Tuesday, 14th of September 2021

More and more cases appear in Wollongong as well as in Shellharbour and all over the Illawarra, also the DELTA cases all over Sydney have not stopped yet.

I had been hoping to have a few birthday guests on my beautiful deck. Yes, I had so hoped, that a few outside guests would be allowed to come! But no, having a few guests I must now forget about a bit longer.

My youngest great-granddaughter, Evie Rose, who turned two only yesterday, I have not seen for a while. And my eldest granddaughter, Natasha, who turned 30 last Saturday, I could not see either. Alexander Robert, great-grandson number five, is going to be 7 in two weeks on Monday. I already missed the birthday of Lucas, great-grandson number four, who turned 9 last July.

I would also love very much to see our friend Sylvia for her birthday on Tuesday, the 27th of September. Sylvia was born in 1957 in Germany, the same year that our Gaby was born. Their birthdays were only a few weeks apart. In 1959, we lived in Balgownie Hostel in Fairy Meadow. Gaby’s second birthday on the 28th of August was celebrated in the Hostel, and little Sylvia was one of the guests! So we have known Sylvia and Christa, her mother, for that long. Sylvia’s father used to be a workmate of Peter’s. Sadly, both he and Peter are dead now.

I have seen Christa and Sylvia a few times before the lockdown. They did sit beside me at Peter’s funeral celebrations. And they invited me to spend Christmas Day with them at their place. Both live together in Wollongong. Because of the lockdown, I cannot see them right now. And they cannot come to Dapto to see me. They have not been able yet to see my beautiful new deck. All my outside area looks so different now. All I can do is this, that I can write an email to Sylvia for her upcoming birthday.

I wonder when some of my family will finally be allowed to visit me! So far, only Monika, who does some caring work for me, was able to see my deck and the refurbished outside area. No one else of my family has been visiting yet. But I do get twice one hour weekly home help. The home help wears a mask when she enters the house to do some cleaning, and she usually does a few things outside a well. I am so lucky, that I do get a bit of home help!

Some of my neighbours could already take a glance at the deck. I think it made quite an impression on them. When I meet my neighbours outside, I wear a mask and I do insist on social distancing. Since we are in lockdown, we do not enter each others houses. But there is plenty of room to meet in the common area surrounding the ten free standing villas.

And as I said before, I just love to go for walks with my rollator in the neighbouring park. I am so lucky that I can spend so much time outside in beautiful fresh air. I cannot drive and I have no car. So lovely daughter Monika is helping me by doing some weekly shopping for me. I feel blessed, that I do not have to enter any shops right now.

Diary, Saturday, September, 11th 2021

Today Monika’s daughter Natasha, my eldest granddaughter, turns 30.

On Monday, September 13th 2021, my youngest great-granddaughter Evie Rose, turns two!

Evie Rose is the daughter of Monika’s daughter Roxanne. Roxy is going to turn 29 on January 1st in 2022.

Natasha wanted to celebrate this birthday with a lot of people.

Unfortunately, because of the lockdown in Shellharbour, NSW, all celebrations are off right now.

Novavex Delay

The vaccine cannot cause you to get COVID-19.

The Novavax vaccine uses a version of the spike protein made in the lab. The spike proteins are assembled into tiny particles called “nanoparticles” which aim to resemble the structure of the coronavirus, however they cannot replicate once injected and the vaccine cannot cause you to get COVID-19.

In order for these subunit vaccines to generate strong protective responses, they need to include molecules that boost your immune system, called “adjuvants”. The goal of these adjuvants is to mimic the way the real virus would activate the immune system, to generate maximum protective immunity.

COVID Vaccine Rollout: Anthony Albanese has slammed Prime Minister Scott Morrison for the delay in Australia’s Novavax vaccines. 51 million doses expected to arrive later this year will now only be available from 2022, which the Opposition Leader says is a “further setback” on Australia’s road to recovery from COVID-19.

“Scott Morrison had two big jobs this year – the rollout of the vaccine and effective national quarantine – and unfortunately, both of them have been botched.”
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How does the Novavax vaccine work?

The Novavax vaccine is given as two doses, similar to the Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots already being used in Australia.

