Towards the End of April 2012

Last Thursday we saw Gaby in Merrylands. She waited for us near Merrylands Station. Honey, her dog, was with her. Honey had been bitten by a big dog a bit over a week ago. She had needed some stitches which cost Gaby a lot of money. On Thursday these stitches were due to come out. We didn’t have to go far from the station to the vet’s surgery. Honey had her stitches out in no time. She seems to be all right now.

The following Friday we were busy around the house. We were lucky for it was a sunny day again. We needed to air a big mattress. This mattress is seventeen years old. But it has been keeping well. We got it for our youngest daughter when she was nearly seventeen. The son of her partner is seventeen now. They want the mattress and the bed for their seventeen year old son. So apart from airing the mattress, Peter disassembled the bed. Taking pictures of everything I got into the mood of taken also some pictures through the different windows at the side and back of our house. I can’t get over it how much everything has grown outside. I thought taking photos of it would look quite impressive!

This is a view from one of the dining-room windows
Here is part of the dismantled bed
Our daughter loved to have these for company

Here now are some photos taken from the bedrrom (facing the back), also the laundry door and the kitchen window towards the back. There is another view from the dining-room facing to the right side of the house.”>

Ages ago we had planted some Gerbera bulbs. From time to time one or the other new flower makes a surprise appearance.

One of our grandsons, who owns a van, offered to take bed and mattress to the daughter’s place. This morning he came as promised to collect the things. We have a bit more room now in the spare bedroom. It’s going to be our ‘quiet’ sitting-room, meaning there won’t be any electronical gadgets in this room, not even a TV set.

April is coming to an end. The month of May with a very full program is approaching!

I decided I try to add the window pictures again in a larger size to make them look more impressive.

Berlioz wrote a different blog with some of my pictures. You find it here.


Very cold morning. Quite a bit of wind too. However when I saw the beautiful sunshine, I thought: Got to go to the pool, got to go to the pool. The seven o’clock walk did not eventuate: Irene rang, letting me know that she had a sore back due to a fall. She said she felt it may be better to get a bit of a rest till her back got better. Of course I agreed and wished her a speedy recovery.

I delayed my walk to the pool for one hour. At eight o’clock (after having had some porridge) I strolled to the pool at a leisurely pace. I took the shortcut along Brooks Creek, past the Bowling Club. Arriving at the pool a sign told me the water temperature was 26 Degrees Celsius. No way would I be freezing in this kind of water temperature!

As I entered the dressing room, one elderly woman was getting dressed ready to go back home. She said the water had been so nice warm, she would have liked to stay in it a bit longer. Soon some more women came in ready to get dressed after their swim. One woman said it would be nice if the dressing room had some heating in it!

On a windy day like today there was indeed quite some breeze blowing through the shedlike area. It means you have to hurry up to get into your warm cloths. However, there is the luxury of hot showers; the shower water being solar heated of course, the same as the water in the pool.

I had had a bit of pain in my right knee for a few days. The exersises in the warm water of the pool turned out to be very beneficial. Walking home, I took some more pictures. And my sore knee felt very much better. Peter opened the door for me. It wasn’t long before we enjoyed some filtered coffee and toasted crumpets.

While I am downloading these pictures, I watch a live program on ABC TV: The ANZAC DAY MARCH in Sydney! Later on I am going to watch the Gallipoli Dawn Service and the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial Service. These are always very moving, reflective services.

This Villa, with the sign in front of it, has recently been sold.