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One Week after Easter 2017

25 Apr




Yesterday, Monday, we did some shopping at the newly refurbished Warrawong Shopping Centre. The above pictures show a quiet corner where we could have a well deserved rest from shopping. We also treated ourselves to some coffee at a newly opened EMPORIUM Coffee shop:






During the Easter school holidays the shopping centre provides a lot of entertainment for the children.

Today was a public holiday in Australia. I watched a lot of TV programs for Anzac Day on National Television. Anzac Day is always celebrated on the 25th of April. In a few minutes Peter and I will go to the Dapto Station to pick up my brother Peter-Uwe and Astrid who are coming back from a week’s holiday in Cairns, Queensland. We are looking forward to spending some more days with them before they return to Germany.

Yesterday afternoon was also end of the month residents meeting. This time the meeting was at Aileen’s place. I arrived late at the meeting. The other women, six in all, were already there. Everyone had brought some snacks for afternoon tea/coffee:

Some Figures from the Australian Taxation Office

23 Apr

This is what Michael Lacey says today in a comment:

michael laceyApril 23, 2017 at 8:39 am

Recent figures from the Australian Taxation Office show that in the 2014-15 tax year, 48 millionaires paid no Australian tax at all on earnings of $110 million, but paid accountants and tax advisers over $20 million.

I found the following in Google:…ATO/…statistics/…/Taxation-statistics/Taxation-statistics-201…
3 days ago – These statistics look at the tax returns and related schedules for the 2014–15 income year for individuals, companies, superannuation (super) …

But always get this:

This site can’t be reached

Uta’s Diary, 19th of April 2017

19 Apr

A week ago Peter started his BCG Treatment:

He was supposed to get the second treatment today, but it was cancelled because a ‘bug’ was found in his urine. The doctor told Peter, that it was a very unusual bug. When Peter asked him, should he be worried, the doctor said no, that ‘this unusual bug was very common’. Peter still does not know, what sort of bug it actually is. But he has to undergo now a 14 day treatment with antibiotics. So his next treatment with BCG is now scheduled for in three weeks.


Easter Monday Holiday, 2017

19 Apr




Some of us arrived early for the Minnamurra Rainforest Walk. We waited for the others at the reception centre.





I better not go down here!








All of us did the Loop Walk. Some went a bit further up before they turned back into the Loop. My brother Peter and Astrid went the furthest. I waited for them in the reception.


Here Astrid and Peter-Uwe return from their walk.

For lunch all of us gathered at the Picnic Area.



Peter carries an Esky full of fruit to the Picnic Area.



Little Alexander found a little Easter Egg.


Alexander and Lucas found quite a few more little Easter Eggs and shared them with all the adults! That was after a delicious lunch with filled Bread Rolls provided by Monika and Ebony. We were also treated with coffee from the cafeteria. The kids did get some Ice-Cream from Uncle Troy.




For Afternoon Coffee and Cake we were home again.

Easter Sunday 2017

18 Apr


On Easter Sunday after breakfast we did the Cascades Rainforest Walk at the bottom of Macquarie Pass.

IMG_1701 (2)

For lunch on Easter Sunday all six of us drove up to the Pie Shop at Robertson.

After lunch we went back via the Jamberoo Pass, where we stopped at the Jamberoo Lookout:




For Sunday afternoon we were home. We had a lot of family visitors for that Easter Sunday afternoon.


Three different cakes for Easter



The boys knew straight away where to find some games to play with.



The boys enjoyed a game of domino with some of the adults.




It was a big Family Gathering for Easter Sunday and enjoyed by all.

Easter Saturday 2017

18 Apr

For lunch on Easter Saturday we were at the Illawarra Yacht Club:

We knew the Yacht Club Brasserie from a previous visit:

After Saturday’s lunch we had coffee and cake at our place.





Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we had our extended family visiting us:


Happy Easter 2017

17 Apr

We had this view from the Sailing Club on Easter Saturday.





We were 6 people for lunch on Easter Saturday at table 51



This is where the club’s pizzas are being baked.

To be continued