Uta’s Diary, 2nd of September 2015

I just had a look at this what I wrote in September of 2015 and decided to reblog it, for it was very interesting for me to see all the pictures and what I wrote about my parents. So, I imagine it to be a bit interesting too for some other people to have a look at it. Anyway, I hope so! 🙂


Last Sunday turned out to be a lovely family day at our home. It was beautiful to be surrounded by children, grand-children, and great grand-children for a few hours in the afternoon.  Some almond-cake was left from Gaby’s birthday. There was also freshly baked cheese-cake. Peter had baked this cake!



Our daughter Monika took a few pictures with her phone. On most pictures you can see either Lucas or Alex, Monika’s two little grandsons.
As promised, Monika let us have these pictures. So I am going to publish here some of them:






11948208_10207692622059154_879370842_n (2)


11949757_10207692623419188_754561025_n (5)

11950868_10207692620699120_2130607373_n (3)



The older I get the more I seem to reflect on times past. I often felt very much out of place as a young person. Also I tended to be “zurückhaltend”, that is I was usually more the listener and observer and did not show a great deal of affection and emotion. On the other hand, I also remember times when…

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Ten Years Already!

Dear Catterel, I love so much what you say in this blog that I want to reblog it to maybe give some more people the chance to comment on it. Thank you so much for still doing some blogging! I don’t think, I’ll be around in ten years, but it would be nice if you could still be blogging in another ten years!
Yes, like chatting on a park bench, this is what this blogging often is. 🙂
Love, Uta


It came as a mild shock to realise that I have now had this blog for ten years. What a lot of water under the bridge! There I was in September 2011, plodding along comfortably in what the French call“le train-train quotidien”with no expectations of any major changes in my life, when I decided to upload my bits ‘n’ bobs of versification and musings on events plus the odd painting. Pussyfooting about the pond of my life, as I saw it at the time. And then – whoosh! I was swept right into the water and had to learn to swim.

I repeat for the nth time how glad I am that I have never known what lay ahead of me! But this blog has been more valuable to me in the past decade than I could ever have imagined at that time. It has provided an outlet…

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Australian fascism in a single image … Nazi police pepper spray elderly woman after throwing her to the ground. Psychiatrist’s life’s work

Throwing a 74 year old woman to the ground? Whatever can justify this? It is absurd!


Australian fascism in a single image … Nazi police pepper spray elderly woman after throwing her to the ground. Psychiatrist’s life’s work
David Icke / Gareth Icke – memes and headline comments by David Icke

If there’s one picture that could depict Australia.. it’s these two police officers double pepper spraying a 74 year old lady after violently throwing her to the ground. pic.twitter.com/irjg9BFg76

— Pelham (@Resist_05) September 18, 2021


Original Article: https://davidicke.com/2021/09/19/australian-fascism-in-a-single-image-nazi-police-pepper-spray-elderly-woman-after-throwing-her-to-the-ground-psychiatrists-lifes-work/

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Australia sharing US bathtub of pyrotechnical toys.

Thank you, Gerard, for this well written blog. I agree: It is China’s turn. Nothing will stop that.

Oosterman Treats Blog

IMG_2472 three wise ducks

    Back in in 1956 we thought we were escaping the aftermath of wars and conflict and bade farewell to Europe still smoldering and smarting from two world wars. Soon after arriving we did sense that the main influence in Australia was that of America. It’s sprawling architecture and above all the commercialization of almost everything possible and saleable. My dad could not get over the abundance of ugly signage portrayed on almost everything capable of supporting signs. Suburban shops lining the strips often next to railway lines or main roads were groaning with signs and everything was sign-written in the most garish colors as ‘special’. At one stage a locally produced car The Holden was named Special.

    After a while we got used to it together with the endless advertisements hailing the benefits of all sorts of headache powders. Indeed looking at old photographs one has no trouble seeing buses…

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    Horizon 2100 Moscow: Growth Needs of Humanity in the 21st Century and Beyond

    Rising Tide Foundation

    On August 24, Matthew Ehret, representing the Rising Tide Foundation and Canadian Patriot Review delivered the following remarks at Moscow’s Horizon 2100 Summit sponsored by the Center for Modelling the Future. The presentation ‘Open vs Closed Systems: Growth Needs of Humanity in the 21st Century and Beyond’ was delivered to dozens of youth from around the world whose attendance at this event was the result of their winning science fiction writing submissions under the theme of “Envisioning the World We Want in 2100”. As the theme implies, the contest was designed to inspire young leaders of the future to think creatively about the optimistic potentials for humanity on the earth and beyond over the coming generations.

    Cynthia Chung’s presentation earlier in the day can be accessed here.

    Make a one-time donation

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    Review: Pet Care in 2020

    Beautiful pictures – Thank you, Debra! 🙂


    It took some creativity to care for the pets and backyard birds during the pandemic shutdown. I was going through some photos the other day and it all came flooding back.

    How were we going to feed Darwin?

    In early March he was just beginning to awaken from the quasi-hibernation he experiences from late fall through the winter months. We use Timothy Hay in his bedding, but he also requires daily access to a reasonably fresh supply for his daily diet.

    We aren’t talking small bags you might find at the pet store for a hamster cage. This 14-year old Sulcata is so large we can no longer pick him up to move him. He must be between 50-60 pounds by now, and he grazes on grasses all day long.

