Last Weekend in July 2013

Sunday morning I was up early again, early enough to walk to the early Mass at the Catholic Church in Dapto.  Our Vietnamese priest is still on vacation, however the old priest who is taking his place for the time being, is a  dear old man with a wonderful singing voice. Gee, I love the way he sings his hymns so enthusiastically! On my walk to the church I had touched my ZEN stone a lot. The fingers of my right hand had not been able to make a fist for over a month. However the painkilling tablets and exercising the fingers with this stone and sometimes also with some Chinese Iron Balls made my hand much better now. It was so comforting to say some prayers during mass. I  came to realise once more how important my Catholic faith really is to me.

As I said we had to do a lot more shopping on Sunday. We also bought some lovely flowers. For afternoon tea we used our red teacups. We took pictures of our afternoon tea with the newly bought flowers on the table as well.



Today, Monday, we had another beautiful sunny day. Peter and I drove to the lake and took quite a few pictures there. I am going to show these in another post.

A copy of a Post from 2013

After the last weekend in July 2013

I had taken the painkilling tablets the doctor had prescribed for me. I was supposed to take three times two tablets per day, however not more than six a day with intervals of at of at least six hours. For three days I took the six tablets per day. On Friday I already felt much better. I walked a lot in the sun. The right hand didn’t feel as painful any more. There was still some feeling of pins and needles, but I was able to do a lot more house-work than during the past few weeks. Friday afternoon Irene and Marion came to my place. We played a game of scrabble as we always do when we meet on a Friday afternoon. Then we had our coffee break. And after coffee and cake it was time for some games of Rummy. Irene said she’d have to leave early for her son was to come to have dinner with them. She went home just before five. We had had three hours of togetherness. For me three hours was plenty. I honestly felt very, very tired and was glad when Marion decided to go home too. Maybe she would have liked to stay a bit longer. I don’t know. However I did not hold back and proclaimed that I felt dead tired and desperately needed a bit of a rest. I did lie down on the sofa in the living-room.

Peter had been doing his things all afternoon but he agreed that he would cook dinner.  He cooked some lovely cauliflower with breadcrumbs in plenty of butter. I needed only a short rest. Soon I got up again to have dinner with Peter. I felt very grateful that Peter had undertaken kitchen duties.  This bit of a rest was so good for me.  Before Peter started cooking he took my blood pressure. It was extremely low, however the pulse rate was very high. Peter gave me a glass of water. When he took my blood pressure again after about half an hour, the pulse rate had normalised and the blood pressure seemed pretty normal overall. It’s amazing what a difference a bit of rest can make!

On Saturday morning I got up very early because I had gone to sleep early the night before. My right arm and hand felt like it was improving a lot. I took a shower and continuously did exercises with arms and hands. Since I felt so much better and it promised to be a calm sunny morning, I had the idea to be walking to the pool. I very much longed for the solar heated water of the pool.   Just the perfect morning to stretch out in the water for a few minute, I thought.

I had breakfast with Peter. I planned to arrive at the pool towards ten o’clock. There was some time to do a few things around the house and in the kitchen. Ten thirty am is the time when we like to watch the German News Program from Berlin. At the same time we usually have a cup of morning tea. When I told Peter I would be walking to the pool he reminded me I would not be able to watch the German News then. My response was that if he picked me up from the pool by twenty minutes past ten we could both be sitting in front of the TV by half past ten. Peter agreed that he would pick me up at the set time.

So I walked to the pool. It was a very pleasant walk. I did not have to walk too fast. Very cheerfully I arrived at the pool and talked to some attendants at the entrance. I soon noticed there was a class of women in the deep end of the pool. The instructress stood at the edge of the pool and gave instructions to some lively music. I was happy to stay at the shallow end of the pool. I had the whole area to myself. The water was flooded with beautiful sunshine. Doing my movements I felt very invigorated. I loved to have this bit of music from the top end. It helped me with moving about rather enthusiastically. I thanked God for such a wonderful morning.

After a few minutes all the women from the class did get out of the pool and assembled in the shower room. I soon followed. I was ready on time for Peter to pick me up. A bit after eleven we got ready to go to Dapto Shopping Centre. It took us nearly an hour to finish our shopping there. We bought some very good food and felt very happy with our purchases. However on our list were a lot more things to buy at another place. This would have taken us another hour. We decided to buy the other things on the following day, which was a Sunday. We wanted to go home and get lunch ready.

