Max Raabe: Eine Nacht in Berlin

Max presents a gorgeous selection of greatest hits from his last gold- and platinum-selling albums in new arrangements for the Palast Orchester. This very special concert was recorded live at Admiralspalast in Berlin-Friedrichstraße – a perfect setting which lives and breathes the flair and panache of Berlin during the 20s and early 30s For more information please see:… For more information about the artist please see:… _______________ Max Raabe Eine Nacht in Berlin Recorded live at Admiralspalast in Berlin-Friedrichstraße Palast Orchester _______________

43 Min.
Verfügbar vom 27/12/2019 bis 02/03/2020
Nächste Ausstrahlung am Samstag, 4. Januar um 08:15

Mit einer besonderen Mischung aus eleganter Steifheit, Charisma und leiser Ironie begeistern sie ihr Publikum. Im Berliner Admiralspalast präsentieren Max Raabe und das Palast Orchester ihr Programm “Eine Nacht in Berlin”. Eine gelungene Mischung aus wiederentdeckten Klassikern und modernen Neukompositionen. Das Konzert wurde im Mai 2014 im Berliner Admiralspalast aufgezeichnet.

Berlin ist seit vielen Jahren die Heimatstadt von Max Raabe und dem Palast Orchester. Hier begannen sie ihre Karriere, und hier wurden nicht nur die neuen, sondern auch ein Großteil der alten Stücke ihres Konzertrepertoires erstmals aufgeführt. Im Berliner Admiralspalast präsentieren sie nun die Höhepunkte ihres aktuellen Bühnenprogramms. „Eine Nacht in Berlin“ ist eine gelungene Mischung aus wiederentdeckten Klassikern und modernen Neukompositionen, vom renommierten Videoregisseur Daniel Lwowski außergewöhnlich bildstark und abwechslungsreich in Szene gesetzt. Auf dem Programm stehen unter anderem die Titel “Für Frauen ist das kein Problem”, “Mir kann nichts passieren” und “Du passt auf mich auf”, die Max Raabe in den letzten Jahren zusammen mit Annette Humpe und Christoph Israel komponiert hat. Und natürlich spielen Max Raabe und das Palast Orchester auch viele Klassiker aus den 20er und 30er Jahren, mit denen unter anderem schon die Comedian Harmonists vor fast 90 Jahren das Publikum in Berlin begeistern konnten und die im Programm des Palast Orchesters ihren festen Platz haben. Das Konzert wurde am 23. und 24. Mai 2014 im Berliner Admiralspalast für ARTE aufgezeichnet.
  • Regie :
  • Daniel Lwowski
  • Mit :
  • Max Raabe
  • Orchester :
  • Palast Orchester
  • Land :
  • Deutschland
  • Jahr :
  • 2014
  • Herkunft :
  • RBB

Concentration Camp Survivors

When Esther was a teenager she was voraciously curious about human behaviour.

She thought she’d become a journalist or a translator, but instead she grew up to become the world’s most famous contemporary psychotherapist.

Esther became known around the world after the release of her podcast “Where Should We Begin?” in which she counsels real-life couples who are on the brink of marital breakdown.

In her sessions she’s often exploring the tension between the need for security in a relationship, and the need for some distance and a sense of adventure, to keep the spark alive.

Esther says when you choose a partner you choose a story, and by doing so, you’re often recruited for a part you never expected to play.

Further information

The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity is published by Yellow Kite Books

Listen to the podcast Where Should We Begin?

Duration: 52min 34sec



Plantagen Shutters and a new Backfence, also a Grandson’s Wedding

Some December Writing Challenge/ Prompts: Today I chose Day 17 and Day 22!

Day 17 Home: Tell us about what home meant to you this year. Are you a homebody? Did you do a renovation? Move? Redecorate?

Day 22  A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  Share a photo which sums up a significant event from the past year, or give us 1,000 words about a pivotal moment in 2019.



Peter took the above pictures about a month ago. The Jacaranda was in full bloom at that time of the year!

For the Writing Challenge I copy now a blog with pictures I published a month ago. These pictures show that we had some plantagen shutters installed: I think they do contribute to some improvement in our house!

