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Online Saviour: Going online saves struggling beef business

Pip Courtney

The decision to take their business online saved a couple’s struggling beef operation and provided a new secure market for dozens of other farmers.

Diversifying After Disaster: Innovation aids recovery for Batlow apple growers

Luke Wong

Growers are implementing measures to help future-proof against fire and labour shortages, and some have turned to making cider as a way to diversify their income.

Staying younger for longer

Former ABC newsreader Ian Henderson in his garden sitting with his two-year-old grandson.


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Staying Younger For Longer: Body

Recently retired ABC newsreader Ian Henderson sets out on a quest to find the secrets of ageing healthily. He discovers that a new understanding of how the trillions of cells in our bodies age could keep us all younger for longer. He meets Australian scientists working at the cutting edge of ageing biology and learns that their research isn’t just about making us live longer, but also about keeping us healthier into old age — improving our ‘healthspan’. They reveal that we can all improve our healthspan by making simple changes to the way we live our lives.Duration: 54min 2secBroadcast: Tue 13 Aug 2019, 8:30pmPublished: Tue 13 Aug 2019, 8:30pm

Diary, 1st of June 2021

I did a bit of browsing today and came across ‘Last Photos with Peter’. There are many photos, so I was rather astonished, how many I had published. This seems now like quite some time ago, in another life . . . .

The computer recently did cause me some loss of sleep because of all the updates, that I find extremely difficult to handle! Constantly, I have to sign in anew so that it can be verified that it is really ‘me’. Then they want passwords and some kind of codes. Whatever I print, always seems to be wrong. For the codes they want ‘numbers’ and for passwords there also has to be a certain number of mixtures of letters and numbers. I just have no memory of all of this. Maybe someone has written down somewhere the relevant information. No idea, where I can find that list, if there is such a list! And so it goes.

I am relieved, that at least WordPress did let me sign in now. They did actually believe, that I am the one, that is writing under the name ‘auntyuta’! How absolutely terrific!

Everything on my computer has changed. How am I ever going to find my way around again. It truly is a great mess!

Next 24 hours critical for Victoria’s COVID situation

By Hassan Vally

May 26, 2021 — 4.53pm

“We’ve had our share of scary situations in Victoria since the devastating COVID-19 second wave in 2020, but it’s fair to say the situation we are now facing is the most concerning since then. The detection of a number of cases over the past few days, linked to the case who brought the virus from Adelaide, has ended almost three months of no community transmission.

The next 24 hours is a critical period to understand exactly what we are dealing with, and to make vital decisions about our response. What we do know is that we have to prepare for more cases being detected over the coming days, and in addition to the limited restrictions that have been introduced, we must prepare for the possible reintroduction of the type of restrictions we thought were long behind us. . . .”Getting tested for COVID if you have even the slightest of symptoms, socially distancing where you can, and disinfecting your hands regularly are just some of the behaviours that we are going to need to maintain for some time to come.

And to those who have questioned why we need to wear masks and use QR codes when we don’t have circulating virus, what we are facing now is the exact reason why. If COVID does enter the community, wearing masks on public transport and using QR codes can be the difference between the public health team being able to get ahead of transmission and shut down the spread of the virus, or the virus gaining a foothold and authorities having to resort to the sorts of measures we all dread like lockdowns.

And finally, this is a reminder that we all need to roll our sleeves up literally. Every single person who gets vaccinated makes a difference. Every single person who has immunity to the virus makes it harder for the virus to move from one person to another. Getting vaccinated is the most important thing you can do right now for yourself and the community to keep us all safe.

Hassan Vally is Associate Professor in Epidemiology at La Trobe University.

‘I don’t care whether you’re happy’: Speaker slaps down PM in heated question time

3:17pm, May 26, 2021 Updated: 3:24pm, May 26

“. . . . The confrontation came as Mr Morrison defended his government’s handling of quarantine amid questions about Australia’s coronavirus vaccination program and this week’s Melbourne outbreak of the virus . . .”

Hotel Quarantine and new Test Results in returned overseas Traveller

Ballarat COVID case found in traveller who completed hotel quarantine interstate

“A traveller who completed hotel quarantine interstate has presented at the Ballarat Base Hospital with a positive COVID test. Photo: ABC/Dominic CansdaleMatt Neal

The positive COVID-19 test result of a returned overseas traveller is being re-examined after they presented at the Ballarat Base Hospital last night. . . .

“Ballarat Health Services has planned and prepared for situations like this, and this has not impacted our day-to-day operations across the Base Hospital or for those who have emergency needs,” the spokesperson said.

They urged Ballarat residents to continue checking the list of exposure sites, to get tested if they have even the mildest symptoms, and to isolate until they receive their results. . . . “


Well, this concerns “the positive COVID-19 test result of a returned overseas traveller”!



And apart from that there definitely should be better quarantine facilities than the ones a hotel can provide!

Uta’s Diary

In Eastern Australia it is a bit after half past seven now. So GOOD MORNING to everyone who is up already!

First thing as always in the morning I had my AMLODIPINE APOTEX 10 mg tablet with a glass of water. I also had 1000 mg of Vitamin C! Then I made myself a large cup of instant coffee with quite a lot of reduced fat milk. In the grill section of the oven I heated some buns. I like to eat these with butter and some marmalade. Later on I am also going to eat a banana and a kiwi fruit as well as some avocado.

I opened all the shutters on the windows. The view is of glorious sunshine. In the radio I listen to ABC FM morning classics with Russel Torrance. I am looking forward to get dressed soon and go for a walk with my rollator.