Saturday night I did fall asleep in front of the TV. When I woke up I noticed the TV had been turned off and Peter was in the other room talking to his sister Ilse on Skype. Ilse lives in Berlin where they have a great heat wave at the moment.  I could hear every word Peter was saying and also every word Ilse was saying. After a while Peter came looking whether I was awake. He suggested I come over and talk to Ilse for a bit too. I love having a conversation with Ilse. I went to talk to her. There is always something to  talk about with Ilse. This talk with Ilse cheered me up a lot.

Memories of India’s maiden World Cup 1983

Great Memories!

V Ramasamy

83 a movie based on India’s triumph of 1983 cricket World Cup, which is being released in OTT platforms and getting lot of rave reviews.

I am yet to see the movie, which I would certainly do it as it has rekindled my memories associated with this great win by Indian boys in blue.

On 24 June 1983, I boarded the Grant Trunk Express with lot of anxieties as it was my maiden trip to Delhi to take up my first appointment in Central Government.

When I entered my compartment, the passengers were discussing aboutIndiareaching the final of theWorldCup. Yes, the discussion forced me to forget about my maiden trip toDelhiand its related anxieties.

I became more anxious aboutIndia’s probability of winning thecup. I also started participating in their discussion, the more we discussed the more we got excited.

On 25thnight, when the great final began, almost all the passengers took out…

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The dear departed.

This post of Gerard’s brought on quite a few comments. I think, my first comment to this post of Gerard’s was this one:

“Gerard, your imaginary ‘obituary’ shows your great imagination and humor! It is so humorous, that I made me laugh instantly.

But then I thought a bit more about it, why is it that ‘obituaries’ nearly always deal only with the ‘good’ things a person has done during a life-time?

It leads me to what I call my ‘personal’ belief about ‘Jesus’. I am not sure, whether I am a sort of ‘odd’ Catholic convert. I really do not have a lot of contact to other Catholics. I do not want to go into the reason for that. It is really another subject I would have a lot to say about . . . .

So, at age 40 I became a Catholic convert!

I was attracted by everything that related to what Jesus is supposed to have said.

He said, something like that if a great sinner (for instance someone who did commit murder) if this ‘mortal’ sinner is truly sorry for having done such a horrible sin, Jesus says, In this case a forgiveness of this sin can be granted!

I find the ‘Hail Mary’ Prayer has great faith value!

The first part of the Prayer says how blessed Mary is.

The second part of the Hail Mary goes like this:

Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
Pray for us Sinners,
Save us from the Fires of Hell,
And bring all Souls to
Heaven, especially those
That most need thy mercy. Amen

The Catholic belief, as far as I know, is that every person can become as wholesome as Jesus at death’s door, and then go straight to ‘Heaven’ so to speak. So when a person is dead and has regretted every bit of ‘Wrongdoing (Sin)’ then this person is totally blame-free, meaning nothing bad at all should be said about this deceased person!

Church people, that tend to threaten a mortal Sinner, as for instance
a murderer, with everlasting ‘Hell’ in my view do not act the way the (imaginative) ‘Jesus’ would have acted towards a ‘mortal’ Sinner!

The way, I imagine Jesus, he would have talked gently towards this person who committed a very grave Sin! Probably in most cases, there would not have been an instant forgiveness, but some urging to do a lot of ‘penance’!

When you do ‘penance’, you try extremely hard, to lead a life of a kind of self-sacrifice to make up for the very great wrong of mortal Sin!

Now to Mary, who is called ‘Mother of God’: This, to my mind wholly imaginary ‘Mother of God’, is just someone, that can pray for us so much better than we can ever be praying for ourselves!

In the Hail Mary Prayer, we think especially about those who do need most this special kind of mercy, so are in need of a lot of prayer!

My feeling is, that it is quite alright, ‘to speak only well’ about the deceased.

However, somebody who says on his deathbed that it was right that it was right to murder a person because that person is from a different race, how a person like this can ever be forgiven – – – – Well, I do not have an answer to this.

What I write here, are my personal feelings.

At this stage, I do just express my personal belief!

I do not claim, that my interpretations about ‘Belief’ are of general value: Really, not at all!

I assume, to be able to talk more sufficiently about the subject of belief, would, for sure, require some proper studying!”

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My other comments, to what Gerard published, I might publish soon as a follow-up!

Oosterman Treats Blog


It is impossible to read a bad word about those that have gone. All of us, men and women are faultless when in the icy embrace of the dearly departed. Here some examples from the obituary page of the Sydney Morning Herald: “Norman. Devoted father and beloved husband, sadly missed at 98 years old after 68 years of unstinting love to his dear wife Gladys, unselfishly gave to the community. Or Mavis, at 102 years sadly passed surrounded by loving family at Eventide Home, fascinating and loving wife of Geoffrey (who remained, faithful till the bitter end). She pioneered tirelessly for the sport of indoor sword fighting, boxing and gun clubs.”