Some of the pictures show how a new back fence was installed on our property, which is another improvement!

Speaking about a significant event from the past year. I would say it was the event of the marriage of Troy and Nina. It means, now all three of our grandsons have been married! Our three great-grandsons, aged 7, 5 and 3, were at the wedding and had a good time together. Our newest great-granddaughter, Baby Evie, was at the wedding too. Evie is the baby sister of 3 year old Carter. 7 year old Lucas and his 5 year old brother Alexander are cousins of Carter and Evie. The three boys love each others company very much!


This picture of afternoon tea with my friends was already taken towards the End of September.
This must have been a Friday for it looks that we are about to play our game of Scrabble!


This is a favourite bin of ours in Corrimal. It is great to be able to recycle things!



In October we did get plantagen shutters installed in several rooms.


Carter with his baby sister on the day of Nina and Troy’s wedding


Next to Peter are Caroline and Matthew









Part of our back fence had to be replaced because of storm damage. It took quite a long time from when the contractors took the old fence down and the new fence was finally completed.



The finishing touches of getting a new fence! Actually the work still has not been totally finished!

Peter one month ago on his morning walk

Pictures I took in the morning, also one month ago:




The Truth / La Vérité (2019)

Tomorrow, Sunday, we are going to see this French movie at the Dendy Opera Quays:

Directed by : Hirokazu Kore-eda Produced by : 3B Productions, M.I. Movies Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 47 min French release: 25/12/2019 Production year: 2019 Fabienne is a star – a star of French cinema. She reigns amongst men who love and admire her. When she publishes her memoirs, her daughter Lumir returns from New York to Paris with her husband and young child. The reunion between mother and daughter will quickly turn to confrontation: truths will be told, accounts settled, loves and resentments confessed.


The Domestic Political Threat

Such a thought provoking and well written blog. I can only hope that some followers are going to take the time to have a look at it!

Lew Bornmann's Blog

It seems to me….

People might not protest for overtly political or social causes, but when they can’t feed themselves and their family, they will take to the streets.” ~ Marcus Samuelsson[1].

The U.S. faces a number of critical challenges but perhaps the most threatening is the breakdown of political compromise resulting in the possibility of an elected political leader attempting to impose a totalitarian governance supposedly for the “good” of the nation. Though most people consider the possibility highly improbable, that also was widely believed in Chile, the German Weimar Republic, and other nations until after it had actually occurred.

The primary risk is in one political party gaining sufficient power to stack the courts with sympathetic judges, manipulate voter registration, using the courts to challenge election outcomes, and, finally, invoking “law-enforcement” to use the police, National Guard, army reserve, or army to suppress political…

View original post 1,332 more words

What did I worry about during my growing up Years?

I turned 10 in 1944. My father returned from the war already in 1945, namely as soon as the war had ended. We stayed at grandmother’s place in Leipzig at the time. The time in Leipzig was for us children a good time with mum, dad and also grandmother and a cousin of ours.

However mum wanted to return to Berlin as soon as possible. So she left us just before I turned 11 and went to Berlin on her own to look after our apartment where she had only one room to herself. All the other rooms where occupied by people who had no where else to live.

April 1946 was the time when we children and dad moved to Berlin to stay with mum. By that time we had the apartment to ourselves. All the other lodgers had left. I had hopes then, April 1946 would be the start of a new family life for all of us. But this was not what was eventuating. My mother insisted that my father had to move away from Berlin. It was just not the right place for him, so she said. He moved to West Germany and wanted all of us to move too. But my mother refused to leave Berlin. She refused to give up the Berlin apartment. I did not like it at all that my parents separated.

The next few years I hardly ever saw my father. My father corresponded with me. However there was always tension, for my mother did not like my father to write to me. Father was seriously sick a lot of the time. For many years he was not able to get proper employment. His extended family supported him as much as possible. They had a hard time themselves, for they were refugees and living in extremely cramped conditions.

I think I still felt socially fairly content up to age 13 since everybody else had to catch up too after the war. I did not feel inferior to my friends. We were all in the same boat. Come to think of it, all this changed during my later teen years. They were not exactly happy ones. I think I missed some sort of family life. My thoughts were, I just had to put up with it until I was old enough to leave home, which only happened when I was 21!
My parents never lived together again. When I was 16, mum did get a divorce from Dad. I think for a long time during my growing up years I worried about both my parents.

