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 auntyuta  DiaryLife in AustraliaOld Age  April 2, 2021 3 Minutes

We are in the midst of HOLY WEEK 2021. So tomorrow is GOOD FRIDAY, a holiday. Sitting in front of my house in the early morning sun – this is what I am looking forward to for tomorrow.

I am not looking forward to asking someone for a lift to the MEDICAL CENTRE. Do I really need a change of the dressing on my lower leg? We’ll see.

Sitting in the sun. This is all I am longing for . . . .

Last Sunday I returned from my two weeks holiday at my son’s place in Victoria. With the help of one daughter and one granddaughter I was able to go to the MEDICAL CENTRE on Monday and on Wednesday. I was able to use the ROLLATOR, which was really a great help. Right now, I do not feel confident to walk with my walking stick!

And anyway, I get some more visitors on EASTER SUNDAY. This is in only two more days!

I wonder whether I can adjust to be living totally on my own. My brother reckons, I sound alert on the phone, Then what about my mobility? Has it become better or worse? I would say unfortunately at present it is a lot of the time quite bad. But maybe this has to do with this terrible infection I had in my leg. And this infection may also have to do with my constant tiredness.

Yes, always feeling tired. However when my brother rang from Berlin, my tiredness soon became less and less. After a while it felt good talking to him and his wife.

I like living in my own home. Every Thursday I get two hours home help. There are a lot of plans, that I should get some more help in. Strangely, this makes me feel even more dependent!

Is this kind of dependency really better than living in an AGE CARE HOME? Living in such a home, how would that make me feel?

Maybe I should look into some kind of HOSTEL type accommodation? What a HOSTEL is like, I described in a blog I wrote many years ago.

I had a friend, who lived in a HOSTEL for many years. She died before she needed to be transferred to a NURSING HOME. I think, she was very lucky in this regard. She was 93 when she died.

Well, this was 17 years ago. Maybe what used to be called HOSTEL is now being called AGE CARE HOME. Why then do I have such a horror of ending up in an AGE CARE HOME?

It was acknowledged some time ago. that the house I live in needs a lot of changes and renovations, especially the outside area. I think it would be increasingly difficult for me to look after it even with some extra home help.

Why can’t I just organise everything myself? The two weeks away from home were good for me. I discussed with my son and his friendly neighbour that it would be good for me to join a SENIOR’S CITIZENS CLUB that organises outings and trips to holiday destinations. But since we are not out of the woods yet with COVID 19 maybe this is not such a good idea. Should I just stay as much as possible totally on my own?

What can I still do? I can still shower and dress myself, even if it takes a long time. I can still go for slow walks with my rollator. I have often trouble with my eyesight. However, I can still do some things on the computer and I enjoy some TV programs and listening to music. When I can get hold of a shopping trolley, I can still do my own shopping. I love cooking (mainly vegetarian meals), I have a good appetite and I do not mind doing the dishes. I definitely can do the dishes. I can do my personal washing. The home help on Thursdays hangs out the bigger washing for me and does a lot of the cleaning and sometimes drives me to the shops.

Recently some friends gave me a lift to go to Mass. But I have not contacted them yet since my return from Victoria. A while ago I took up joining my friends again for our Friday afternoon games: Scrabble and Rummy Cub. Well, of course for the last two weeks I was away, and this week on GGOD FRIDAY there won’t be any games.

For the next few days I’ll be sitting as much as possible outside to enjoy some sun, and maybe I can do a bit of walking too with my rollator. If I get sick of being by myself for every meal, I can walk with my rollator across the road to the bowling Club for some lunch. I do like their prawn cutlets!

