Yesterday afternoon I was not just exhausted but sick, truly sick. No idea what brought on this feeling of nausea, these terrible cramps in the bowels – – – No idea at all. Unless it had something to do with what I had been eating. This morning I still feel a bit weak and sleepy. At my age this can mean anything – – – I plan on taking a shower at one o’clock (pm) and then get dressed for our meeting at Ilse’s place. Peter wants to arrive at Ilse’s a bit before 3pm; that means we’ll leave the house at 2pm to go and catch the underground to Scharnweberstrasse.

I’m looking forward to meet Angie who arrived from Florida on Thursday already. Angie’s sister Monica unfortunately had to cancel her visit. Later on we’re going to have dinner at Daniel’s Restaurant with all of Ilse’s close family.
The Berlin Marathon is going to take place tomorrow. A lot of streets are cordoned off already. Will be difficult for Angie’s taxi to get through from Alexanderplatz.

Third Week in Berlin

Today just a few photos of our third week in Berlin.

We had the good fortune to meet Lily Brett at a book reading in Berlin. She signed one book for us too!

Peter in a nearby park, called the Tiergarten.

It’s good to have some refreshments

The underground takes us everywhere quick smart