I remember distinctly, that I believed at the time that World War Two had been the war to end all wars. That there would never be another war, this was a strong belief in me and made me look hopefully into the future. Except then came the ‘Cold War’. This, together with the nuclear threat, made me feel pretty concerned about the future. And this concern has multiplied now with increasing climate change . . .

Berlioz, my husband, published today a blog about what children worry about and especially what he experienced between the ages of 10 to 13. His blog prompted me to publish a bit about my growing up years after World War Two. Here is the link to the blog of Berlioz:

On the Calder Highway from Mildura to Melbourne in April 2013


As I said in the previous post we left Mildura before sunrise and were soon on the Calder Highway heading  towards Melbourne. This was on Saturday, 13th April 2013.

As the sun showed itself above the horizon we had already left Mildura well behind. Melbourne here we come!
After a couple of hours this sign caught our attention.
After a couple of hours this sign caught our attention.
We parked our car.
We parked our car.
Looking forward to getting coffee and a piece of the famous vanilla slice.
Looking forward to getting coffee and a piece of the famous vanilla slice.
This break after two hours driving is quite welcome!
This break after two hours driving is quite welcome!
We are about to go inside for our coffee and vanilla slice when we notice . . .
We are about to go inside for our coffee and vanilla slice when we notice . . .
. . . this sign next door. Anyone for a meat pie? No, thanks, not this morning. We stick with coffee and cake for now.
. . . this sign next door. Anyone for a meat pie? No, thanks, not this morning. We stick with coffee and cake for now.
You can really get a good feed at malleedeli.
You can really get a good feed at malleedeli.
We are quite happy with our decision. The vanilla slice turns out to be just heavenly! No wonder it has become famous.
We are quite happy with our decision. The vanilla slice turns out to be just heavenly! No wonder it has become famous.
Apparently truckies can get a good feed here and they can rest in the Truckies Lounge.
Apparently truckies can get a good feed here and they can rest in the Truckies Lounge.
After this nice coffee break we keep going. Melbourne is getting closer. 442 km to go.
We drive through rather desolate country.
We drive through rather desolate country.
We pass Mt Wycheproof.
We pass Mt Wycheproof.
And then we reach the LIZARD ROADHOUSE. Looks good for another break.
And then we reach the LIZARD ROADHOUSE. Looks good for another break.
We buy cold drinks, Hamburger and Hot Chips. And we eat some of our own food as well.
We buy cold drinks, Hamburger and Hot Chips. And we eat some of our own food as well.

And on we go. We pass Melbourne Airport in the early afternoon and soon after reach Essendon where Martin, our son, is very happy to see us. He is surprised that we made it in such good time. Yes, we had a good run. No problems whatsoever. Martin straight away offers us tea and something to eat. In the evening he is going to drive to the airport to pick up daughter Lauren who’s on school holidays and going to stay with her Dad for one week.

Peter and I are very glad we’ll be able to stay with our son and granddaughter Lauren for one week. We haven’t seen Lauren for more than a year except for photos on facebook. She looks very beautiful. Soon she’s going to be fifteen. She’s our youngest granddaughter. But then we also have great-grandchildren already. Two of them we are going to see during our stay in Melbourne. The plan is, that we are going to see them on the following day, a Sunday. We are very much looking forward to this. We know that Lauren is also looking forward to see her two little nieces.

P.S. In another post I mentioned already our visit to Warburton where we saw Tristan, our grandson, his wife Stephanie and their two little daughters, our great-granddaughters. Today’s post about our trip from Mildura to Melbourne is an afterthought because I hadn’t published yet the pictures from that trip and I thought it would be nice to be able to share them. I really enjoyed this trip because everything went so smoothly and the trip didn’t take too long. When we travelled back home a week later from Melbourne to Dapto everything went smoothly too but that trip of course took much longer because it was a greater distance we had to cover within one day.

