Retirement Living, a few Reblogs


Gerard from Oosterman Treats Blog mentions in his above blog retirement homes. Gerard’s blog reminded me that I wrote several blogs about retirement living a few years ago. I searched my ‘archives’ and came up with what I had written previously and I started reading these blogs from long ago. One  story for instance was a fictional story. I pretended it was the year 2017. I wrote this story already in 2007. Now 2017 is approaching and instead of 72 I am actually 82! When I wrote this story in 2007 I probably thought that 82 was really old. Now, that I am really 82, I am far from wishing to  be living in a hostel.

4 thoughts on “Retirement Living, a few Reblogs

  1. It’s akways difficult to imagine what life will be like ten years from now – mine never does what I expect! That hostel actually doesn’t sound too bad.


      Dear Cat. you say, that hostel actually doesn’t sound too bad. Well, originally I thought so too. But over the years it changed a lot. I wrote a little reflection about it in July 2014 and copy it here:

      “Some years ago I wrote a fictional short story about a hostel for the aged. I used to have a friend in a hostel like this. This hostel was a very beautiful place on top of a hill with terrific views towards the ocean. In the beginning my friend loved her stay there. She was still mobile enough to go on outings with some of the other residents. Over the years she aged a lot and did not feel like going out any more. It turned out the people in that hostel who ended up needing nursing care, could often not be transferred to a nursing home because of bed shortages there. It was sad to see residents, who required constant nursing care, struggle on in the hostel where it became more and more difficult for the staff to look after all these feeble residents. In the hostel was not enough staff for nursing care. A lot of the residents were just sitting around all day, half dazed and not being able to participate in the life that was going on around them!

      Originally I thought I would not mind spending my final days in a hostel like this with my own room and private facilities. But a nursing home? Oh, I hope it will not come to this. I hope that I can die before I need a nursing home. On the other hand, a person who is that far gone, maybe does not really mind too much to have to stay in a nursing home.”

      1. Yes, I’m with you on this – I now have first-hand experience seeing my mother in a nursing home, and deteriorating rapidly. I shall be posting about this shortly.

      2. I am sure there are some good nursing homes, Cat, where patients do get the best of care. Most nurses do the best they can, and this is good to know. My friend Eva Maria, who was 93 when she died, was admitted to hospital after she deteriorated a real lot and needed life support. She died in hospital in 2005 shortly after she had been admitted.
        My mother also died in hospital just three weeks after having been admitted. That was in 1994 in Berlin when she was ‘only’ 83. She had reached that stage in life where she never recovered well enough to be transferred to a nursing home.

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