Am I getting used to living on my own? Well, I think I am getting a bit better at it now. I like it, that I can make a lot of my own decisions. I live in a pleasant environment. I feel happy about this. I have a good relationship with my neighbours. I know that some renovations inside and outside are overdue. But this does not distress me, at last I don’t think so. I am prepared to show patience. Everything will be seen to in good time. It is very comforting that I have no money problems, even though I am aware that I must not go overboard with the spending. I am pretty confident, that I can handle all the spending satisfactorily. My three very capable children are always willing to help me, when I get stuck somehow and need some advice.

With how many people do I have usually have contact with over one week? Well, I am still on level one home help care. So my carer comes twice a week for one hour each. My present home carer is Summah. She comes Mondays and Wednesdays from 10,30 to 11,30 am. So, I am looking forward to seeing her today. On Thursdays I can quite often see my daughter Monika as well as one of Monika’s daughters and some of her grandchildren. I am always happy to see them and meet them for lunch for instance. Monika often helps me with the shopping too.

Friday afternoon from two o’clock to about five I usually play games with some of my friends. Last year I often preferred to self isolate or to stay with Peter who was constantly fighting his cancer. Now I have taken up meeting my friends regularly again every Friday afternoon. Last Friday they came to my place. I love playing Scrabble and Rummy Cub. For the next three weeks we are going to play at Irene’s, Erika’s and Barbara’s place. And then the three ladies are going to come to my place again.

So that leaves the weekends. If nothing special is going on, like a birthday or some kind of a holiday, I usually spend the weekends alone now. Sometimes my daughter Monika, who lives in Sydney with husband Matthew, comes to see me. It is always good, when she and sometimes Matthew as well, can com to stay with me for a day or two. Caroline is always ready to take some time of work to help me out in an emergency, like recently I ended up with extremely high blood pressure. So, Caroline stayed with me until the blood pressure was brought under control.

Overall, my life seems to be on an even keel now. Really, nothing to complain about. I rather like to count my blessings. Of course I have some age related problems in dealing with the technical advances of modern life. When these problems seem to overwhelm me, I have to try and be patient till I find someone who can sort things out for me.

So, I did spend the best part of an hour now on this writing. I better try to get ready now for the day. I think it is going to be a good day. I love life!

I must not forget, that my son Martin plays a big part in my life too, even though he lives in regional Victoria. So far he managed quite often to come to Dapto to stay here for a few days, and I was also able to spend a few days at his place in Benalla. This was an excellent holiday for me! Sooner or later I might be visiting Martin again. It is always good, to spend some time in Benalla. I think life in Benalla is a very good life. I am also very fond of Martin’s dog . . .

Five Years ago – And the Movie: ‘June again’

Five years ago we did not know yet that Peter had cancer. Five years ago we were getting ready for another trip to Berlin. Five years ago Peter turned 81,

In the movie ‘June again’ June, the matriarch, is played by Noni Hazlehurst. After a severe stroke and several smaller strokes, June does not know what happened over the past five years. So five years have gone, and then, to everyone’s surprise, she is gradually able to remember things about her life that went on before she had the stroke. The family is quite shocked, when totally unexpectedly, June is in their lives again! So this is ‘June again’ after five years!

I wonder, if I had such a severe stroke now, what would I miss out on over the next five years? Since I absolutely do not believe in euthanasia, I guess I would have to accept it, if, against all odds, I survived such a stroke. I just do not want anyone to help me to survive something like this!

Now back to the example in the movie. So, June obviously did survive the stroke, but she is severely disabled. In all likelihood no permanent cure can be counted on. So she does need constant looking after. The family leaves her in a home, where admittedly she is being treated very well, but without any significant family contact.

In this make feel good movie June ends up with loads of family contact, and even the love of her life meeting her again and staying with her in the twilight of her life! Well, this is as good an ending as can be. There is lots of love and caring all around. So I find it is a make feel good movie, even though it makes me think a lot about it how problematic caring for old people actually is in our society!

If I stop breathing, please don’t make me start breathing again!

I think, I am more or less past my ‘use by’ date. I still have a little bit of independence, but not much. If I lose all my independence, why should I want to go on living?

I said, I still have a little bit of independence. This is true, even though the vulnerabilities are many: Very poor eye-sight, bad communication when there is too much background noise, being hardly able to walk, difficulty in remembering new words, breathing difficulties, needing frequent rests, not being able to use public transport and the list goes on . . .

So far I can still shower myself (with difficulty!), I can dress myself (slowly!), I can cook for myself, I can do the dishes, I can do a little bit of cleaning and gardening, I can walk with my walker, I can do shopping with a shopping trolley . . . If I can’t do all this anymore, why should I want to be kept alive? I don’t see the point, for I have already had a very long and mostly happy life. I think, when my body has had enough, I should be allowed to depart.

I don’t believe in euthanasia. So, how do I know when my body has had enough? Well, I guess, it is just when I stop breathing even though there is enough good air around. It is then probably like going to sleep and not waking up anymore. For as long as I can still wake up alright, I am grateful for my life and willing to try to make the most of it. But please, don’t wake me up, when I stop breathing under normal circumstances! You have to let me go then!


This is where we had lunch on Mother’s Day:

“Located at 5 Crown Lane Wollongong, Kneading Ruby offers authentic woodfire pizzas & bespoke dishes made to share. Produced traditionally with the freshest seasonal produce, join us for a dining occasion with a casual modern approach.”

We had a lovely time on that day sharing some very good food. We had booked a table for eight.

At the moment the great news is, that finally we are actually planning to build a deck: It looks it may be happening very soon now!

Also very soon, Caroline and I are going to see the movie ‘June again’ in the Gala Cinema:

The other day I watched the movie ‘Schwarzwaldliebe’ and I liked it very much:

On the following Sunday, 16th May, Peter would have been 86. I am going to have on that day some family and friends over for afternoon coffee and cake in memory of Peter.

So, it looks like I keep myself pretty busy!