Stories from Berlin: Geraldine Doogue interviews Paul Sullivan

Here you can find out within 10 minutes a lot about present day  Berlin!

Stories from Berlin on Saturday Extra

with Geraldine Doogue on RN

Saturday 26th November


In an astonishingly varied city that’s attracting record numbers of travellers, Paul Sullivan explores life in Berlin.


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Stories from Berlin

Berlin’s relatively cheap rent, bohemian atmosphere, history and fascinating neighbourhoods are attracting record numbers of visitors.

Travel with Paul Sullivan to a Berlin that’s not in the mainstream guidebooks.

An Insider’s View of the 1%

I am not surprised about the major role professional financial advisors play in protecting the wealth and power of the 1%.

The Most Revolutionary Act

The 1%

Directed by Jamie Johnson (2006)

Film Review

The 1%, produced and directed by Johnson and Johnson heir Jamie Johnson, offers a rare insider perspective on the dangers of extreme wealth inequality for contemporary society. Johnson favors using major tax reform, ie requiring the wealthy to pay more tax, to reduce inequality.

The film devotes more or less equal emphasis to the psychological insecurities underlying greed and the sordid efforts of the 1% to corrupt democratic institutions.

It includes interviews with late conservative economist Milton Friedman, Ralph Nader, arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi (who brokered the Irangate arms for hostages deal), Robert Reich, sugar barons Alfie and Pepi Fanjul,* Chuck Collins (the Oscar Mayer heir who gave away his wealth), Bill Gates senior (who also supports higher taxes for the rich), and Nicole Buffet (her grandfather Warren Buffet cut her off from the family when she appeared in an…

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Clarke and Dawe

For 25 years John Clarke and Bryan Dawe have broadcast a weekly interview in which prominent figures speak about matters of public importance. John pretends to be someone he isn’t pretending to be and Bryan behaves with grace under pressure. The interviews are broadcast on ABCTV on Thursday nights and are available online here, on and on YouTube. They are also available by prescription at selected retail outlets.

Latest Item:

Clarke and Dawe – Despite Bryan’s Continuous Distractions, Scott Stays on Message
“Scott Morrison. Federal Treasurer” Originally aired on ABC TV: 23/11/2016 http://www.mrjohn…

There is a Valid Argument That Neither Presidential Candidate Won the Election

Eric Draitser says:

“What Does This Mean and What Do We Do?

First and foremost, it should be made clear that the electoral fraud that has taken place MUST NOT be used as a vehicle for attempting to remove Trump from the presidency or for installing Hillary Clinton. She too benefited from massive electoral fraud in the primaries and is as implicated as anyone else in this criminal endeavor. And despite the weeping and wailing from liberal Democratic Party loyalists – I throw up a little just typing that phrase – Clinton is just as illegitimate as Trump.”

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Election Data Screams Fraud


Amid all the media prattle about the white working class, the rejection of the status quo, and the great divide in the US, there remains one simple, but exceedingly dangerous, truth which none dare speak: the US election may have been stolen.

Now, before temporal arteries start bulging with rage, allow me to make clear that this assertion is in no way an attempt to promote the criminal warmonger Hillary Clinton or make a case for her taking a seat in the Oval Office.  Indeed, were one to need evidence of my loathing for Clinton, see any of the more than dozen articles I wrote this election season slamming her for a laundry list of crimes ranging from corruption to wholesale mass murder (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and many others).

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Baby Carter has arrived!

Baby Carter arrived on the 21st of November 2016, a Monday. He arrived shortly after 5 in the afternoon. Soon after his birth at Wollongong Hospital a lot of family went to see him and his Mum, Roxy.

Roxy is one of our granddaughters. Our daughter Monika and granddaughter Natasha drove Peter and me to Wollongong Hospital the morning after the Baby had been born. Here are some pictures from Tuesday morning: