The Federal Election 2019 in Australia

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IMG_1636 (2) Our beautiful Parliament in Canberra

Today our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced that Australia will have an election on the 18th of May.

When he announced the date, he said, that the election will be about whom we trust. He got that one right. I and many Australians don’t trust him. Not one bit.

When he made the announcement, he was talking only about money and that his government is balancing the budget. As if this is the aim of a government. The government must also give directions to the future of the country and act on the wishes of the people and on the advice of the scientific community.

What can you expect from a government that thinks climate change is crap and the development of new coal mines is essential for our development and new jobs?

This bloke is unable to think beyond a set of numbers…

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Election Fever

“. . . . Climate Change, a challenge for the survival of all mankind”
Apart from Climate Change Berlioz mention a few other subjects of contention . . . .

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We just had an election and we ended up with the same mediocre government we had before. They are not a government to guide us through the perils of our present times.

The so-called democratic system allowed us to elect a mediocre government, by mediocre people for mediocre people. The best we can say is, we live in a country administered by bookkeepers who always enjoy a beautiful set of figures.

There are always mediocre voters in a country but it doesn’t follow that we have to cast a vote for a mediocre government.

We had this government for the last six years and can say with certainty that they did nothing right or advanced our country only one iota. They did not advance the cause of our indigenous people, the Aboriginals who look back at a continued culture and possession of this continent for more than sixty thousand years…

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The ABC’s new, long and interesting article about cutting down on food waste!

Key points:

  • Fruit and vegies are a major source of food waste
  • Different fruits and vegetables have different storage needs to keep them fresh for longer
  • Some plastic packaging significantly reduces food waste

Food storage: How to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and cut down on waste

I reckon this is a very timely article on cutting down on food waste:

“Each year 4.2 million tonnes of food waste goes to landfill in Australia and over half of this comes from households. Not only is this a waste of water and energy used to grow the food, but it produces methane, which is a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2.”

Now does this not horrify you?

And there is more that should make us want to change our ways how we handle food:

“. . . . then there’s the cost to your wallet. The average household throws away around $2,000 worth of food each year, according to a 2013 survey of 1,600 Victorian households. Nearly two thirds of the food thrown away could have been eaten.  .  .  ”

Please, have a look at this article:

This article may give you ideas about:

Storage hacks for your fruit and vegies

What not to put in the fridge

Plastic can help keep food fresh

How to cut down your plastic use

Other tips to reduce food waste

People living in apartments and tiny houses can still recycle their food waste. And it’s not only the environment that benefits.

Conservatives Don’t Hate Socialism, Conservatives Hate Equality

“It is because Republicans aren’t afraid of socialism — Republicans are afraid of equality with people they see as inferior to themselves.”
So one might well ask: “When will they rebel?”

O Society

It is because Republicans aren’t afraid of socialism — Republicans are afraid of equality with people they see as inferior to themselves

by Nicolas Powers TruthOut edited by O Society April 11, 2019


“They want to take away your hamburger!” former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka declared in February. “This is what Stalin dreamt about … America will never be a socialist country!” The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) audience cheered. The video played on my phone as I waved at Danny, the homeless man who begs for food every morning at the Newark Penn Station, where scores of poor people sleep in wheelchairs or lean on crutches or stand by the delis to ask for change.

These folks need more than “hamburgers.” They need jobs and homes. Yet, as the 2020 election season starts, Trump has branded progressives as “socialists” who will steal property and bring tyranny.

The so-called president’s…

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The Day after Mother’s Day 2019

Well, we had quite a few visitors yesterday for Mother’s Day. Come to think of it, all the mothers that were visiting, were already grandmothers. And I am even a great-grandmother! I was so happy, that great-grandons Lucas and Alexander were visiting too yesterday! And Peter actually did hand out roses yesterday to all the visiting mothers. I think they liked this very much.

For about three hours in the afternoon we had a large crowd in our house. Daughters Monika and Caroline did most of the catering. This was very relaxing for me.

Monika had come with her daughter Natasha and her son Troy had come with his fiancee Antonina. Troy’s twin-brother Ryan and wife Ebony spent the afternoon with Ebony’s family, but Troy and Nina had brought their nephews Lucas and Alexander along to our plae. Monika’s partner Mark had come too, and he had brought his mother Merl along.

The flowers on the right are from Mark!

Caroline’s husband Matthew had brought his mother Yittah along. Everyone was happy and had a good time. It was a really good afternoon for Mother’s Day.

On the 31s of this month we are going to celebrate our arrival in Australia. Yes, we arrived in Port Melbourne on the 31st of May 1959. We came from Germany on the SS Strathaird, a British P & O liner.

The Strathaird had come from England with a lot of British migrants and stopped at Cuxhaven to pick up more migrants from Germany.*  So, Peter, myself and our two baby daghters were amongst all of those German migrants. We had stayed at Bremen-Lesum overnight. From Bremen-Lesum goes a direct train-line to Cuxhaven.  All the migrants, that had stayed together with us at Bremen-Lesum, were taken by train to our destination at Cuxhaven where the Strathaird was already waiting for us.…5.0..0.285.3445.0j17j2……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i22i30j33i22i29i30.I7vsqOa73AM

The Strathaird took five weeks to reach Port Melbourne. It was the most terrific cruise we had on that ocean liner! We were treated like first class passengers. We could not believe how lucky we were.


Here we are on the SS Strathaird on the way to Australia in May 1959. Gabriele is 21 months and Monika is a bit over five months.


Our daughters did bring some cake along for Mothers Day


*The Hamburg America Line built a large ocean liner terminal at Cuxhaven in 1900. Connected directly to Hamburg by a dedicated railway line and station, it served as the major departure point for German and European emigrants until 1969 when ocean liner travel ceased.



Mothers’ Day 2019 in Australia


We expect a lot of family visit this afternoon for coffee and cake. It is Mothers’ Day. So Peter bought this morning these flowers from Aldi. There’ll probably be close to half a dozen mothers with us this afternoon. Peter had the idea to give each of these mothers one of the red roses.






























John Lord: . . . will the right win, will they be emboldened to move further right to satisfy the interests of the establishment, corporates and rich individuals


John Lord writes in the AIM (Australian Independent Media) Network:

“By this time next week, only those who haven’t voted pre-poll will be left to cast their vote in this most important election. All the policies, or lack of them, will have resonated with the electorate in varying degrees. Some will vote in a state of confusion but most with certainty. The young have become engaged and hopefully, they might return our democracy to some form of respectability and transparency. The issue though is will the right win, will they be emboldened to move further right to satisfy the interests of the establishment, corporates and rich individuals. Or on the other hand, will the electorate be prepared to give Labor’s policies of change a chance?”

So the question is, will the electorate give Labor’s policies of change a chance?

I reckon we know the mind of some in the electorate who can’t wait for the results of the election hoping that Labor is going to get a go. I mean there are some people who definitely want to see Labor in government. Are these very determined people more than 30%? Maybe. On the other hand, there are probably quite a lot of people that are still a bit undecided which party they would like to see in government. One thing is for sure, to satisfy the interests of the establishment, corporates and rich individuals you have to be on centre/ right and vote for the Coalition, that is Liberal/National.

So the people that are still undecided, will they be going to the right or to the left? This is the question. These undecided voters, who in the end are not going to vote for the Coalition, have to be very brave to vote against the interests of ‘the establishment, corporates and rich individuals’.

Are the majority of these undecided voters brave enough to vote against these interests? We’ll see . . . .

You’ll find what John Lord says here:

John Lord’s Election Diary No13: Shorten has dared to go where other Labor leaders have not