Uta’s Diary, 2nd of September 2015


A bit over four years ago I published the above post. There are some pictures in it reminding me of Gaby’s birthday and some family visits, when Lucas was 3 and Alexander barely one.

And then I included some pictures of my parents: One of my father with Gaby, when Gaby was just six months old. We lived at the time at my father’s place in Düsseldorf. My father was very fond of the baby and straight away when he came home from his office he would go to pick up Gaby for a while to talk to her.

There is also a picture of my mother with Gaby when Gaby was nearly one year old. We were in Berlin for a visit at the time. The picture was taken at my mum’s balcony. I inserted these two pictures of my parents because I had been thinking how very different from each other my parents had actually been. Reading what I wrote about it some four years ago, did bring back quite a lot of memories for me. These memories are still very strong memories. I find it interesting to reflect on all this and copy here what I wrote in September 2015:

“The older I get the more I seem to reflect on times past. I often felt very much out of place as a young person. Also I tended to be “zurückhaltend”, that is I was usually more the listener and observer and did not show a great deal of affection and emotion. On the other hand, I also remember times when I felt free and communicative and very talkative.

When I think of my parents, the most remarkable memory about them is, how very different they were. Here is a bit of how my father may have influenced me, and then how my mother’s influence was so very different.

My father was the most open minded and tolerant person. He liked to talk to me about a lot of things. He always treated me as though I was trustworthy and mature for my age, able to understand different points of view. Very rarely did I see him being angry with me. He only tended to be somewhat angry when, all of a sudden, I behaved in a very unpredictable way. Despite his open mindedness he was basically a very conservative man. If I showed signs of departing from his view of the world, this would upset him personally. Still, he was loving and forgiving, and eventually he was always able to accept my departure from some of his conservative views.

Now, my mother was in every way the opposite of my father. On the whole she was maybe rather tolerant as far as I was concerned because she loved me. But she made it very clear, that she did not love my father anymore. She showed not the least bit of tolerance towards him, on the contrary, she showed a lot of hatred, for in her opinion he was a “Versager” who did not do anything for his children. She thought it was not up to her to look after him when he had serious health issues. Maybe she thought he was just pretending. Also, she hardly ever talked to me about things that were important to me. She tended to keep very important things from me, for she wanted ‘to protect’ me! At least, this is how I remember it. I knew she loved me very much. Still, I always felt I was not the daughter she imagined I should be. I remember she telling me, I was an “Oppositionsgeist”. So I must have been speaking up about some things that disturbed me a great deal. I felt very bad for opposing her, but I could not help it. Of course, on the outside I tried very hard to go along with what she expected of me, just to keep the peace. Alas, I think I came into inner conflict about it. In short, I often did not feel happy about myself.”

I ask myself now, how come, when I felt very much loved by both parents, I still did not feel very happy in myself a lot of the time? I think I felt torn between my parents . . . .

But ging back to that diary from the 2nd of September 2015 I wrote that we had cake on that Sunday afternoon when we had family visits. One of the cakes was a freshly baked cheesecake. Peter baked it! Here it is still in the oven:


And I wrote: The following Sunday, which is Fathers’ Day here in Australia, we are all going to meet for lunch at a Thai Restaurant. So, this was four years ago!

Fathers Day in Australia is always on the first Sunday of September.

The Hannemann Family in Australia in 1997

Today, I looked at some of my old blogs. I like this picture blog very much. It brings back beautiful memories. This is why I copy it here together with a few other blogs.


In this picture Peter and I are with all our four children. Daughter Caroline stands next to Peter. All five children of daughter Monika are in the picture too! Her very tall twin sons are eighteen, her two little daughters in the front are Natasha and Roxanne. Well, this was more than sixteen years ago!


This picture was taken at the beginning of September 1997,  a few days after our daughter Gaby’s 40th birthday! We all met for a picnic lunch at Central Park in Merrylands near Gaby’s and David’s home. David, Gaby’s carer, stands in the middle of the photo behind Gaby’s wheelchair. Our son Martin (who’s holding onto the wheelchair) lived in Newcastle at the time and had come to Sydney to see us all. Merrylands is a Western Suburb of Sydney. The Central Park there is a very popular recreational place.

Monika holds her five months old baby daughter. Gaby and Martin are in the picture too.
Our daughter Monika holds Krystal, her five months old baby daughter. Gaby and Martin are in the picture too.

In the picture below Troy, who is one of the twins, walks with his girlfriend.

Ryan, the other twin, as well as Caroline, Martin and David presumably walked ahead.

However one of them must have taken this picture, right? Maybe Caroline?


After our picnic lunch we all walked right through the park towards the little waterfall. It looks like at the time there was still quite a bit of water to be seen. Sadly,  after a few years without much rain, there was no water left in this area. When we took a picture there two years ago, everything looked completely dry. Maybe in the meantime the water situation has improved somewhat. We should go there one day and have a look.

Here we are with Monika's daughter Natasha on that day in early September 1997.
Here we are with Monika’s daughter Natasha on that day in early September 1997.


Reflections on Travel

This is a copy of what I wrote in April 29, 2015:

Recently I reflected a lot on our past two overseas travels. One trip to Berlin we did five years ago and another one two and a half years ago. When we travel we always try to economise, meaning we are not out to stay in expensive hotels or visit restaurants that are well above our budget. The greatest extra expense we consider to be the air-travel ticket plus insurance. Since both Peter and I are going to be past eighty when we travel next time the insurance is going to be sky high! We usually book a flight well in advance and look for special offers. The last two times we did fly with Malaysian Airline from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur and from there we had connecting flights with KLM. We thought these flights via Kuala Lumpur were pretty good. Soon we want to find out what’s on offer for next year.

