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23 May





Today Peter and I walked along this path. There was a lot of work for the Blue Mile Project going on. So this path did lead us to the Continental Pool where it did not go any further. We noticed on the board that the water temperature was 18 Degrees Celsius. Since it was a clear sunny day with no wind at all, I thought a swim in the water would just be wonderful. A few people were actually in the water! I was quite envious of them.

From the following link you may get an idea what the Blue Mile Project is all about. It is really one more undertaking to make living in Wollongong or visiting Wollongong even more attractive. Walking along the foreshore of Wollongong Harbour is a great experience. One can never get too much of it. We finished our little excursion with a bite at this kiosk:

Levendi Wollongong Harbour, Wollongong, New South Wales. Located at the heart of the iconic Wollongong Harbour. Specialising in fish & chips,…

We had fish & chips as well as some fruit salad. Then we went home by bus to where we had our car parked in Dapto. We picked up a few things in Dapto shopping centre. Arriving home we had some filtered coffee and a sour dough bread roll with some butter. We were happy that we had gone out to spend todays beautiful mild late autumn weather near Wollongong Harbour.

Stretching from Stuart Park in the north to Wollongong Golf Club in the south, the Blue Mile is an iconic and much-loved section of our coastline.




Uta’s Diary

19 May

In my ‘Childhood Memories’ I published this:

In this post I wrote about the birth of my little brother. This ‘little’ brother is about to turn 80. Yes, on the 9th of June this year he is going to be 80. He still lives in Berlin in a home for the aged  where he is well looked after. On a visit to Berlin I was able to see brother Bodo on his 78th birthday. My younger brother Peter Uwe also came to Berlin at the time. So two years ago, on the 9th of June, Peter Uwe and I  went together to see our brother Bodo!   Now, in 2018, he is going to turn 80 . . . . !


Bodo and Peter Uwe on the 9th of June 2016

So some time ago I published among other things the following:

9.Juni 1938 Bodo ist nur ein paar Stunden alt

On the 9th of June 1938 my brother Bodo Alexander was born. He was born at home in our apartment in Berlin, Bozener Strasse. Here in this picture he is only a few hours old. I was thrilled to have a baby brother! I believed the ‘Klapperstorch’ had brought him. Mum’s sister Ilse was very excited about this addition to the family as well. Later on I always heard stories about how this home delivery took place. And I did sleep through all of it.When I woke up in the morning, Tante Ilse led me to the cot in the parent’s bedroom. And surprise, surprise, der Klapperstorch had brought a beautiful baby boy. I do remember how he was there in his cot. Later on was  taken the above picture where the baby is in Mum’s bed and I am beside Mum looking at my beautiful little brother.

Peter’s Birthday 2018

16 May


Today is Peter’s 83rd Birthday. For lunch at home we created our own Cheese platter and had it with quite a lot of wine. Delicious! Tonight we’ll go out with Monika and Mark to the Treasure Court Restaurant at the Dapto Leagues Club.

While we had lunch we were listening to Peter’s new CD:


DJARIMIRRI – Child of the Rainbow

This is beautiful music and wonderful music to dance to!!






























































My Diary, one Day after Mothers’ Day

14 May

A couple of hours ago I looked at some “Nuclear News” and copied and published some of it. Should I not take notice of any “Nuclear News” because these news tend to sicken me immensely?

Under the above definition about “ostrich” I found the following:

“Origin of ostrich

  1. from the erroneous belief that an ostrich buries its head in the sand when in danger
  2. a person who tries to avoid difficult or dangerous situations by refusing to confront them”

So, do I wish to avoid to confront this dangerous situation? If all this nuclear news bothers me continuously, should I not stop to read about it? No, I don’t think so. Is it possible that a lot of people just do not want to be informed truthfully because the truth would upset them too much. Instead they rather believe lies. Believing in what are obviously lies is somehow more soothing to them than being confronted with the truth. Has “believing” in lies some survival value? Maybe. – Maybe Orwell in his story “1984” did see it this way?

However, today I do not want to dwell on this “nuclear business” for too long. Instead, I want to think back on what a wonderful day Mothers’ Day 2018 turned out to be for our family.

As I said in another post, we were expecting our family to turn up at our place in the afternoon for coffee and cake. And so it happened. The guests arrived right on time, among them were three mothers and I was the fourth one.

My two daughters were among the guests. My son had given me a ring from Victoria a bit earlier to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day and telling me the news about Benalla and his family and asking me about it how I was going to spend my Mother’s Day.

I did get some lovely flowers from my daughters:

I asked Caroline and Matthew to fill the glasses with a welcome drink.


These are just some of the welcome drinks.

So there were my daughters with their partners as well as two grand-daughters and two grandsons,  two of my great-grandchildren, son-in-law’s mother, grandson’s wife (mother of the two great-grandsons that were present) and the other grandson’s girl-friend. So quite a lot of the family were able to come along for a little Mothers’ Day celebration. Peter and I were very happy about this!



This is one of the potato pan-cakes we had today for lunch.

My Diary

12 May

Peter baked a cake with almond-meal for tomorrow, the 13th of May (Mothers’ Day). He used apricot jam for the outside and finished it off with a cover of dark chocolate.



It was cold and windy today. But I still went for a little walk in the afternonn and took the above pictures.

Uta’s Diary

10 May


I just love my early morning walks in Lakelands Park. I usually walk just across the grassy soccer fields.

I am always so happy when I get up very early in the morning and see the sun gradually coming up.

When we have an outing, it usually takes me quite some time to get ready, even though I don’t normally bother about any make-up. I think the most time is taken up just packing my boobs into some bra. It is such a strenuous job! Peter takes less than half the time to get ready for going out.

We feel that our weeks are very, very busy these days. And getting busier by the minute! Apart from doctor’s appointments and shopping trips there are now Tai Chi classes on Monday, Yoga classes on Tuesday, and I continue to go to the slow movement exercise classes for seniors on Thursdays. On Friday I continue to have a games afternoon with my friends.

Today I missed out on my seniors’ class. I felt I needed a break. Watching the German news in the morning we found out that it is a holiday today in Germany: It is the Thursday ten days before Pentecost Sunday. This Thursday is a public holiday in Germany as well as so called Fathers’ Day. On this day all fathers in Germany are bound to have a day out on their own without wives or kids! This is tradition. This day out is very much enjoyed by the fathers.

Peter and I pretended we have a ‘holiday’ today too, enjoying it with a lovely glass of chilled white wine for lunch. At around 2,30 pm we expect our daughter Monika to come for a visit together with her grandson Carter, who is now a very enjoyable one and a half.



We went with Carter to the Playground at Lakelands Park when they came for a visit two weeks ago.




Sunday before Mother’s Day 2018

6 May

We left at 10,30 for a 50 km drive to Berry. On the way we had to drive through Albion Park Rail. This delayed us somewhat for there was an airshow on at the Illawarra Regional Airport. Lots of people had already parked all over the area, and quite a few people were still arriving looking for more parking spots quite some distance away and then walking to where the action was. We saw heaps and heaps of cars and hundreds and hundreds of walkers!

“Illawarra Regional Airport is located adjacent to the Princes Highway at Albion Park Rail in NSW, approximately 20kms south of Wollongong City Centre and 100kms south of Sydney City Centre.”

Once we made it through Albion Park Rail on the Princes Highway, we had a good run further south to Berry.

We had no idea that in Berry was a show on too. I looked it up now, it was the


I have never seen as many people and cars in the vicinity of Berry. But we were lucky. Peter found a very convenient parking spot near here:



We had some lovely ice-cream and were sitting outside with it. We only had to walk a little bit further to find a beautiful outside cafe and there was no problem at all to get a table. The coffee we ordered was very good. The weather was just perfect:  Sunshine the whole time and no wind whatsoever.

At  the French Bakery across the road Peter bought a cinnamon scroll and a baguette. Then we drove back home, where we warmed the cinnamon scroll up in the oven and then had it at a table in our backyard with a cup of tea.

The whole outing took us only 2  and a half hours.