💖Of Romantic Tendencies and Dismal Outcomes.💔

Some interesting thoughts on romance.

💞 with love, dot i/0. 💞

Romance is defined in many different ways by individuals all over the world.  One person’s view of romance could be considered “narrow minded” while the other’s  could be considered silly annd outdated.  As it stands, modern society appears to favor the notion of love and/or lust being the primary essence behind this topic… which I do accept to a degree.  What I find to be the main essence of romanticism is the presence of strong emotion and imagination, not being limited to fantasies, nightmares and everything in between.  This notion of romanticism is actually quite modern in nature compared to what it was thought to be when it first presented itself in late 18th century Europe.

I do understand that our goal in this paper is to realize a written’s piece significance to Victorian lit; I will get to that in due time.  But in order to understand where I’m…

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