Northstream2 pipeline in July 2022

I wonder, what is the German government up to now?

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Freeonline

Resembling a Monty Python sketch, Berlin officials still insist new Nord Stream 2 pipeline is ‘not certified’, refusing to back down and switch on the 55bcm of Gas while going bankrupt for lack of gas.

Germany will not use the new alternative pipeline to ship natural gas from Russia, Nord Stream 2, even though its usual route, Nord Stream 1, is shut down for maintenance, the country’s government reiterated on Monday.

The announcement comes as Gazprom ‘upped the ante’ in the gas dispute by declaring force majeure on EU gas flow via Nord Stream 1, citing “extraordinary” circumstances outside its control.

That pipeline is currently closed for maintenance until Thursday. There is rising concern in Germany, however, that Gazprom will not resume supply when the works are complete.

German politicians have united in raging economic war hysteria against Russia, leading no less than 7 rounds of deep and…

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Technological Progress

There’s a lot to think about in this article, Lew.
Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Lew Bornmann's Blog

It seems to me….

No one intuitively understands quantum mechanics because all of our experience involves a world of classical phenomena where, for example, a baseball thrown from pitcher to catcher seems to take just one path, the one described by Newton’s laws of motion.  Yet at a microscopic level, the universe behaves quite differently.”  ~ Lawrence M. Krauss[1].

Though science and technology are socially neutral, potentially capable of either positive or negative effects, I admit to being a techno-optimist believing that technology can improve people’s lives. Technology, however, cannot by itself solve systemic social problems such as socio-economic inequality. Though there have been unparalleled information technology advancements over the past fifty years, the U.S. poverty rate has remained between 13-15 percent of the population and totally impervious to any improvement.

Over the course of history, industry has advanced not only by relying on technical evolution…

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Tulip Time

Maybe in one of the following years I’ll be able to go again to the Tulip Festival with some dear people. It was so good, when we went to Bowral some 40 years ago!

Bowral Tulip Festival 1982 and 1983

 auntyuta  Life in AustraliaMemoriesOld Age  September 18, 2015 1 Minute

We have some pictures to prove that we were at Bowral in 1982 and also in 1983. In 1982 we were in Bowral with our friends and their daughter Ellen who was a good companion for our daughter Caroline who was four at the time. I remember that in 1982 we were not only at Corbett Gardens in Bowral, but we had also tickets to visit a number of private display garden. We enjoyed very much looking at all the gardens.

Caroline and Ellen with Dutch Girls at the Bowral Tulip Festival in 1982
Caroline and Ellen with Dutch Girls at the Bowral Tulip Festival in 1982
Bowral 1982: Ellen with her parents and Caroline with us, her parents.
Bowral 1982:
 Caroline with us, her parents, also Ellen with her parents

For the following pictures it says in our album “Bowral Oct.83” During that visit Caroline was not quite five yet. The Tulip Festival was on again in the Corbett Gardens, the same as every year. Since Caroline is to be seen in the picture with some Dutch girls from the Festival, I think that the Tulip Festival must still have been on, even though it was already October.

img137 (2)

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Bowral Tulip Festival 1982 and 1983April 3, 2022In “Copy”

Bowral in December 2012November 12, 2021In “Copy”

Uta’s September2015 DiarySeptember 16, 2015In “Diary”

Edit”Bowral Tulip Festival 1982 and 1983″

Published by auntyuta

Auntie, Sister. Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Mother and Wife of German Descent I’ve lived in Australia since 1959 together with my husband Peter. We have four children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. I started blogging because I wanted to publish some of my childhood memories. I am blogging now also some of my other memories. I like to publish some photos too as well as a little bit of a diary from the present time. Occasionally I publish a story with a bit of fiction in it. Peter, my husband, is publishing some of his stories under View all posts by auntyuta

PublishedSeptember 18, 2015

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4 thoughts on “Bowral Tulip Festival 1982 and 1983”

  1. The EmuEditWhat an absolutely gorgeous display Uta, that must have been a very enjoyable outing.
    Best wishes for a beautiful weekend, and happy traveling.Reply
    1. auntyuta EditThese pictures help us to remember these two Tulip Festivals so many years ago. We have seen the Corbett Gardens at other times too,so not always for the tulip festival. These gardens do look beautiful at any time of the year with lots of trees and different plants and flowers.
      Thanks for commenting, dear Emu. Reply
  2. Sue DreamwalkerEditWonderful photo’s Uta, and I bet you brought home some wonderful memories xx Enjoy your weekend.. Hugs Sue xxReply
    1. auntyuta EditYes, Sue, the highlands, especially Bowral, Moss Vale and Robertson, always bring back lots of memories. We are glad, this year we went up there earlier in the week for it looks like we are in now for a very rainy weekend. Hugs back, dear Sue oxxo

Uta’s Diary September 2022

A week ago, I contemplated what would happen during the week of my birthday. (See below!)

Well, my birthday has come and gone on Wednesday, the 21st. Five ladies from the neighbourhood were joining me in some celebrations. But it was a cool, cloudy day. This is why we stayed inside for a bit of lunch. Then later in the afternoon we shared one bottle of Bubbly. There was also some birthday cake, that Joan, one of my neighbours, had been baking. We all had a very good time! 🙂

The following Thursday and Friday it rained a lot. I also suffered from an infection on my chest, and my voice did sound very weak. By Saturday I felt alright again. But my Friday outing to the Club I had to cancel. I’ll catch up with the celebrations at the Club the following Friday! 🙂

Now, yesterday on Sunday the 25th, I had a very good celebrations with my family. Luckily it was a beautiful, sunny day. Just perfect! 🙂

Today, Monday, it is cold and cloudy again. Feels, like we’re back to winter!


September 21: Outside on my Deck some Morning Celebrations with my Neighbours!

September 23: Birthday Cake with Knitting Group Ladies at the Club!

September 25: All Day Birthday Celebrations with the whole Family!

I am going to remember September 27. This is when Great-Grandson Alexander Robert turns 8. And our friend Sylvia turns 65.


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Daily pictures : partial mobilization in Russia

Nicolas Cinquini

In the evening of September 20, 2022, Vladimir Putin has recorded an address to the Russian peoples, which is broadcasted in the next morning. Russia is mobilizing 300,000 reservists, who are reinforcing the special military operation for liberation of Donbass, denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine

Victory in Lisichansk, Lugansk People’s Republic, on July 2, 2022 (RIA Novosti), a member of the 6th republican Cossacks regiment raises the replica of the victory flag in Berlin, 77 years earlier

No conscript will be involved, the workforce of the operation will be globally multiplied by three, close to the volume of the Ukrainian cannon fodder. The announcement follows the calls for referendums in Donbass and southern Ukraine, in order to join Russia. After the popular vote, likely before the end of September, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporojie regions should become parts of the Russian Federation


Defense minister Sergei Shoigu and other…

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