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First Day of Spring 2016, Uta’s Diary

1 Sep

Here in Australia it is the first day of spring today. I just discovered in SPIEGEL ONLINE INTERNATIONAL the following interview:

Expert on MH370 Disappearance: ‘There Is Absolutely No Mystery To What Happened’

Interview Conducted by Marco Evers

Some time ago Marco Evers did another interview about the disappearance of MH370:

So, what really happened? Will we ever know for certain?


I want to come back now to some of the verses I saw in Canberra in the National Museum. Before we entered the museum, we asked whether we were allowed to take pictures. We were told yes, we could take pictures, but only for personal use.
Some pictures I took of these verses, turned out all right, others are too blurred. I have to learn to wait for the right moment before I take a picture. I wished, I could do the blurred pictures again! Well, maybe some other time (!).






DSCN2118 (2)









Spiegel Interview

8 Oct


Jane Goodall Interview: ‘Even Chimps Understand Sustainability’

Interview Conducted By and Johann Grolle

Jane Goodall spent years observing chimpazees in the wild. She discovered that the animals can murder and wage war. As an environmentalist, the British activist now spends more time observing humans. She says she still has hope in people.

The Meaning of Life – Mary Robinson

1 Sep

Presented by Geraldine Doogue, Compass explores the interface between religion and life as experienced by individuals and communities – including ordinary Australians, public leaders, religious thinkers and philosophers. #ABCcompass, Sundays 6.30pm

The Moral Compass

Series 29 | Episode 27CCDOCUMENTARY/FACTUAL27 mins

Geraldine Doogue debates the hot-button moral, ethical and religious controversies of our day in this smart and entertaining Compass series, The Moral Compass.

To enquire about obtaining a copy of this program please contact ABC Program Sales 1300 650 587 or

Mary Robinson, Ireland’s first woman President, talks to Irish broadcasting legend Gay Byrne about the people, ideas, values and beliefs that give her life meaning.

A brilliant lawyer and human rights activist before entering politics, she famously challenged the influence of the Catholic Church in Irish society and helped to bring about changes in the law concerning contraception, divorce and homosexuality. And yet she remains the product of a traditional religious upbringing and education and sees those values as the moral engine behind her continuing work for human rights and what she calls climate justice.



Peter B. Todd :

31 Aug 2015 9:51:23am

Splendid interview with Mary Robinson who respects the great religious traditions of the earth while alluding to a numinous principle implicit in cosmology and in the evolutionary process from which humankind’s symbolic consciousness has emerged. Humanity not only participates in a numinous dimension but also in co-creative divinisation by directing the future cosmic evolution. Her comment on Christ was particularly insightful. The implication seemed to be that Christ was an epiphany of a continuing incarnation of God in history as articulated by the fourteenth mystic Meister Eckhart and in the work of such contemporary thinkers as the Jesuit palaeontologist Teilhard de Chardin. This concept of God is archetypal and NOT that of an anthropomorphic, interventionist, creator. I elaborate these ideas in my book “The Individuation of God: Integrating Science and Religion” (Chiron publications 2012) and in my Skype interview with Bruce Sanguin