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Auntie, Sister. Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Mother and Wife of German Descent I’ve lived in Australia since 1959 together with my husband Peter. We have four children, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. I started blogging because I wanted to publish some of my childhood memories. I am blogging now also some of my other memories. I like to publish some photos too as well as a little bit of a diary from the present time. Occasionally I publish a story with a bit of fiction in it. Peter, my husband, did publish some of his stories under berlioz1935.wordpress.com View all posts by auntyuta

PublishedApril 2, 2021

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10 thoughts on “DIARY”

  1. catterel EditDear Uta, you are making a huge adjustment in your lufe, and at a time of the year when we all tend to feel a bit pessimistic. You seem to be coping very well under the citcumstances, and as you go through the various stages of grief. What is important in life is to have someone to love and a reason for living – a sense of purpose. From my personal observation of residents in Old People’s Homes, when these were missing the people gave up and died. You have a loving family and friends even if you can’t visit. But I think you are very capable on the computer and can skype or facetime or zoom with your loved ones. You also seem to me to be an optimistic and cheerful person at heart. So much of your life centred on Peter in the last years and it must be very difficult to fill the void left by his passing, but if see this as a challenge I am sure you will eventually find a really worthwhile cause to devote your energies to. And do let others pamper and spoil you when they want to – it helps them to feel good, too. A big hug to you my friend.Reply
    1. auntyuta EditThanks for your big hug, dear Cat. You are right, probably I am a cheerful and optimistic person at heart. There are lots of things I can still enjoy. I just cannot cope with all the dreary stuff. I need someone, who can sort all this out for me. All my children tried to do their best for me. But it is too much for them too. Owning a house that has been not exactly well looked after for a number of years, involves so much work that I am not suited for. Renting a well looked after and maybe somewhat smaller place might perhaps be better for me if there is nobody who can actually live with me in my house. I am the sole owner of the house now, but it is only a headache for me. On the other hand I do love the surroundings of the house, close to nature!I feel a bit like I live in wartime again, wartime when actually most things are put on hold. But somehow it does not make sense to me, since there are a lot of people being newly unemployed because of the virus and some businesses being made redundant, but when it comes to reliable trades people, you can count yourself very lucky indeed to find good, reliable people that work for a reasonable price. Where on earth do I find reliable people like that who do not overcharge? I have no idea. I do need help with that, but so far nobody has come up with any real help. I hate myself for not being able to do a bit more, and then it is hinted, I could perhaps do more if only I put my mind to it.At 86 I feel I am definitely quite close to the end of my life. So really, do I now have to learn to cope with all this stuff that I never in my whole life needed to do before? This computerised world is not my world. A rich person would just employ somebody for doing all these administrative jobs. Maybe I should be such a rich person – Ha, ha!!Thanks again for your lovely hug, dear Cat, and for your very thoughtful and compassionate comment!  Wishing you a very HAPPY EASTER with all your loved ones!Reply
  2. doesitevenmatter3 EditBeautiful photo of the sun shining down in your yard…and in your life!
    Keep taking it one day at a time…you are adjusting to your “new” life and will adjust some more as time goes by.  Keep your sunny attitude and find the joys in each day. 
    Happy Easter to you and your family!!! 
    (((HUGS))) Reply
    1. auntyuta EditHappy Easter to you and your family too, dear Carolyn. 
      By the way, the seat in the picture is at the front of my house, which is really common property. But it has the morning sun, and I like to sit there. Sometimes neighbours approach me there and talk to me. 
      HUGS, Uta Reply
      1. doesitevenmatter3 EditIt’s nice to have a spot to commune with the sun.  Even my little Cooper likes to go outside and lay in the morning sun. 
  3. gerard oosterman EditYou are doing very well, Uta. You had a lifetime with Peter and it takes a brave person to not feel deserted and alone now that he is gone. Grieving takes time and holidays and week-ends are especially hard at times. You just wrote another very good article, straight from the heart. You have a large extended family who love you and care about you. The familiar noises that used to be in your house when you were with Peter are now missing and that silence iisn’t easy to get used to. What was once is now gone and I know too, it is so achingly permanent. When Helvi passed away I applied to social services for a grief counselor and that helped me a lot. Someone to talk to.
    You are lucky to have that sunny spot in your garden. I would sit there a lot and enjoy the warmth. People care about you, Uta.Reply
    1. auntyuta EditGerard, I just read you comment again. You say that it helped you to have someone to talk to. This makes a lot of sense to me. It seems to me too that it is very important to have someone to talk to. It makes me think that maybe having Summah to talk to now, makes a lot of difference to me, for I see Summah twice a week, She stays only for one hour each time, and for most of that hour she does some work in the home or in the garden. But somehow she always manages to spare a bit of time for a little chat. And these chats are not just about my life but about her life too. This makes me feel like she is interested in me as a friend.Reply
  4. auntyuta EditYes, Gerard, I know I am lucky to have an enlarged extended family who love me and care about me. However, I think you’re right in pointing out that grief counselling can be a good thing. In the morning I have sunny spots in the common area in front of the house. Later in the day the sun is at the back of my house in my private backyard! I like to make use of the outdoors! 
    Thanks very much indeed for your insightful comment, Gerard. With all what you’ve been through you have so much insight. So, thanks very much! I wish you all the Best. Have a great Easter! 
    Hugs, Uta Reply
  5. J Taratuta EditOne day at a time, my dear. Hope you have a great Easter!Reply
    1. auntyuta EditYes, thank you!

