Uta’s Diary


The Uncultured Rhymer To His Cultured Critics

Fight through ignorance, want, and care —
Through the griefs that crush the spirit;
Push your way to a fortune fair,
And the smiles of the world you’ll merit.
Long, as a boy, for the chance to learn —
For the chance that Fate denies you;
Win degrees where the Life-lights burn,
And scores will teach and advise you.

My cultured friends! you have come too late
With your bypath nicely graded;
I’ve fought thus far on my track of Fate,
And I’ll follow the rest unaided.
Must I be stopped by a college gate
On the track of Life encroaching?
Be dumb to Love, and be dumb to Hate,
For the lack of a college coaching?

You grope for Truth in a language dead —
In the dust ’neath tower and steeple!
What know you of the tracks we tread?
And what know you of our people?
‘I must read this, and that, and the rest,’
And write as the cult expects me? —
I’ll read the book that may please me best,
And write as my heart directs me!

You were quick to pick on a faulty line
That I strove to put my soul in:
Your eyes were keen for a ‘dash’ of mine
In the place of a semi-colon —
And blind to the rest. And is it for such
As you I must brook restriction?
‘I was taught too little?’ I learnt too much
To care for a pedant’s diction!

Must I turn aside from my destined way
For a task your Joss would find me?
I come with strength of the living day,
And with half the world behind me;
I leave you alone in your cultured halls
To drivel and croak and cavil:
Till your voice goes further than college walls,
Keep out of the tracks we travel!

(Henry Lawson)


One Day ago Josef Carli published ‘the flaw in the glass’ in the AIMNetwork. In the comments to this blog, Joe was very much criticized for attacking the ‘educated’ middle class. The above poem by Henry Lawson was included in Carli’s blog. As far as I can tell, nobody objects to what Henry Lawson, Continue reading “Uta’s Diary”

To My Children by Barbara Chaney

I like this poem by Barbara Chaney. I did get Barbara’s  permission to publish it in my blog. Here it is:


To My Children

Life’s journey started deep within:

From roots of loving trust you grew,

Firm bound to me by cord of flesh

My every breath linked me to you.


But stronger yet were cords of love,

Unseen, but springing from my heart

Not severed when the flesh was cut.

No blade can slice this bond apart.


I hold your tiny perfect form,

So small, so helpless, needing me.

I marvelled at the miracle,

Can this be really mine? Look. See!


You were the stunning revelation

Of a mystery profound

It reaches back through mist of Time

To me – ’twas joy new found.


No matter where your paths may lead

Or if you cause my heart to ache,

Or shun your roots. Remember this

The cords of love you will not break.


(c) 2006.


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