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May 2017 Diary

21 May

Is Trump’s Trip Green Light for UAE Blackwater-Led Mercenary army To Attack Iran?

A little while ago I did go to the above post by Stuart Bramhall. I ask myself what is going on in the Middle East?

So this is in the news: “Donald Trump to announce $350bn arms deal to Saudi Arabia.” What does it mean?

On my little walk this morning I passed Fowlers Road and the bridge over Brooks Creek. I checked the water level of the creek looking down from the bridge along Flowlers Road. Alas, I could see hardly any water despite the recent rain. There is a lot of vegetation along the creek. Things are growing immensely, There is not much room left for the water to flow along. And I guess that bit of water that flows along the creek feeds all this vegetation more and more.


Uta’s Diary, 16th May 2017

16 May

14th/16th May 2017

15 May

Sunday, the 14th was Mothers’ Day, and tomorrow, the 16th is Peter’s Birthday. We had quite a few visitors yesterday and received congratulations and gifts. Peter’s cakes were praised a lot. In the evening Caroline’s future mother-in-law came to visit, and we had a very pleasant evening with her as well as Caroline and Matthew.


We are waiting for the guests to arrive for coffee and cake.

This time I took no pictures of any of our guests. However I took lots of pictures earlier on that Sunday morning.


We are going to have a “Sekt Frühstück” for Mothers’ Day. Caroline is already pre-warming our coffee cups with hot water.


The coffee cups are filled, Caroline served some fried eggs and Peter has poured the “Bubbly”. We also had a lovely Vietnamese bread-roll each (warmed up in the oven) and of course some butter.

During the morning Caroline cooked some chicken soup for her Papa to enjoy during the week. She was concerned that Peter would not find the time to cook the soup for himself as he usually does. She knows that I am not so keen on cooking this soup since I do not like the smell or taste of such soup. This is very odd, I guess, that I am very sensitive to the smell of chicken. While this soup was cooking, I went for a little walk and took some pictures. I always find my walks more enjoyable when I can frequently pause to take pictures!

When I returned home later on I did some cooking for lunch: Potatoes, Sauerkohl, heated up red cabbage and Bacon Pork Chops. For desert we had vanilla ice-cream and cherries. And for drinks we had beer and/or wine.








Peter overtook me in Lakelands Park on his a bit more fast walk/run.

I had already left home while Peter was getting ready for his outing. I was surprised when he passed me and could not resist to take this picture of him!



I liked it that I had time to stroll on a bit further. I ended up in a street where I had not been for a while. The above street sign is now nearly totally engulfed by this well growing palm tree.

I went along that lane walkway that is to be seen in the other picture. Next to the lane on the left side is this huge tree. I wonder, has it grown any further since I saw it last. Some time ago the man who lives on the right side of the lane talked to me about this tree. He was very concerned that one day in a storm it might fall over on his house!

Today now, I took some pictures of the presents that Peter and me received yesterday. The bottle of Greek Brandy Peter and I bought together for we do not want to give to each other any other gifts. As can be seen, we shared about half the bottle with our guests the previous night.




Here the camera went off by itself. Well, I think it is worth keeping this picture!

Mothers’ Day Preperations

13 May

Peter baked an almond cake yesterday. This morning he filled it with a creamy custard and apricot jam. The cake is resting at the moment in our fridge. Later on Peter is going to add some almond flakes to the outside of the cake.


This is an earlier photo of the cake in the fridge.



Here is the cake with a bit more of the creamy custard added to it. Soon it is going to be covered with almond flakes!


While Peter was decorating the cake this morning, he also found time to do a yeast cake with buttery crumbles on top!


We have finished our lunch and also done the dishes already. We had red cabbage, braised pumpkin pieces. potatoes and thick cut bacon chops with mustard. Delicious! Sorry, I did not take any pictures of our lunch.

We just found out that daughter Caroline is about to get ready to go on the train to come and visit us. So she as well as some other visitors are going to be here tomorrow for Mothers’ Day. In three more days is going to be Peter’s birthday. Of course we’ll be celebrating the birthday already tomorrow together with Mother’s Day. Peter’s sister Ilse, who lives in Berlin, is one year older than Peter. Her birthday is today. We hope we can congratulate her later on by doing some skyping with her. Ilse always points out that she is one year and three days older than Peter!

Uta’s May 2017 Diary continued

12 May



I took these pictures on Wednesday, the 10th of May. Peter was having his second cancer care treatment. After Peter had settled in for his treatment, I left the hospital for some refreshments. On the way our I passed the chapel.

I found a nice cafe a bit further down the road and had a pot of tea. I took my time enjoying this tea. Going back to the hospital I entered the hospital from a different site, taking pictures as I walked along.


I went back to where Peter was in his treatment room. He was by then at the stage of the roll over period, where he had  to turn into different positions. This took two hours. After that all the liquid stuff had to be drained from his bladder.

Late in the afternoon Peter was happy when he finally was allowed to have some drink and a few sandwiches . I think he had had not anything to drink for more than ten hours.

Uta’s May 2017 Diary

9 May


The Dapto solar heated swimming pool, that is the large pool in the Dapto swimming complex, has the Olympic length of 50 metres. Peter and Astrid had arrived in Australia on the second of April. On their last Sunday here in Dapto, which was the 30th of April, they went with me to Dapto’s open air swimming Centre. We were walking. It was a quick and easy walk. The last day of April had turned out to be a balmy, sunny day. Just beautiful.

