope we can take a little walk tonight and have a look at this house when they put the Christmas lights on!







14 thoughts on “Diary before Christmas 2013

    1. I grew up in Germany, Marylin. We always loved it when there was snow for Christmas. I associate it with a calm, peaceful Christmas.
      However having lived in Australia now for 54 years I am very much adapted to Christmas being a lovely summer time event!
      Thanks for commenting, Marylin, and have a great Christmas! 🙂

  1. Lovely to see your pictures Auntyuta, and nice to see you have a Christmas tree beautifully decorated, It is nice to see the houses done up for the festive season, and that house you have photographed must be a great joy to the children around the neighbourhood.
    Ana and I wish you and Peter a great Christmas and a great New Year.
    Ian aka Emu

    1. Last night we went to that festively decorated house. They had all the lights on and Peter took a picture. I noticed some young kids being led around the front garden. So you are quite right there, Ian, all this imust be a great joy to the children in the neighbourhood.
      Merry Christmas to you and Ana. Wishing you also a great New Year!
      Auntyuta and Peter.

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