Carlos Emilio turns 21 this Month!

The birthday of Carlos Emilio is coming up on the 13th of this month.

I wrote the following on the 27th of August 2014:

Corinna’s partner and the father of Carlos is Walter. Carlos has an older half-brother who lives with his mother but comes regularly for visits. The two brothers get on very well together.

. . . . I seem to get to that stage now, where it is somewhat difficult to keep up with all the names. This is why it is good for me to write everything down. This way everything may stick a bit better in my memory. Also some of my descendants could in future perhaps be interested in all this, that is, if, what I write down is going to be preserved somehow for posterity!!

Maybe I am going to publish my posts about marriages and divorces and separations and partnerships in my “pages” one day to keep them all together. That way someone who is interested in my family can look it up all at once. I find it interesting to contemplate about different living arrangements that people have. Looking at my extended family there are various examples of different ways of living together. What about single persons? Well, there are not many in my family that I can think of. But there are some. I can also think of one single parent with one child. Most divorced people in my family seem to have ended in some kind of new relationship, either a new marriage or just a partnership.

. . . . One brother of my father is a widower who married a widow. Other widowed relatives stayed on their own after their spouse passed away. And so it goes. All my relatives, who were older than I, seem to have passed away now. I cannot think of any that are still alive. That means I am well and truly the oldest in my family!! 

In Peter’s family I can I can think of several people older than him who are still alive: For instance his two sisters, also cousins Margot and Renate. I had three older cousins on my father’s side: All are dead. However there are a number of younger cousins that are still alive. I really would like to see all of them one more time.

On my mother’s side there were only three cousins all together, all older than I. Come to think of it, one of the cousins, Wolfgang, the son of my mother’s brother, may still be alive. He is eight years my senior. So I am probably not the oldest after all!! 

Wolfgang’s twin sister, Renate, died in October 2012. At the time we happened to be in Berlin for a visit. Renate died in Munich. We travelled from Berlin to Munich for Renate’s funeral. Soon after I wrote a blog about this.


Anti Viral Treatment may be possible now when infected with Covid!

From last Friday to yesterday, 10th of July, 2022, Caroline and Matthew were visiting me! 🙂

Yesterday, Sunday, we also saw Monika and Mark, as well as Monika’s son Ryan, Ryan’s wife Ebony, and their sons Lucas and Alexander!

So, Lucas and Alexander are two of my great-grandsons. 🙂

Lucas was born on the 18th of July, 2012, that is just three days after Gabriele (Gaby) had passed away.