With all the rain it did make me somewhat melancholic or inward looking and spend the time as usefully as possible and of late have come to peruse the paper’s Deaths and Funerals pages. It is amazing how few…

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This is what I published on the 3rd of January 2021

Big Loss

Our Dream Home, is this it?

All the Sundays after Peter died

Today is the4thSunday after Peter died/On th 8th of November, that is just a few weeks ago, when Peter was still alive and able to visit the local doctor (with Olivia’s help that is), yes on the 8th of November I republished one of the posts from November 2011.

Now, I assume that most of my readers would not like to go to the trouble of looking up all these posts. However, for me it was most interesting to read through all of them again. It helps to give some kind of substance to what I do remember about the past nine years or so. These posts show me, that already nine years ago I could not help myself thinking about what would happen when Peter and I would come into our eighties. Well, Peter made it to 85 without any significant changes in our surroundings. I am 86 already. I must admit I am not at all used to organising some trades people to do any necessary repairs. Peter always did this. He always pointed out to me: “You can do it if you like!” But did he really want me to do it? I don’t think so. Whenever he was supposed to show me something, he soon got impatient and took over, doing whatever needed to be done rather himself. I must admit, I am a rather slow learner and always got scared I would not learn fast enough or forget soon again, how to do certain things. This also went very much so with work on the computer too. Whenever something went wrong on the computer he would take over totally, yes, maybe showing me a few things but without making sure that I had understood it properly. And it was very hard for me to ask for repeat instructions. He would just say: “But I showed you already!” and leave it at that.

In a lot of ways I am now totally dependent on the help of my children. I am extremely lucky to have three capable and loving children. But it is difficult for me to accept that I may have to disrupt their lives too much. I would like to have a certain type of independence where I feel that I am still capable of making my own decisions in every way and where I have not to told by anyone how to live my life!

One of my concerns at the moment is the ever increasing need for an overhaul of my backyard. When I look at that post from 22nd of August 2016 about the loss of three of our big trees, I am astounded how this backyard has changed again over the last four years or so!

What to do about Covid

The following is a copy of the last part of this article on Covid:

Civilization is now in a death dive, which it may not pull out of in time to avert collapse. Just as the first resistance to mandatory vaccination was from ambulance drivers being called to heart attacks of the just-vaccinated, it may be that Australians start to realise that we can’t live with covid when their loved ones and friends start falling beside the wayside from long-covid.

Eventually employers, if allowed to, will start discriminating against the vaccinated because these people will be taking far more sick leave than the unvaccinated, as well as being less productive due to brain fog and lethargy as a consequence of their higher rate of infection.

What To Do

  1. Stop vaccination immediately.
  2. The Australian Government should offer free, three monthly blood tests which will test for levels of the following:
  • D-dimer
  • Vitamin D
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

D-dimer is a marker for thrombosis. Covid tends to cause micro-clotting in the bloodstream. The D-dimer level will indicate if the individual needs to go on a thrombolytic.

Vitamin D is strongly protective against viral replication. The vitamin D level in the blood should be around 50 ng/ml. Actually there aren’t that many people in Australia who are vitamin D deficient, but the cost/benefit of testing and supplementing is positive.

Selenium and zinc also inhibit viral replication.

The Australian government should also make up personalised capsules based on the blood test results, like a compounding chemist but on a national scale. At the moment, taking precautions against covid through supplements means taking half a dozen capsules per day which is suboptimal for compliance.

As well as vitamin D, selenium and zinc, the capsules will contain quercetin and ivermectin at the rate of 0.4 mg per kg of body weight. Amongst other things, quercetin is a zinc ionophore which increases the intracellular zinc level.

This supplementation scheme won’t wipe out covid but will significantly reduce the viral load and infectivity, in turn making eradication easier.

  1. Adopt a zero covid policy. The way to return to normal is to eliminate covid. Then we could dispense with the use of masks etc.
  2. Ensure that all the pharmaceuticals, masks and everything else necessary to the task are made in Australia.
  3. Start three institutes for studying covid and the best ways to eradicate it. If we only started one, there is the danger of it being led by a non-productive individual. Most of the chief health officers in Australia have proven themselves to be incompetent and uninquisitive, if not evil and stupid — including one that cackled on about being in ‘a new world order’. We don’t want one of those sort of people running just one institute. If we have three, we can close down one occasionally due to lack of performance and start another one.