It can be stored for up to three months at fridge temperature, which differs from the Pfizer mRNA vaccine which needs to be kept at ultra-low temperatures. In saying that, the TGA said last week the Pfizer vaccine can be stored at normal freezer temperatures for two weeks during transport, and at fridge temperatures for five days — though must still be kept ultra-cold after transport and in the long-term.

A graphic comparing Australia's three vaccine options
Comparing Australia’s three COVID-19 vaccine options. Jamie Triccas, made with BioRender, CC BY-ND

The vaccine also uses a different technology to the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. It’s a “protein subunit” vaccine; these are vaccines that introduce a part of the virus to the immune system, but don’t contain any live components of the virus.

The protein part of the vaccine is the coronavirus’ “spike protein”. This is part of the other COVID-19 vaccines in use but in a different form.

Read more: New coronavirus variant: what is the spike protein and why are mutations on it important?

The Novavax vaccine uses a version of the spike protein made in the lab. The spike proteins are assembled into tiny particles called “nanoparticles” which aim to resemble the structure of the coronavirus, however they cannot replicate once injected and the vaccine cannot cause you to get COVID-19.

In order for these subunit vaccines to generate strong protective responses, they need to include molecules that boost your immune system, called “adjuvants”. The goal of these adjuvants is to mimic the way the real virus would activate the immune system, to generate maximum protective immunity.

Novavax includes an adjuvant based on a natural product known as saponin, an extract from the bark of the Chilean soapbark tree.

How effective is the vaccine compared to those already in use in Australia?

The interim data from phase 3 testing, released in March, was very encouraging. When tested in the UK in a clinical trial including more that 15,000 people, the vaccine was 96% effective at preventing COVID-19 disease for those infected with the original strain of the coronavirus.

This compares well to the Pfizer vaccine, with an efficacy of 95%, and recent data from AstraZeneca demonstrating 76% efficacy against COVID-19.

The Novavax vaccine is also safe. In early clinical testing the vaccine caused mainly mild adverse events such as pain and tenderness at the injection site, and no serious adverse reactions were recorded. In the larger trials, adverse events occurred at low levels and were similar between the vaccine and placebo groups.


Novavax plans to trial combined flu and COVID super jab in Australia

Emma Koehn
By Emma Koehn

August 6, 2021

In a statement on Friday morning, the company said it expects “to initiate [a] Phase 1 clinical trial in Australia later this year”.

Australia has already been key to Novavax’s development of its standalone COVID-19 vaccine, with an ongoing US-Australian study applying the initial two doses to local volunteers and then giving certain participants boosters

A special Birthday in 2014

auntyutaDiaryLife in AustraliaOld Age  September 23, 2014 1 Minute



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Edit”On Sunday I turned 80″

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  1. catterel EditMany happy returns of the day, Uta. Thatlooks like a really lovely celebration. May you be abundantly blessed xxReply
  2. stacylynngittleman Edithave a happy birthday and many more in good health!Reply
  3. cardamone5 EditHappy birthday!Reply
  4. Pocket Perspectives EditHappy, Happy Birthday, Uta!!!! Reply
  5. gerard oosterman EditHappy Birthday Uta from us at Bowral.
    Gerard & Helvi.“Lang zal ze leven” Hiep Hiep Hoera!Reply
  6. berlioz1935 EditI think you had a really great day. Here is a little musical treat from Indiahttps://www.youtube.com/embed/FWbRuUE5E9M?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparentReply
    1. auntyuta EditI love this musical treat from India. Thank you for this, Peter. Yes, I had a really great day and I thank everyone for their good wishes to my 80th birthday. Thank you very much for all your comments!Reply
  7. Team Oyeniyi EditHappy Birthday!!Reply
    1. auntyuta EditThank you, Robyn! Reply
  8. The Emu EditMy apologies for a very late acknowledgement of a great milestone in your life
    May your birthday year bring you much happiness, and beautiful recollections of the love of your family, and all those who have been privileged to be a part of your life.
    Kindest regards
    Ian and AnaReply
    1. auntyuta EditThank you so much, Ian and Ana, for your lovely wishes . Yes, I regard this birthday as a great milestone! 
      Have a great week!
      Love, UtaReply
  9. Holistic Wayfarer EditPhotos are simply beautiful. I trust it was a special day with loved ones. I am so happy to see more comments on your blog.Love,
    1. auntyuta EditIt was for me a very special day indeed, Diana. Thank you so much for commenting.

