Sussex Inlet II

We always thought ‘Broken Nose’ was a male kangaroo. But here she shows us how she’s carrying her young one. Surprise, surprise!
This is a picture that was taken on a weekend in July 1987. We stayed in our ‘camp’ only for Friday and Saturday night. On Sunday we left the camp but stopped at Green Patch before we drove home. The following pictures were taken on that Sunday at Greenpatch.

Martin holds his two year old son, Tristan. Caroline and one twin are in the front, Grandpa Peter looks at something on the ground, Elizabeth (in brown jacket) looks on too.

While Martin and Elizabeth did their 18 km run to Greenpatch,   I followed them with Tristan in their car. Tristan didn’t like to see his parents running in front of him while he was stuck with Grandma in the car! He was happy then to be with his parents at Greenpatch.

Tristan, on his Mum’s lap, looks what the twins do, Martin points out something.

Caroline with her Dad

In one of the pictures you can see Monika with Martin. who has little Tristan on his shoulders.

Monika and Martin are of course sister and brother.

Monika is the twins’ Mum.

Caroline wears a red top. In one of the pictures you can see her running off.

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