Dr. William Moomaw – Humanity’s Mortality Moment

Today Dr. William Moomaw one of the 5 co-authors of the World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency explains the nature of the emergency, what we MUST be doing about it and the encouragement for *diversified forest management* instead of mono cropping single species that we intend to burn. Burning wood for biomass has a bigger carbon footprint than burning an equivalent amount of coal for energy! Here’s a link to the original paper of which Dr. Moomaw speaks…… #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #COP25

Copy of Uta’s Diary from August, 2019

Last Sunday we had some lunch at Bulli Beach, where it was pretty windy and no sun. But there were quite a lot of people at the Ruby’s Cafe. Many people came in groups and had difficulty getting seats.


Between 9 and ten in the morning is usually a good time to sit outside for our morning cup of tea. We are always looking forward to this!

At the beginning of the month we travelled again to Benalla to visit our son. This time we took the train to Benalla. We arrived in Benalla on Sunday, the 4th of August. Our return journey was on Thursday, the 8th of August. We had a great time in Benalla. Twice Martin went with me to the Benalla Swimming Centre. Peter did not want to come with us even though we assured him that the water was well heated.

Every day Martin drove us to a different place. So we saw at Glenrowan a multi-million Dollar anamatronic show. It was Ned Kelly’s LAST STAND at the Glenrowan Tourist Centre. 



Maybe you’d like to have a look at this:

The Show

“This mulitimillion dollar anamatronic show  IS NOT A PICTURE THEATRE it is an interactive theatre production

Through the brilliance of animation and computerised robots, you will be transferred back in time, over 100 years, to witness the events that led up to the capture of the Kelly Gang.

Starting as hostages in the Hotel, and then onto gunfights – burning buildings – a decent hanging, and finishing in our magnificent painting gallery.

The show is educational, historically correct and entertaining.

The show runs for 40 minutes every half hour (separate rooms) from   10:00am   to 4.30pm daily.

The Glenrowan Tourist Centre is fully air conditioned. The theatre can seat up to 50 people at any one time.

The Kelly Gang’s last stand has become an Australian folk legend, however views are divided about how it should be remembered. . . .”


After the show in Glenrowan Martin drove with us to Wangaretta where we had an excellent lunch in the Preview Cafe.



We also had coffee and some desert!



Stopping at the Tolmie Tavern. This was probably on Tuesday when we were there. It said on the sign “WHERE NOTHING EVER HAPPENS”, and true enough: Nothing did happen! And we had thought, we’d get some lunch there! But no, everything looked closed and deserted.

We ended up having lunch a bit further on. I think it may have taken us close to two hours before we actually did have some lunch and decent toilets! Before we arrived at that beautiful old Tatong Tavern we had a good look at the Stringybark Creek Historic Reserve:







So, at the Tatong Tavern we ended up having a splendid lunch. I asked for vegetarian and did get this beautiful meal:



Now back to Dapto in New South Wales and the beautiful trees in Lakelands Park in Morning Sunshine:DSCN5427

These trees are my favourite destination when I go for my walk early in the morning.

Our daughter Gabriele would have been 62 on 28 August. I found this little picture in memory of her.


2 thoughts on “Diary”

  1. AW. A lovely artwork of your precious daughter. 🙂 I know you miss her every day and you think of her. Hold on to those wonderful memories.
    PS… I love trees! They give life to our lives and add peace, beauty, joy, etc.! Can’t imagine even a day without seeing trees. (And I have hugged a few and talked to a few! ) 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, dear Carolyn. Yes, all these memories are very important. And these trees are a big incentive for me to do a bit of walking. Peter usually goes for a walk too, early in the morning that is, but he goes on a faster ten minute walk. When he comes close to the trees, he may stop for a minute to talk to me. This morning we went out for a walk, even though there was no sun out, no sun at all. It turned out to be cloudy all day, and later on we did have some rain. Good steady rain. Everything looks very fresh. 🙂
    HUGS, Uta


    I copied all the above in response to

    December Writing Challenge/ Prompts

    11. Describe a typical day-in-the-life. Share some photos and give details about an average day. How do you make even the mundane feel special?


    12. Creature of Habit: Did you form a new habit this year? Or continue with an old one? Is it a good habit? Or one you’d like to break? More or less the early morning walks are a continuation of an old habit both for Peter and me. I reckon this habit is extremely beneficial for us!