Not the new world order you ordered

I, Uta, think, that this is a very interesting article!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Hedge funds anticipate oil price spike ...

By Dimitry Orlov

US and EU Face Deep Economic Quagmire

The “Russians killing Ukrainian civilians” fake news factory is still going strong, but sooner or later this story will have to be phased out and some new mass media obsession will be needed to distract the distraught masses from what’s actually happening. What shall it be? Central Park squirrels with bubonic plague? Hunter Biden’s sex change operation? A baby that fell down an oil well?

Joe Biden, tottering on his spindly legs, flew off to Europe to preach unity in the face of Russian aggression in the Ukraine or some such. That was the plan, but then Putin changed it by announcing that Russia will only be selling natural gas for rubles. Coming on the heels of Saudi announcement that it will start selling oil for yuan (a quarter of its exports goes to China) this didn’t sound like good…

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What I wrote on that Sunday – the 30th of August 2020

Often, I like to go back in time by looking at old blogs. The other day, I saw a Diary Post of mine, that I published on the 31st of August 2020. This post says a lot about my odd sleeping patterns!

It is interesting for me, to read about this, and to compare it with what my present waking and sleeping hours are like!

I must say, I still have similar odd sleep habits now. I wonder, what does it mean?

I actually feel rather bad about it, since I do know, that Peter did not like it, when I could not keep myself awake, while we were watching something on television.

Here now is a copy of this afore mentioned post:

“At the start of this writing it is still Sunday, 30th of August 2020, but close to midnight already!

Peter and I, we still enjoy good food and fresh air and sunshine! For lunch I cooked a very likable Vegetarian meal today. (I think, Peter liked it too!) It was lots of different vegies with a cheese sauce. As a desert we had sour cherries (that came in a glass from Poland!) as well as some fresh cream and custard. We also had some chilled Muscat Wine.

And yes, we had a most beautiful sunny day today. So, I spent a lot of time outside. Meaning, for hours, I was just sitting or lying down in the sun! Sometimes, I went to sleep for a bit. In the afternoon Peter joined me in the sun for a while. We each had a glass of chilled ginger beer. This was so good!

Later on we watched a German movie on television. I soon went to sleep. I also went to sleep watching the evening news. Later on I was awake for a while watching ‘Vera’. Before ‘Vera’ was finished, I went to sleep again, probably for hours.

When I woke up around ten o’clock, Peter was still awake. We soon reminded ourselves, that tomorrow is Monday, and we have doctors’ appointments. By 8 o’clock we have to be in the Medical Centre here in Dapto. That means, in order to be getting ready on time, we ought to be up by 6 o’clock!

Reluctantly, we both made an attempt to get ready for bed. I think it was about 11 o’clock when finally we were both lying in bed. Peter was very tired. He soon went to sleep, after having helped me with taking my blood pressure! Taking my blood pressure is always an immense struggle! Just to establish a reading on the monitor, I do find very difficult indeed!

When I realized, that Peter had gone to sleep already, and that I was not quite ready for sleep, I actually decided, it was better for me to get up for a bit of whisky!

Well, I did have this bit of whisky, and now I am glad that I ended up having a bit of time at the computer. In the meantime, it is already a bit past midnight. Time for me to go to bed again! I am sure, I am going to have a wonderful sleep now.”

And now a copy of 6 thoughts on “Diary”

  1. oldandblessed
  2. A simple, poignant and great story. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks.
    1. auntyuta
    2. Dear Old and Blessed, thanks very much for commenting. I am glad my rambling gave you some kind of enjoyment!
  3. doesitevenmatter3
  4. Hope you both got a good restful night’s sleep.
    Peter is home now?
    Hope he is doing well.
  5. auntyuta
  6. Yes, Carolyn, Peter is home now! This was so lucky that last week he did not have to stay in hospital any longer. Last Thursday, another procedure was attempted, and that went very well.  So he was allowed to go home the following day. They really did take excellent care of him in the hospital. 
    We both get easily tired and rest a lot. There are frequent medical appointments. We are always glad when we are back home again after a few hours out of the house. Peter is doing as well as can be expected. All his sicknesses make him slow down a lot. But part of it, for me too, is of course Old Age! 
    HUGS from both of us!
    1. doesitevenmatter3
    2. Oh, I’m so glad he is home now with you!!! And I’m so glad things went while he was there at the hospital! Yes, aging does have that effect on our bodies. I wish you both THE very best and do take rests when you need them!
      1. auntyuta
      2.  Good advice, Carolyn! Yes, we do rest a lot!