    For most of last year we couldn’t access his typical supply source, a hay bale purchased at a feed store…

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    September 2021 Diary

    Uta's Site

    This is early morning. It is still very cold outside. I have the heater on, so the room is getting nice warm now. I have a cup of tea beside me. I already planned what I would be cooking today. I am going to take the two beef patties out of the freezer. I’ll steam the patties with lots of onions. I am going to have some sauerkraut with some of the meat as well as some other vegies. For a drink I can have pineapple juice or maybe some beer?

    Very soon I am going to cook some porridge for breakfast. Today is Thursday. That means this morning I am going to prepare the bins to be taken to the kerbside. I could not help myself: I looked up the following!


    FOGO Collection Service

    From November 2020…

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    1 American Dies of COVID every 60 Seconds or Less

    I live in Australia. I think Australia should become aware of all this!

    This Man's Journey

    JHU COVID Data: 1,823 U.S. Deaths from COVID today, 9/15/21. Translation: 1 American dies of COVID every less than 60 seconds from a preventable disease.

    America is very much at War with Death and Disease with no Peak in sight, and it’s in every community in America.

    Rural, Urban, Remote, COVID Death has all reached them. No place to run or hide unless we live in Space.

    We don’t want to see nor care because it’s not our Family, but this could happen to anyone of us. Just a matter of when. Photo from The Washington Post, 9/15/21

    Americans are dying because no hospital will take them- Vox News, 9/14/21

    The Alarm has been blaring for the past 2 months that children can die. It is happening now. Photo from The Washington Post, 9/15/21

    We call 911. No available ambulance. We head to the Emergency Room, there is a long…

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    Tuesday, 14th of September 2021

    More and more cases appear in Wollongong as well as in Shellharbour and all over the Illawarra, also the DELTA cases all over Sydney have not stopped yet.

    I had been hoping to have a few birthday guests on my beautiful deck. Yes, I had so hoped, that a few outside guests would be allowed to come! But no, having a few guests I must now forget about a bit longer.

    My youngest great-granddaughter, Evie Rose, who turned two only yesterday, I have not seen for a while. And my eldest granddaughter, Natasha, who turned 30 last Saturday, I could not see either. Alexander Robert, great-grandson number five, is going to be 7 in two weeks on Monday. I already missed the birthday of Lucas, great-grandson number four, who turned 9 last July.

    I would also love very much to see our friend Sylvia for her birthday on Tuesday, the 27th of September. Sylvia was born in 1957 in Germany, the same year that our Gaby was born. Their birthdays were only a few weeks apart. In 1959, we lived in Balgownie Hostel in Fairy Meadow. Gaby’s second birthday on the 28th of August was celebrated in the Hostel, and little Sylvia was one of the guests! So we have known Sylvia and Christa, her mother, for that long. Sylvia’s father used to be a workmate of Peter’s. Sadly, both he and Peter are dead now.

    I have seen Christa and Sylvia a few times before the lockdown. They did sit beside me at Peter’s funeral celebrations. And they invited me to spend Christmas Day with them at their place. Both live together in Wollongong. Because of the lockdown, I cannot see them right now. And they cannot come to Dapto to see me. They have not been able yet to see my beautiful new deck. All my outside area looks so different now. All I can do is this, that I can write an email to Sylvia for her upcoming birthday.

    I wonder when some of my family will finally be allowed to visit me! So far, only Monika, who does some caring work for me, was able to see my deck and the refurbished outside area. No one else of my family has been visiting yet. But I do get twice one hour weekly home help. The home help wears a mask when she enters the house to do some cleaning, and she usually does a few things outside a well. I am so lucky, that I do get a bit of home help!

    Some of my neighbours could already take a glance at the deck. I think it made quite an impression on them. When I meet my neighbours outside, I wear a mask and I do insist on social distancing. Since we are in lockdown, we do not enter each others houses. But there is plenty of room to meet in the common area surrounding the ten free standing villas.

    And as I said before, I just love to go for walks with my rollator in the neighbouring park. I am so lucky that I can spend so much time outside in beautiful fresh air. I cannot drive and I have no car. So lovely daughter Monika is helping me by doing some weekly shopping for me. I feel blessed, that I do not have to enter any shops right now.

    Beyond the Lines: “Longing” in Schiller and Goethe

    I like this post about Schiller and Goethe!
    Well done, David B. Gosselin!
    Truly AESTHETICAL EDUCATION and POETRY appreciation!

    Rising Tide Foundation

    By David Gosselin

    Friedrich Schiller and Johan Wolfgang Goethe stand out as two of the greatest poets in history. Both are celebrated as the fathers of German classicism, which they helped usher in with their scholarly collaborators, including the philosopher Johann Gottfried von Herder and the classical philologist Wilhelm von Humboldt. Schiller and Goethe also had many of their poetic works set to music by some of the greatest musical composers, including Schubert, Brahms, and Beethoven.

    Goethe’s “Der Erlkönig,” “Gretchen am Spinnrade” and “Nähe des Geliebten” inspired some of Schubert’s most celebrated and impassioned songs. Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” supplied the lyrics for Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony—one of the greatest musical works ever composed. In fact, the Ninth Symphony—inspired by Schiller’s poem—has on several occasions served as a universal anthem of freedom, including during the iconic 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall.

    In the…

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