What can kids’ poo teach us about coronavirus?


“Plenty of questions remain about how children are affected by coronavirus, what symptoms they show and how they transmit it.

But a study from China has shed some light on this.

Not only are kids being affected by COVID-19, the virus seems to remain in their poo for much longer than you’d think.

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On the show today:

  • What does a state of emergency mean?
  • Will the 14-day overseas quarantine work?
  • Should I cancel my small party or wedding?

And Dr Norman Swan has some new research (with some caveats) about how kids may be affected by the virus.

If you want to send in a question, go to abc.net.au/coronavirus and we might answer it tomorrow on the podcast.”

Duration: 10min 16sec


Coronavirus and pets: can you kiss your dog?

The Covid-19 outbreak, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has so far infected tens out thousands of people and killed more than 3,400 people globally. But what do we know about the virus and how it might affect our pets? Guardian reporter Helen Davidson answers some of the most common and pressing questions surrounding the coronavirus outbreak and whether it’s still safe to kiss your pet.

Mar 6, 2020