2016 is going to be a huge family reunion in Berlin. Our Australian family is already planning for all this.  Some members in our family have never been to Berlin yet and are very keen to get to know a bit about the city and the German family members who live there. Especially Peter’s sister Ilse is very hopeful that a large family meeting can take place next year in Berlin. She and Finn are already thinking about all the arrangements that can be made. One of our grandsons is busy making plans about all the destinations where he and his family intend to travel to. He worked out that a nine day stay in Berlin could be included. They also want to stay for a few days in London and maybe some days in Switzerland, and I think there was also talk about Paris.

When Peter heard that they plan on staying for nine days in Berlin,  he  soon thought about a number of places he could show them in Berlin. Peter knows Berlin very well, partly from personal experience but a lot he knows because he keeps himself always up to date on the internet about what is going on in Berlin. When it come to history, he can tell you a thing or two about Berlin’s history as well. The past few days he published memories about the last days in Berlin before the end of World War Two. You can look it up under:


The memories start already here:


There are diary entries of Peter’s mother which he translated.  Also, Peter’s own comments about these eventful days continue for several days.

It is amazing how much Peter remembers about this time seventy years ago. This was just a few days before he turned ten! He also likes to read up on official records about the last days in Berlin before the end of the war, and he is also always looking for relevant pictures from that time.

Our Overseas Visits



Today I wanted to write about our overseas travels. So I checked what, I had written about it before. Luckily, I was able to find  quite a bit of information under the title ‘Memories from August 2010’. (There is a link at the top of this post!)

Anyone who goes to this post from 2010 is going to find out that even by 2010 we had done already quite a bit of overseas travelling. In the meantime we travelled overseas two more times, namely in 2012 and then in 2016.

Living in Australia and having some family in Germany makes us want to travel overseas as often as possible. So far we had the good fortune of being able to use all this airline travel. On top of it, Airlines do still offer low price airfares!

At least a few people must be aware by now, that air travel is extremely bad for the environment. But how many people do actually try to avoid air travel these days as much as possible?

In 1990 we did do a trip around the world. I wrote about it here:


Our first trip overseas was in 1977. Caroline was born in December 1978. We travelled with Caroline to Berlin in November 1980 and then again in March 1986 when Caroline was seven.


In 1977 Peter and I visited my cousin Renate and her family in Munich. From Munich we did a day trip to visit my uncle Edmund and his wife Flora in Augsburg. Among other things we visited with them the Augsburg Fuggerei. For lunch they invited us to the close by FUGGEREI STUBE.



In 1977 we travelled a bit around Western Germany staying with family and friends. But most of the time in 1977 we spent visiting our family in Berlin.


Pictures from 1987/1988

Half Marathon finishing at Stuart Park, Wollongong, 23-8-1987

Peter is still in full flight after 1hr27:33, which is his best time so far.
Peter is still in full flight after 1hr27:33, which is his best time so far.
Martin goes across the finishing line.
Martin goes across the finishing line.


This is a school portrait of Caroline that she sent to her grandmother in Berlin.
This is a school portrait of Caroline from 1987 that she sent to her grandmother in Berlin.


On a Sunday in 1987 this picture was taken at Albion Park Station by an enthusiastic  passenger: Peter with Caroline and the Twins.
On a Sunday in 1987 this picture was taken at Albion Park Station by an enthusiastic passenger: Peter with Caroline and the Twins.
Tristan is two and a half years old riding his bike at Ashfield, Dec. 1987
Tristan is two and a half years old riding his bike at Ashfield, Dec. 1987
Christmas Eve 1987 at David's Parents Place.
Christmas Eve 1987 at David’s Parents Place.

Caroline tries to take a picture of Tristan playing, Peter looking on. Grandma Uta enjoys watching Tristan.

Peter with Caroline and the twins at Belmore Park in Sydney. Dec.1987
Peter with Caroline and the twins at Belmore Park in Sydney. Dec.1987
This is already May 1988. It is Peter's Birthday!
This is already May 1988.
It is Peter’s Birthday!



We have Lunch at Chinatown in Sydney for Peter's Birthday.
We have Lunch at Chinatown in Sydney for Peter’s Birthday.
Caroline, Tristan and also Troy and Ryan enjoy a ride at Darling Harbour.
Caroline, Tristan and also Troy and Ryan enjoy a ride at Darling Harbour.


Another photo from Peter's Birthday. Tristan is already very tired.
Another photo from Peter’s Birthday. Tristan is already very tired.
Gaby and David go back to Merrylands West in a Wheelchair Taxi.
Gaby and David go back to Merrylands West in a Wheelchair Taxi.



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As It Is in Heaven


“An astonishing Swedish drama about a church choir and its creative director who take a meaningful and loving journey together.”
. . . .

Published on Mar 7, 2016

This song is from a movie that translated from Swedish means As in Heaven. This song is sung by a character who gets beaten by her husband. It is a very emotional scene, it’s her first time performing in front of an audience, and when she gets home her husband beats her mercilessly for it. This is my own translation, and it is not word for word exactly, and it’s a rather hard song to translate, because some sentences doesn’t make much sense in Swedish either. Love the song though. I take no credit for this song.


We saw this video wirh the full length movie today:

As It Is in Heaven

It is a movie with beautiful music, and I thought the acting of the cast was superb. I enjoyed it very much.