In Memory of a Great-Aunt Marie (Mietze)

Peter, my husband, has some memory of his Grandmother, who  died, when he was only three. Both his parents worked. Peter remembers Tante Mietze, his mother’s aunt, looking after him and his sisters following the death of Grandmother. Tante Mietze was born on the 17th of June 1873. She went into domestic service at age fourteen. She was an important person in his life. He remembers her all the time, but especially on her birthday.

This picture of Tane Mietze’s photo Peter took today. He published a post about her as well. Here is the link to Peter’s post.


We remember Tante Mietze today, 17th June, 2012

More Aunties and Uncles and Cousins

This picture was taken on a holiday near Lodz
I can be seen with Ursel and Karl-Heinz, my cousins.
An older sister of Dad, Aunt Jenny and her husband, another Uncle Alred, are in the back. On the left is Charlotte, ,my Mum. It is summer 1937
Horst, Karl-Heinz, Uta (with sun-glasses)

Ursel (Ulla) looks after us.
We all love the hammock.
It’s great fun lying in it!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This picture was taken in Lodz on the 26th of May 1937
My two year old cousin Horst seems to like me! It’s not summer yet,  but it must be quite warm already.
Enjoying a bath. These small bath-tubs were quite common in those days. But they are really meant for doing the washing.
Oh, what fun it is to look out of the window.!

– – – – – – –

My cousin Horst, the gardener
My cousin Horst in winter
My cousin Karl-Heinz when he is about two
Dad’s younger brother Ludwig (Onkel Luttek) is visiting in Berlin and takes me for a walk. I am two years old.

In 1939 we were for summer vacation in Zoppot, a Baltic Sea resort.
There were donkey rides available for children. I was overjoyed when I was allowed to have a ride. A lot of Dad’s family spent the holidays with us in a rented apartment in Zoppot. I remember the apartment was in a tower-like building. We were right at the top. Looking out of the window we could sea far out onto the sea.

In September 1938 cousin Ursula came for a visit to Berlin.
I am just four years old., Ursel just turned eleven.
Mum and Ursel with me in Berlin at a building
in a street called ‘Unter den Linden’[/caption]

This photo was taken at a family party, probably in the 1960s  It shows Dad with his three sisters and two brothers.

Cousins, Aunties and Uncles

Passport from 1935

In June 1935 my parents traveled with me to Lodz, which was in Poland. My father did get a passport for this trip. This one passport was not just for himself, but also for his wife and infant daughter!

I suppose we traveled by train from Berlin to Lodz. I’m sure the journey would have taken something like twelve hours. In Lodz we stayed at the house of Aunt Elisabeth (Tante Lies) and Uncle Alfred. Tante Lies was my father’s younger sister. She was the same age as my mum.  Their son, my cousin Horst, was only four months at the time and I was nine months. I had three older cousins in Lodz. They were Georg, Gerd, and Ursula (Ulla). You can see them with little Horst and my little self in one of the pictures.

Ursel, Gerd, and Georg with Horst and Uta (Ute)
June 1935
Uta 9 months
Alfred and Lies in their park in Lodz
with Charlotte and Alexander and babies Horst and Uta
30th June 1935
Elisabeth, my father’s younger sister,
with Baby-Son Horst about Jan.1936

Our first Saturday in June 2012

We spent a bit more time on the walking tracks of Mt Keira. The next lookout was totally closed off too. But the sculptures we were looking for were all there. We rested on some rocks. Peter discarded his long distance glasses on one of the rocks while he was busy doing something with his camera. When you have a very close look at one of the pictures, I think you can make out the glasses. But they are really hard to see.

After we had walked back on another very even track to where our car was parked and Peter wanted to put on his glasses for driving, he couldn’t find his glasses. He figured out that he must have left them  on this rock near the sculptures where he had been sitting. So he went back all the way. Sure enough the glasses were where he thought they might be. And he assured me that they were awfully hard to see on the rock. Interesting that later on in the photo I could barely make them out. They absolutely blended in with the rock!

Back to the sculptures now. while we were sitting there a man with two kids appeared. The kids were full of beans and straight away started climbing around on the sculptures. They were overjoyed that they had found them. Apparently their Dad had told them they would be looking for the pyramids. And there they were in all their beauty! It didn’t take them long to look around. Soon all three of them disappeared again on another walking track.

