We stayed at Sussex Inlet again in August 1995.

Monika and Caroline with Troy and Ryan and the little girls Natasha and Roxy.


We  love to take pictures in front of signs!


The units at Sussex Inlet are modern with all conveniences. They are a few steps away from the inlet which goes out into the open sea. But to reach the ‘camp’ you have to travel along a 13 km dirt-road through dense bush area with outlooks here and there to the inlet. We made this trip many times over the years. Each time we get very excited travelling along this road at very low speed and taking in the beautiful scenery.

We often stay at one of the units for one week, but when we go there in the off season we stay for a weekend only. In summer it is marvellous to  stay  for two weeks, and…

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Sussex Inlet December 1993

In June 1992 Martin’s and Elizabeth’s baby girl Justine was born. Little Justine was 18 months when Martin and Elizabeth came with their children Tristan and little Justine to stay with us at Sussex Inlet.  Monika’s twins, Troy and Ryan,  were with us too and of course Caroline. We and the three children spent already Christmas in the holiday unit, Martin came with his family a bit after Christmas.

For us it was  tradition  to have ‘bunte Teller’ with sweets and some fruit for Christmas Eve. The kids loved to have this special treat for Christmas. So ‘bunte Teller’ had to be made up for all of us. As you can see from the picture, we also had candles, and for  Peter and me there was wine. I think I felt already somewhat tired by the time we were ready for the celebrations. There’s so much to organize moving into the unit! And it looks like it that for Christmas there was some extra organizing to do.

I’m afraid I don’t look my best in the picture. And maybe the kids were getting a bit tired already as well. But I wanted to show what the ‘bunte Teller’ looked like. It’s possible the drink after an exhausting day gave me the rest. I think we had booked the unit for two weeks for the summer holidays. All the units (fourteen of them) were booked out. For New year’s Eve the manager had a roasted pig organized . All the holiday-makers celebrated New Year’s Eve together on the tennis courts. Outside tables and chairs could be brought to this venue and the roasting pig wasn’t far away. There was plenty of drink available too.

I remember at this holiday place I always like to get up early  To go for an early morning walk was immensely enjoyable. I am still like this, that I like to get up very early. Even when I go to bed late, I like to get up early. To have a two weeks holiday close to the water and the beach in the middle of summer is wonderful. It’s so good to have close family to spend the holidays with. For sure it was another great holiday at Sussex Inlet.

Christmas Eve with the ‘Bunte Teller’

With sunflower seeds you can always attract a few lorikeets

Caroline with kangaroo

Little Justine loves the kangaroo

Martin is the one in the red top, I am in the background with a red hat

The young ones gather around the sign (tradition!)

Little Justine for a bit of a rest?