This is a Reblog! I did turn 80 on Sunday, 21 September 2014


This picture is from yesterday (Tuesday) morning. Marion, one of my neighbours, came along to ask for our gardener’s phone number. Peter gave her the number. I showed Marion in the computer the photos that we had taken on Monday morning at the lake.


Here is another photo that I tried to shoot with my camera from the computer screen. It shows part of that beautiful playground near the lake.


Marion asked me whether I still felt to be in a celebratory mood. “Very much so,” was my reply. Tuesday morning was a lovely morning: Wonderful sunshine, the air felt balmy. When Marion arrived we had already finished our morning tea outside in front of the house.

A little bit of Sunday's ice-ream cake was still left. Peter and I  enjoyed this before we had our cup of tea.
A little bit of  ice-ream cake had still been left from Sunday. Peter and I enjoyed this before we had our cup of morning tea.
Sitting outside in the sun I decided I would wear this hat.
 I wore this hat sitting outside in the sun.
I had tried the hat on in the bathroom to see what it looked like.
I had tried the hat on in the bathroom to see what it looked like.
Before I got dressed I had taken another picture in the bathroom. My aim was to take a picture of the flowers when I noticed I could also be seen in the mirror!
Before I got dressed I had taken another picture in the bathroom. My aim was to take a picture of the flowers when I noticed I could also be seen in the mirror!
So I stepped back - but surprise, surprise: the mirror did still catch me!
Later I took a picture stepping back a bit – but surprise, surprise: the mirror did still catch me!
Looking through my birthday cards again I felt like I wanted to take a picture of them.
Looking through my birthday cards again and again I felt I wanted to take a picture of them.

These are the names of the ladies who gave me these beautiful flowers. Joan came a bit later after work. Her name is missing on the card. Anyhow these are the flowers I received from the ladies on Monday. Aren’t they beautiful?


So Tuesday morning I went around enjoying all the flowers. I kept shifting them to different places and took  pictures of them from different angles. I just love taking pictures of beautiful things!


Here you can see Peter in the kitchen busily fixing the curtain rod.

Breakfast Time
Breakfast Time
Sparkling Apple Juice for Lunch
Sparkling Apple Juice for Lunch
Salad for Lunch
Salad for Lunch
This in Lunch
This in Lunch

Here is this week’s TIME magazine. On page 14 it says:


The writer of this article says that Abdula bin Abdulazis is perhaps the most powerful man in the Middle East.

It is said in this article that the U.S. has built a fragile web of alliances to fight ISIS.
The question is being asked: WILL THIS SHAKY GROUP OF PARTNERS HOLD?

I, Uta, ask myself, how can we as ordinary citizens possibly grasp all the complications? It’s of no use working myself up, right? But I still want to know as much as possible where we are at at present.

Back to my flowers. Here is another glance at them:

Under the above picture it says: Diplomatic dance Kerry leaves a photo op with leaders of the Gulf Cooperaton Council in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, on Sept. 11
Under the above picture it says: Diplomatic dance
Kerry leaves a photo op with leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, on Sept.11 