Peter and Astrid both had carried their flippers along to the pool. It did not take them long to dip into the water with them. They had plenty of room in the pool, for there were only about half a dozen people in the pool. Each person had their own lane to swim in. Peter and Astrid thought that this was extraordinary. They could not imagine that something like this could have happened in Germany where they live. 

Astrid did not stay in the pool for as long as Peter. But she enjoyed her swim very much. And Peter? Well, he actually went for ten times up and down the pool. He was very proud that he made it. He said, the flippers helped a lot to achieve his goal. After his 1000 metre swim he came out to have a rest in the sun. The pool area is surrounded by beautiful lawns. 

Peter, Astrid, and I were stretching out on one of these beautifully kept lawns in full sun for about one hour. All of us were in high spirits on such a great day as this. We started talking, and talking, and talking. We had immensely pleasant conversations during this one hour.

After his long rest, Peter felt like going back into the water for a bit more swimming while Astrid went already into the change rooms. I had stayed outside in the sun the whole time. The wound on my arm where some cancerous growth had been taken out, was not totally healed yet. This was why I had chosen not to go into the water. None the less I did a have a very enjoyable morning and was happy to be outside on another warm day.

Before we left to walk back home we each had a cup of coffee which the friendly guy at the entrance made for us. Peter, who is able to make himself a bit understood in English, talked to this friendly Australian guy for a little bit. The Australian wanted to know, where they were from. And Peter told him that I was his sister having lived in Australia for a long time, and that he and his wife lived a bit north from Berlin and had to fly back on Monday, that is the next day, late afternoon. He said he enjoyed the swim so much that he would like to go for another swim the following day before they had to leave to go to the airport.


Uta’s Diary April/May 2017

6 May

The last few weeks passed very, very quickly! So that, really I do have a lot to catch up on as far as some writing is concerned.

I think I already started on writing about some of the things we did with my brother Peter Uwe and sister-in-law Astrid. While Peter and Astrid were here the days were filled to the brim. Now, five days have passed already since they left to fly back to Germany. And still I did not get much of a chance to write anything!

I just want to start with a picture I took the other day of our ‘tray of happiness’. It is really Peter’s ‘tray of happiness’ for I do not think I depend on it for happiness. If I remember correctly, Matthew used to give Peter’s tray with all the different jams on it the above name. This name shows indeed how important for Peter is this tray. There need to be five different jars of jam on it. If only four jars are left. it is time to go shopping for another jar. It is very, very important for Peter that at all times there is an adequate selection of jams on that tray!


Only four jars of jam left? Well, it must be time to buy a bit more jam!

To the left of the tray is Peter’s mug that he likes to drink his water from. He needs to drink at least two litres of water every day. So every morning a big two litre glass jug is filled with water. That means Peter’s mug to drink out of has to be refilled on a regular basis. The large blue cup on the right side in the picture is Peter’s coffee cup for breakfast.

For old people that we are, it is good to have a daily routine. The difficulty only is that my routine overall is often slightly different from Peter’s. For instance instead of buttered toast with four or five different jams, I prefer to have a cooked breakfast. A good breakfast for me is vegetables and an egg sauted in some butter and served with some green salad leaves. But I usually have for breakfast the same sort of coffee that Peter has. I do not always manage to do some cooking for breakfast. Then I might just have a slice of buttered toast with vegemite and maybe some yoghurt.

In conversation with family we often mention Peter’s ‘tray of happiness’. I think this is why I just did find it easy to write about it. I actually enjoy writing best when I can do it in a conversational way.

The last few weeks were filled with German talk in our house, for Astrid has a very limited knowledge of English. Peter Uwe understands written and spoken English somewhat better and can say something in English if he has to. However he prefers to say everything in German. When I talked to Peter Uwe and Astrid I tried to speak strictly German without any English words added to it. This was at times rather difficult. Sometimes I was lost for the exactly right German word. When I asked Peter to help me out, he often could not find the right German word straight away either!

Yesterday afternoon I joined four other ladies for our Friday games which I had missed while our visitors were around. One of the ladies asked me, whether our German visitors had liked it here in Australia. And I said, that they had enjoyed their stay in Australia very much, and that we had done a real lot of things with them. And we had very much loved to have them here.

Yes, it was a terrific time with them here. When we have visitors from overseas they are always astonished how beautiful the area is we live in. For us it is marvellous too, when we can go to all the different places that we did get to know and love over many years.

Some bloggers that looked at some of my previous posts might remember perhaps a bit about the Illawarra area and beyond. To mention all the interesting places makes really a long list. Even though we could take our visitors to a lot of places, there was in the end not enough time to take them to the Blue Mountains, or to Berry on the South Coast. Also a trip to Canberra or Melbourne could not be fitted in. Peter Uwe had Queensland in good memory from a previous stay in Australia some eighteen years ago. Astrid had never been to Australia. Peter Uwe and Astrid decided to book a one week holiday up in Cairns, Queensland. They did fly to Cairns and stayed in a hotel there. They were lucky with the weather. It was good for swimming and snorkeling.

They also loved our solar heated swimming pool in Dapto and went there twice in a row. They were also happy to meet our extended family several times.




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