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17th of June 2018

19 Jun

Tante Mietze was born on the 17th of June 1873. On the day of the Uprising in East Berlin she turned 80. She was an aunt of Peter’s mother. Peter’s mum was a working mother. So it was great to have Tante Mietze around at all times. Peter  and his sisters remember Tante Mietze fondly. She lived with them and cared for the family all the time. Peter remembers that his father had not liked Tante Mietze living with them. He would have preferred his wife staying at home and giving up her job.

Every year on the 17th of June Peter remembers Tante Mietze, setting up a picture of her with some flowers and a candle. This year he also baked a cake in memory of her. He reckons it is the sort of cake Tante Mietze often did bake for the family.

This year the 17th of June was a Sunday and some of our family came to visit. Some family is soon going on an overseas trip, and some others are about to go on a cruise. Peter and I would have loved to join them on the cruise. However we did not want to book it because Peter off and on still needed some treatment at the hospital.






FIFA WorldCup opening gala concert in Moscow

18 Jun

Revised Pictures from our outing on Thursday, 14th of June 2018

16 Jun











DSCN4397 (2)


DSCN4394 (3)

DSCN4394 (2)


DSCN4394 (3)

DSCN4394 (2)





Pictures from today

14 Jun

Today Monika came to see us with little Carter. Since Monika wanted to take Carter to a playground, I suggested the new playground near the lake. It was a beautiful, sunny winter afternoon. Luckily there was not much of a breeze. The air was rather cool, but it did not feel too cold. It was after school closing time and lots of children were enjoying the park. I think little Carter also enjoyed the outing very much.

I took lots of pictures, but I seem to have lost some. Maybe I can try and find the lost ones some other day. Here now are some of the pictures from today:






This bird came close to me while I was sitting here:



Monika says her little grandson loves to be surrounded by garden beds.



The playground where we were is at the Koonawarra Bay Reserve:


14 Jun



A few days ago I could see some bits of a rainbow. I tried to take some pictures. But all the colours were gone before I managed to catch them with my camera.

This month we already had quite a bit of rain. I always love to go for walks in the ‘bush’ after it has been raining. Walking among trees and breathing in this beautiful fresh air is just wonderful. I recently took a few photos when the rain stopped for a while. We are very much in the midst of winter now here on the East coast of Australia: Even during the day it does not get very warm at all. In our Yoga class Peter and I were given a few tips how to warm the body on a cold morning. It is really not necessary to keep the heaters on all the time. One can warm the body just by moving a certain way. These Yoga movements are very relaxing. It is like a meditation. All it needs is to take the time to concentrate on my own body, on my breathing and how the different parts of my body move or keep still.

As far as taking pictures is concerned, I find when I take a picture of something I teach myself to look properly at the subject. I like to look at some details in nature. Often I am amazed how the camera sees more than I ever do.

Here now are some of my recent pictures:

DSCN4349 DSCN4355









First Wednesday of the Month of June 2018

6 Jun

Hurrah! My new glasses are here:




This is printed on one of the cleaning cloths.


The green rimmed glasses are for using at the computer, the red rimmed ones are for walking around in, and the dark glasses are anti glare and good for wearing in the car.

Here is what you can find in Google about The Fred Hollows Foundation:


Andre Rieu: Live In Maastricht 2015

5 Jun
This afternoon at 2 o’clock our TV station SBS did show a repeat of the Maastricht concert from 2015. Peter and I had great fun watching this performance!
Following is what I found in YouTube about it:

Affectionately known as ‘The King of Waltz’, André performs a series of concerts in his home town of Maastricht, in The Netherlands every year, which are always André’s most popular concerts of the year.