Q & A about Power, Spirituality and Free Speech

I watched this last night. I really want to watch this again. Maybe when I have watched it again, I’ll want to comment on it. For instance what Cornel West had to say about USA would be something to think about. One theme was ‘Money is the root of all evil’. It seems to me ‘capitalism’ works like the game of ‘monopoly’. Too many people are getting desperate.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Panellists: Dr Cornel West, Scholar and Poet; Eric Abetz, Tasmanian Liberal Senator; Anne Aly, Labor Member for Cowan; Lindsay Shepherd, Free Speech Advocate; and Jeremy Bell, People’s Panellist.


Dr West argued people had to learn how to disagree well.

“On the one hand we defend yourselves and others who are concerned about the dialogue, the dignity of each voice,” he said.

“We must learn how to disagree and disagree in such a way that we can still have our humanity.

“Friendships are deeper than politics, love is always deeper than politics.

“If you haven’t discovered that, you don’t know what love is, but that’s another show.”

The ABC asks:

‘Do you believe that bigots should have the right to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” others?’

4 thoughts on “Q & A about Power, Spirituality and Free Speech

  1. Absolute freedom does not exists. That’s why we have laws. We mustn’t cross a red light, is one example. Freedom of speech is also on shaky grounds when it allows racial vilification, abuse and humiliation.
    This morning a new senator (Fraser Anning) mentioned the words ‘final solution’. It became a flashpoint in Parliament, justly so.
    He can say goodbye to his career.

    1. I hope you’re right, Gerard. Well, it is encouraging that the great majority of members as well as the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader are bipartisan in condemning Senator Anning’s maiden speech to parliament.

  2. Yes, but our PM last week on TV did pump up that Sudanese gangs are rampant in Melbourne. Facts do not support that assumption. He just wants to grab the xenophobic Hanson vote. He does not deserve to be left free of his slipping and sliding around the issue. He is a weak man.

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