Sydney Metro in meltdown

Hundreds of Sydney Metro passengers were ordered off trains during the height of Thursday morning’s peak hour services after mechanical problems on a train at North Ryde caused serious delays.

Commuters reported being left stuck for up to 20 minutes on stationary trains after 8am and being told to disembark and wait for buses.

Sydney Metro commuters face delays

Sydney Metro commuters face delays

Port Augusta woman charged with murder

Sydney Metro commuters face delays

Tania Matin said she was told via an announcement to get off the train at Macquarie University and catch a bus, but nobody was there to direct passengers and she returned to the station after waiting 15 minutes.

She was then able to board a train, but ordered off again at Macquarie Park, where she was greeted by a line of “thousands” waiting for buses. After another 20 minutes, she gave up and took a metro train back to Epping.

Ms Matin said she was angry “not at the mechanical failure… but lack of communication, mismanagement and lack of skill to control the huge crowd [at peak hour]”.

Services on the network returned to normal about 11am.

It’s been a poor week for the Sydney Metro, which also had a train break down at Chatswood on Wednesday. On Tuesday, a fire alarm prompted services to skip Macquarie Park.

The network has faced frequent technical problems since its opening in May.

Jenny Noyes

Jenny Noyes is a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald. She was previously a writer and editor at Daily Life.



15 Reasons Why You Should Study Environmental Science

“Imagine what would happen if all natural resources become extinct; would anyone survive? No! ”
This is an article worth studying!

Motivation & Environment

We live in an age that experiences a lot of environmental challenges which have been threatening the existence of living and non-living things. This Earth in which we breathe, eat and live, is not as healthy as it was in the distant past; this is the major reason why you should be motivated to study environmental science and become more aware of the unhealthy patterns trending in the environment within the Earth; furthermore, environmental studies will keep you updated about the environmental issues that affect the world, and which may likely continue to do so throughout our lifetime.

It’s understandable if I sound biased by stating that environmental science is the most important subject because it cuts across all human beings, animals and non-living things in the world. It is important to understand how the Earth works, how our activities affect its life-supporting capability, and how we can reduce…

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Here’s How Much Worse Things Will Get If Capitalism Isn’t Overthrown

“. . . statements coming from last week’s report by the U.S. Army. These excerpts from the report state that:
Most of the critical infrastructures identified by the Department of Homeland Security are not built to withstand these altered conditions…The power grid that serves the United States is aging and continues to operate without a coordinated and significant infrastructure investment. Vulnerabilities exist to electricity-generating power plants, electric transmission infrastructure and distribution system components…”
Now, please do tell me what is it like in Australia?

The New Dark Age

30 October 2019 —  See you in 2020

A supermarket during the 2019 California blackout wave A supermarket during the 2019 California blackout wave

In his novel The Man in the High Castle, which depicts a Nazi-dominated world, Philip K. Dick describes a dynamic where the Reich, despite holding enormous power, makes itself progressively more volatile and reactive. At one point in the book, a character observes that “most high-placed Nazis are refusing to face facts vis-a-vis their economic plight. By doing so, they accelerate the tendency toward greater tour de force adventures, less predictability, less stability in general. The cycle of manic enthusiasm, then fear, then Partei solutions of a desperate type…all this tends to bring the most irresponsible and reckless aspirants to the top.”

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Broccoli – the DNA whisperer

Since the age of 10, Tom Malterre has been fascinated by the science of nutrition. In his quest to understand the genius of food, he has achieved both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutritional science from Bastyr University, learned from world experts in medicine at the Institute for Functional Medicine, become a faculty member of the Autism Research Institute, co-authored two books, and coached numerous health care practitioners on using nutritional science as a tool in their clinical practices. Tom loves to spend time with his wife and children hiking in the mountains, harvesting wild food, and tending to the family garden.

Master Tuvan Throat Singer Kongar-ol Ondar

Master Tuvan throat singer Kongar-ol Ondar performs at a house concert in Marin County, California, Jan 2011. The whistling sound you hear is the isolated overtones of his voice, achieving single-singer harmony. There are no other instruments or vocals besides his singing and the strumming of his doshpuluur (tuvan guitar). He appeared in the acclaimed documentary “Genghis Blues” and has performed on David Letterman.

What Are The Powers That Be Distracting You From Right Now?

“. . . . the CIA had been directly ordering spying on Julian in the Embassy through a Spanish company, UC Global, contracted to provide security there. Crucially this included spying on privileged conversations between Assange and his lawyers discussing his defence against these extradition proceedings, which had been in train in the USA since 2010. In any normal process, that fact would in itself be sufficient to have the extradition proceedings dismissed. . . . ”
It is shocking how the CIA is allowed to operate!
Thanks, Craig Murray, for all this information. I want to reblog it.

Cardless Cash

Today I wanted to withdraw some cash with my Visa card. I went to the ATM in the Shopping Centre and inserted my card. Before I could punch in my number there were a few pages shown with stuff that I gathered would be some bank advertising. All of a sudden I became aware that the machine would not allow me to withdraw any money with my card. So I pressed ‘cancel’ for the return of my card. Alas, it was in vain. No matter what I tried, my card was not returned. The machine had eaten it! And I was without any money! Some passers-by advised Peter and me to go to the bank and complain. Yes, Peter was with me. So we both went to the bank, that luckily was not very far away. So we found out, that this particular bank was not allowed to retrieve my card from that ATM for my card belonged to a different bank. I had to go to my bank and report my card lost and they would issue me a new card.

Peter and I then went to our bank. They were very helpful. Soon I’ll receive a new Visa card in the mail.

I must say this ‘cardless cash’ society drives me nuts. Luckily Peter was with me doing his best to keep me a little bit sane.