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Photos for David

31 Jul

Today I selected a few photos to give to David when we next see him. Before I inserted the photos in a little photo album, I scanned them all. I want now to share these photos with my blogger friends. David did get to know Gaby while she lived in Ferguson Lodge which is a place for disabled people in a wheelchair. In this place people were well looked after. However it was institutionalized care. Gaby was very happy when in 1989 David made it possible for her to move into her own home. She was 32 at the time and Davidwas 40.

The picture of Peter holding baby Caroline was taken ca. March 1979, visiting Gaby at Ferguson Lodge with friend Ron Bates.

Next to Gaby is David’s father, on the left David’s mother, on the right friend Coral

Gaby has a birthday cake in front of her, David is on the right, David’s mother left

David and Gaby

ca. 1973 when Gaby still lived with us: Mum, Dad, brother Martin, sister Monika

David and Gaby came to visit for Christmas celebrations. David is Father Christmas and Caroline, who just turned 6, and the twins (5 1/2) have fun. Behind Gaby is Monika, the twins’ Mum.

Caroline and friend visit Gaby at Ferguson Lodge

July 2012, Diary

31 Jul

Peter and I just had breakfast. I had made scrambled eggs with salt and some parsley.

I added to my eggs extra spices: Curry powder, ground nutmeg, Hungarian sweet paprika and chives.

We’re awaiting our daughter Monika’s call. She offered to go with us to Gaby’s house. We have to work out which day she can make it. She might have to take a day off work again. David is still in the house but feeling very depressed. His life is very disrupted now. What can anyone do for him?

There are still some things in Gaby’s house that our daughters Monika and Caroline would like to have. The hundreds of Gaby’s photos are at our house at present and need to be sorted out at some stage. We promised Dave he could have some of the photos.

Gaby’s Funeral Day, Celebration of her Life

24 Jul

Give thanks to the

Lord, call on his

name; make known

among the nations

what he has done.

Sing to him, sing

praise to him; tell of

all his wonderful acts.


Psalm 105; 1-2




In Memory of Gaby

19 Jul


Gabriele unexpectedly passed away on Sunday, 15th July 2012. She would have been 55 on the 28th August.

She lived her life to the full. She showed much love to everyone who got to know her.

Family and friends are very sad about her departure. We will always remember you, Gaby.

Diary, July 2012

13 Jul

A few weeks ago I gave up walking with Irene.¬† I just couldn’t walk as fast as she any more. I felt I was holding her back. In the meantime Peter offered to walk with me at my own pace. We’ve done this now a few times in the morning soon after breakfast. This morning we were lucky: The sun came out. We saw everything in this wonderful light. Peter took the above¬† pictures this morning. They show parts of our walk. Later on he snatched a photo of me catching some sun at the front of out house. Since our place is at the back of the complex we feel pretty private sitting in front of the house. In winter we often have our morning tea there to catch the beautiful warm sunshine. Here in Australia we’re still in the midst of winter!

Viva la Difference

10 Jul

Men and women are different. So be it. John Gray puts it this way: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I read this particular book of his in the 1990s. Looking at it today, it probably still makes quite a bit of sense to me. He calls his book:


I just picked at random one page, and the following statement caught my eye:

“Men are motivated and empowered when they feel needed . . .

Women are motivated and empowered when they feel cherished.”

I remember in the 1990s, after my mother’s death was still fresh on my mind, I felt there was not much communication between Peter and myself. Peter must have felt a bit like this too. One day, when he had to see his doctor for some reason, I think he mentioned something about difficulties in the marriage relationship. What did the doctor say? He urged Peter to buy me flowers.

Peter then told me, he would definitely not buy me any flowers. Maybe to him it didn’t look as though I should be rewarded with flowers! I didn’t complain. But it took a while before he finally bought me flowers. He still loves to buy be flowers on special occasions and sometimes on the spur of the moment.

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I used to often cut out articles from the Sydney Morning Herald. Two of these newspaper cuttings I found in the above mentioned book. Both of them are from 1998. I still find both articles a very good read. I thought maybe some bloggers would also like to read these relationship articles from the 1990s. So I scanned them.

Larry Beinhart said in 1998 that Bill and Hillary are an enviable match. Do you agree and does it still apply?

Helen Trinca wrote in 1998 what a mutually beneficial partnership is. Do you agree with her?

Here now are the two articles.

. . . . . . . . . . . . ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Laurie Baymarrwanga

10 Jul

The Australian Government, Department of Human Services, has a publication called News for Seniors. In Issue 87 from May 2012 I discovered the following page about our Senior Australian of the year. Some bloggers may have come across my mentioning Laurie in one of my blogs. Others may perhaps not have seen it yet that this remarkable 90 year old woman became Senior Australian of the year.