India Now

I, Uta, think, that India is a fascinating country! 🙂

A rich and entertaining look at news, culture and politics from India and the subcontinent. Host Marc Fennell and guests explore everything that makes this enchanted country, and its neighbours, the region to watch.

you have watched 98%Duration: 30 minutes 20 seconds

The big business of Bollywood and the influence of sport and culture in diplomacy. Marc Fennell joins movie star Pallavi Sharda, High Commissioner Manpreet Vohra and Avani Dias for the latest on Aus cricket tour of Sri Lanka.

This episode was published 7 days ago, available until 9:38pm on 6 Jul 2022.

2 thoughts on “India Now

  1. Khasi women

    A Khasi woman never joins her husband’s household, rather he joins hers, but today, some men also live away from their wife and children, especially when their wife is away for work.29 Mar 2021

    Khasis: India’s indigenous matrilineal society – BBC Travel › travel › article › 20210328-why-s…

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