So this big lookout to the Five Islands was closed off too. Nothing we could do about this. We sure didn’t want to risk falling down the cliffs!

After Peter had found his glasses again we could leave the mountain. Our way back led us along the Freeway. The Nan Tien Temple is close to where we had to pass. We hadn’t visited this temple for a while. So I suggested we could stop there for a cup of Chinese tea. Reluctantly Peter agreed. But a cup of tea doesn’t cost all that much, right? – Wrong.- We ended up each having a great vegetarian meal as well. The meal was excellent and, I think, really worth the expense. It’s just that Peter wants to save up for our trip to Germany. This trip starts in about three months! We really have to try a it harder to save some more money.

At the temple we took heaps of pictures again. This time we didn’t enter the temple. Walking around the gardens outside there were lots of motifs for taking pictures since the gardens are full of sculptures. We went along a way which leads the the Pilgrims’ Lodge. This is a place were ‘pilgrims’, that is visitors to the temple, can find overnight accommodation.

All in all, we had a truly lovely day. Afternoon coffee we had at home with Danish Apple cake, a frozen cake that we baked for half an hour in our oven. The oven warmed up our kitchen. And the cake was delicious.

Can you see the glasses on the rock?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At the cafe at the foot of the Buddhist temple we had a lovely meal.

Peter took this picture in the cafe
I took quite a few pictures inside the cafe

Quite a few ornaments were for sale

Looking out through the glass doors
When we arrived we noticed the walkways were a little bit wet, but the rain had stopped already.

Where is Peter?
The cafe is downstairs on the left of this picture

From where Peter sits he can look at the big staircase to the temple
There’s a roof above Peter’s seat

I sat next to Peter and took a few more pictures of the steps

Lots of sculptures greeted us along the way

Further up is the entrance to the Lodge

Calm waters in an autumn landscape
Back to where we came from

It’s actually called a ‘Tea House’ not a cafe. But you can have coffee also.

Walking along a secluded way back towards the carpark

This is what we saw first on the way in from the carpark
Peter noticed some fish in that pond on the way to the lodge.

Today in between uploading these pictures we had a nice soup for lunch as well as coffee and the rest of yesterday’s cake, which was delicious warmed up a bit and topped with custard.
Thanks to Peter for letting me use some of his photos.

Beginning of Winter 2012

Here in Australia the month of June is the beginning of winter. With sunshine during the day the winter can be quite pleasant. However yesterday it was totally overcast and showers were forecast. Early in the morning Peter and I walked up to the newsagent to get the paper for the weekend. I mentioned to Peter I would like to walk a bit in clean fresh mountain air. I suggested to drive up to the highlands. Even if there was no sunshine it would be great to walk for a bit up there. Peter hesitated to agree. Then he came up with a compromise. He suggested to drive up to Wollongong’s Mt Keira. I happily agreed, that yes we could go there for a walk.

One of the tracks up there turned out to be a bit difficult for me. Peter frequently had to help me out along rocky steps. His strong hands gave me support. At one stage he drifted off a bit to take pictures of some wild flowers. I looked around. Suddenly I noticed a huge stick in the bush. It looked like some one had dropped it there for it didn’t seem to fit in the surroundings. I picked it up. It looked to me to be suitable as a walking stick, even though it was a bit long. It was easy to grab. I was very pleased with its very strong white wood. When Peter saw me with it, he wanted to take a picture straight away. Then he said he would like to put it on Facebook.

Uta with walking stick. It
reminds Peter of ‘Rübezahl’s Stick’

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

When we arrived at the top of Mt Keira we noticed that the restaurant/kiosk  up there had changed owners again and was still closed. It didn’t look to us as though it was going to be opened some time soon even though a sign told us it was going to be under new management in mid 2012.

It didn’t look to us as though the kiosk would be reopened some time soon

As I said the sky was overcast but it didn’t rain yet. We took some pictures from the lookout. It’s difficult on these photos to make out where the ocean is and where the sky takes over. There were some boats on the water but you can hardly see them in the photo.

This is a view to Lake Illawarra

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We decided we would negotiate one of the walking tracks to another outlook. When we arrived at this outlook we found out it was closed off because of danger!

Look at all the rocks!

Here comes Rübezahl woman!

Some bush flowers by the waysideWe were looking for these sculptures. After a while we actually did find them! How our day progressed, I’m going to show in another blog. I might publish it in a few hours. So, please, look out for it!