Next Sunday the family is going to meet for lunch at the German Club. And in one week, on Monday, Lucas is going to be ten! 🙂

As I mentioned probably already in another post, I am going to turn 88 on the 21st of September this year! 🙂

And Great-Grandson Alexander is going to be 8 on the 27th of September! 🙂

Yesterday all of us had lunch at the close-by Bowling Club. After lunch everyone came to my place where Caroline and Matthew provided afternoon coffee and cake. When the rain had stopped for a while Ryan and a few others went outside to beautify my backyard. They did a very good job at that! 🙂

Matthew stayed inside and played with Lucas and Alexander. He is very good with the kids! 🙂

Caroline did the dishes with a little bit of help from me. Mark was a bit crook because of some very bad Osteo Arthritis. For my birthday this year the family wants to meet at our special Sussex Inlet Holiday place again the same as in 2014 when I turned 80! 🙂

On Friday night, soon after our arrival, we already did have a barbecue with all the family. On Sunday Matthew and Caroline cooked lunch for us. Sunday was a rainy day. This is why it would not have been such a good idea to carry all the supplies for lunch to the barbecue area. It was decided to have lunch on our verandah. Our family had rented four units. They were all next to each other. From every unit a table was carried to our verandah. And everyone carried their own plate, drinks and cutlery from their unit to the tables on our verandah. We had been sixteen people. But Mark had to leave early. Soon after it turned out that four of the young people could not stay for lunch either. In the end we were ‘only’ eleven people, including two year old Lucas’.

Beautiful Lasagne
Beautiful Lasagne
Red cabbage, potato salad and red wine which we did drink our of cups!
Red cabbage, potato salad and red wine which we did drink our of cups!
My lunch plate. I had rocket salad, potato salad, red cabbage and a real lot of lasagne sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.
My lunch plate. I had rocket salad, potato salad, red cabbage and a real lot of lasagne sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.
On Saturday Lucas met up with a wombat.
On Saturday Lucas met up with a wallaby.
On Sunday he did get to see some kangaroos.
On Sunday he did get to see some kangaroos.
Watching the kangaroos
Watching the kangaroos
With this bit of rain the grass that the kangaroos can eat for sure is to grow a bit more.
With this bit of rain the grass that the kangaroos can eat for sure is to grow a bit more.
A friendly visitor
A friendly visitor

Saturday night was card game night in one of the units. Expecting Ebony and Lucas needed a rest and went to bed early. Eight people were playing cards, always four at a time. The rest were just watching.


After the card games we asked everyone over to our unit for some drinks of sparkling wine. We had a few bottles of this and Caroline poured the sparkling wine into these blue wine glasses. We were able to use the glasses from all the different units. I mentioned that I was looking forward to my approaching birthday. I actually sang a song about my approaching birthday which may have impressed a few people!! Ha,ha. Anyhow, I was in a cheerful mood.

Here is the song (the German version);

Ich freue mich, dass ich geboren bin
und hab Geburtstag bald.
Man hat mich lieb
und schenkt mir viel,
zum Essen, Trinken und zum Spiel.
Ich freue mich, dass ich geboren bin
und hab Geburtstag bald.


The following day, Sunday, after lunch all the units had to be cleaned before we could leave. Some people were still cleaning while others were waiting outside. Here I am with the group of people who were waiting.

Ryan had come with a van and could take in it all of our stuff that did not fit into our car.
Ryan had come with a van and could take in it all of our stuff that did not fit into our car.
We drove back along this road. 40 means 40 kilometres.
We drove back along this road. 40 means 40 kilometres.
    1. cardamone
    1. Lovely! Happy birthday! Th epics of the animals are great too. Being from the States, I love pics of kangaroos, and that lovely bird.
    2. Fondly,
      1. auntyuta
      2. Yes, thank you Elizabeth. My 80th birthday is coming up in one month. In the meantime we might have another addition to the family. Ebony is very close to giving birth. Three of our granddaughters now have to cope with the death of their paternal grandmother. She died in hospital at the beginning of this week. We are all going to her funeral.
        So long, Uta

      3. berlioz1935
      4. Indeed we had a great time, even though the weather wanted to spoil it. But is winter and often in August we are getting those onshore winds that bring rain. It was good to connect again with mother nature. It could have been the last time we experienced this beautiful part of the country.
      1. auntyuta
      2. Maybe the last time we could go there, but maybe not the last time. You never know what is still in store for us! 
        Thanks for commenting, Berlioz.