  1. berlioz1935 EditYou have been busy Aunty Uta.Reply
    1. auntyuta EditYea, busily taking pictures, Berlioz. As you know, I love doing this! Reply
  2. giselzitrone EditEinen glücklichen Mittwoch liebe Ute so schöne Bilder und viele Blumen meinen Glückwunsch noch nachträglich und viel Gesundheit und Glück war sicher viel Arbeit für dich.Ja vom Fernsehen hatte ich auch mal versucht Bilder zu machen wahren aber nicht so schön.Ich wünsche dir noch einen glücklichen schönen Tag und alles liebe und Glück von mir.Gruß und Freundschaft.GislindeReply
    1. auntyuta EditNein, Gislinde, war nicht viel Arbeit für mich. Die Gäste kamen nur zum Nachmittags Kaffee. Caroline und Peter sahen nach der Küche und besorgten das Einschenken während ich wie die Königing mit meinen Gästen am Tisch sass! Wie du siehst, bin ich ordentlich verwöhnt worden und die vielen Blumengeschenke machten mich sehr glücklich. Es war ein ganz besonderer Geburtstag der sich über mehrere Tage erstreckte. Nun bin ich offiziel im fortgeschrittenen Alter. Hat aber auch seine guten Seiten, finde ich. Hab vielen Dank für deine lieben Glückwünsche, liebe Gislinde. Herzliche Grüsse, Uta. Reply
  3. catterel EditLovely pictures of what sounds like a lovely birthday. Btw only vampires don’t have a reflection in the mirror Reply
    1. auntyuta Well, Cat, now there is proof that I am not a vampire! He, he Reply
  4. rangewriter EditHappy belated birthday. You are as lovely as your flowers.Reply
    1. auntyuta Oh, thanks for this, Linda, thank you very much! 

The Doherty Report

Opening with 70% of adults vaccinated, the Doherty report predicts 1.5K deaths in 6 months. We need a revised plan

August 25, 2021 3.46pm AEST


Joel Carrett/AAP

“Governments cannot keep making unrealistic promises about easing restrictions at 70% and 80% adult vaccination, a plan that relied on optimistic scenarios in the first place, and one that now bears little relation to the real world. It is irresponsible to build public momentum and hope around targets that are unlikely going to be enough. Australia needs the National Cabinet to come clean and accept that the changing circumstances require a change in the plan.”

Diary continued for August 24

Thought of August 2021


Education is not the filling of a pail , but the lighting of a fire. — W.B. Yeats. So Educate yourself as much as you can….their is no time limit for education.Tagged 2021augustblogbloggerbloggingeducationfirelimitPowerful thoughtquoteself developmentself improvementthoughtthought foreverthought of the day8 Comments

First of all I nearly had a meltdown again after breakfast when I heard the News Headlines on the radio. But more about this later.

I came across the website of Massachusetts Institute of Technology earlier this morning and found it so impressive that I published a link to it!

I found out this morning that Amruta gave me yesterday a like button to this post: https://auntyuta.com/2021/07/22/thousands-pay-last-respects-to-dutch-reporter-peter-de-vries/

So, I want to stop here now. Maybe I’ll publish another post later in the day.

Sunday with Macca





Meeting my Friends while Strolling in the Park

I have lots and lots of friends in the park. There are probably hundreds around close to my humble abode. I keep thinking I should really count all these friends and remember everyone’s pecularities. But so far I haven’t attempted yet to count them all. There is a cluster of them right between a few soccer fields. These are my special friends, and I know them pretty well. But I don’t really know exactly how many there are. I assume there would be at least one dozen, maybe more in that cluster.

What would I say to them, if I could talk to them? I might perhaps say the following: I love it, that you are there. I thank you for letting me hug you. I wish you a very, very long life. I love you so much!


Lakelands Oval, Dapto

Status: Open

Status last changed: 13 Jul 2021 9:16am

Location: Lakelands Drive, Dapto

A beautiful Morning again

I love the early mornings, when the sun is just coming up again. I have a SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE in the oven. This is one of my favorite meals! 🙂

This meal is meant to be for one person, but it lasts me for two meals because I have a few extra things on the side.

After breakfast I’ll be going for a stroll in the beautiful and usually extremely deserted park at the back of my house. I have frequent breaks, especially when I’ve been walking a bit too fast for, I get easily out of breath.

When I have a break, I can sit on one of the park benches, or I just sit on my rollator seat for a while in the middle of one soccer field or close to some trees. There are dozens and dozens of great trees spread out all over the park! 🙂

I am so lucky that I have such a wonderful environment in these awful lockdown times. Can’t see my children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren. One daughter can usually give me some essential help about once a week. However, I insist on social distancing. So sad!

Whether she is now allowed to continue seeing me for essential help is doubtful for she lives about ten kilometers away! Maybe she needs some special permission from now on. We don’t know yet.

So, now I’ll go and enjoy my all heated up SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE! 🙂