The worst food for your teeth? Something like crackers!

I had totally forgotten about this article. Just now I came across it and thought it can’t do any harm to publish the URL to it. Have a look, it says dark chocolate is good for your teeth!

Last Thursday I went to the Heart Moves class. On that day there had happened to be a function in the hall that we use. I think that function had been booked to last till 12 o’clock.  But by 12,30 they had not cleared the room yet. Obviously the function itself was finished. However quite a few people stayed behind, talking to each other. After a while someone from our group went in there pointing out to them that we were waiting to be let into the room for our class. They said they did not mind if we came in straight away. So this when our group went in and occupied  chairs along the wall. We were about twenty people. In the middle of the room there were about eighty more chairs which had to be disposed off in the adjoining store-room space. Some people were busy doing it. It took a while. In one corner of the hall were a couple of tables with a lot of scrumptious food. These were just left-overs!

Soon someone approached our group inviting us to help ourselves to some of the food on the tables. Our class was supposed to start at 12,30.  Even though our instructor had arrived already and had been setting up her music for the class, it did not look like we were able to start any time soon.

So most of our group, including our instructor, were helping themselves to this ‘free’ lunch. Some  women objected that they would not be fit to do the exercises after having eaten such a lot. I had accidentally taken a meat sandwich which had looked to me like there was only cheese and salad on it.  It was some kind of meat which I definitely was not able to eat. It ended up in the bin. I stuck to eating a lot of crackers, which I had spilled on the tablecloth in my clumsiness. I did not think it was appropriate to put them back into the serving bowl. I did not want them to end up in the bin. so I added them all to my food bowl. They turned out to be rather salty but quite tasty. So I did eat them all!

That day I think I was not all that good in following all the instructions for the exercises.  I wonder whether the crackers had something to do with this? Today, it’s Thursday again and there is going to be another class. I promised myself that I would not eat anything before today’s class . Better safe than sorry.


Peter does another Walk and Run on the Oval








I took this picture and all the sign pictures already on 30th January 2014
I took this picture and all the sign pictures already on 30th January 2014

In January I posted already some pictures of Peter’s walk and run on the oval. Two weeks later he did do the same again. For some reason I did not feel like going along with him then and gave it a miss. But when he went again yesterday I gave myself a push an went along with him. And I quite enjoyed the outing. However yesterday I did not take any pictures. So all the pictures I post today I took already in January.

Yesterday I put my toe shoes for a leisurely walk around the oval. After my walk  I did a bit of reading in my kindle while I was waiting for Peter to finish his run/walk. Peter also had his toe shoes on. He loves to wear them on grass. As far as concerns all the signs on the pictures, I must point out that the danger of this summer’s fire season seams to be nearly over. It is nearly March now, meaning that it is not very likely that we get very hot days again. In January I wrote to one of the comments:

“It is a huge sporting complex, Robert. I did not explore all the areas. What I found remarkable is that they pointed out what to do in case of a bushfire. I guess the wooded areas have become more dense and there is more fuel now so that a fire has become more of a possibility since we seem to be getting more and more very hot days with very strong winds.”

As I said from now on there is probably not that great a danger any more. Our summer is nearly over. Apparently the bushfire emergency area is on field which is the John O’Dwyer Oval, the one where Peter does his training.

I did yesterday a bit of practising again, I mean I drove our car for a short distance in the Croome Sporting Complex area before we left to drive home. I just want to get used to driving again. Since I had this eye operation a long, long time ago I always was happy to leave it up to Peter to do the driving. So I must say I am shockingly out of practice. And I am nearly 80 now. I still have my drivers’ license though. I am asking myself again and again, should I really aim at keeping the license a bit longer?

Peter is going to have his eye operation in a couple of weeks!

Dobri Dobrev

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A Dose A Day





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Find more stories of heroism on my other blog – Heroes of Yolanda. People from around the world joined hands to help out our unfortunate brothers and sisters affected by the strongest typhoon to make landfall. I hope you find the time to visit. Click the image to be directed there.


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Are we Equals?



I just read the above article in the Sydney Morning Herald. It is an edited version of an article first published in The New York Magazine.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/no-sex-please-were-equals-20140217-32umo.html#ixzz2u0QEdkBK


So I am asking myself now can married couples be equals? The answer is of course, sure, they can be equals. However in a sexual way they definitely cannot be equals unless they are happy to live more or less in a kind of sibling relationship.

I think the French did get it right a long time ago: Viva la difference!

Australia’s World Kidney Day


Australia’s World Kidney Day 2013

Protect your Kidneys, Save your Heart!

The presence of kidney dysfunction greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease – an important fact that is often overlooked! If you are at risk of kidney disease. See your doctor to discuss maintaining your heart health as well! Refer to our webpages: Your heart and CKD  * Diabetes and CKD.

Key Facts About Chronic Kidney Disease & Cardiovascular Disease

  • People at every stage of CKD are at more risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), although those in the later stages have the highest risk.
  • CVD remains the leading cause of death for people on dialysis and those who have a transplanted kidney.
  • People with CKD have a 2 to 3-fold greater risk of cardiac death than individuals without CKD.
  • For people with CKD, the risk of dying from cardiovascular events is up to 20 times greater than requiring dialysis or transplantation.

Keith DS, Nichols GA, Gullion CM, Brown JB, Smith DH. Longitudinal follow-up and outcomes among a population with chronic kidney disease in a large managed care organization. Archives of Internal Medicine. 2004;164:659-663 

Foley RN, Parfrey PS, Sarnak MJ. Clinical epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in chronic renal disease. American Journal of Kidney Diseases. 1998;32:S112-S119.

  • Identifying CKD early and slowing progression to kidney failure is important in reducing your risk of CVD.

Weiner ME, Tighiouarr H, Amin M et al. Chronic kidney disease as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality: A pooled analysis of community-based studies. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 2004;15:1307-131

  • The best way to reduce the risk of CVD is to make healthy lifestyle choices. It is also important to control and maintain a healthy blood pressure, cholesterol level, and blood glucose level if you have diabetes. If you have CKD, this usually means using medication as well as having a healthy lifestyle.

Page updated 21 February 2014

I googled the above and copied it. I became aware of World Kidney Day when I looked at some of the posts by Devon Texas. I think it is a good thing to be informed about what you can do to stay as healthy as possible.

Saigon 1968


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Legacy Tales

It’s hard to imagine it’s been 45 years but “time flies where you’re having fun”.  A post by a blogging friend about her childhood in 1947 caused me to reminisce about my own history.  Somehow, I have managed to keep hold of a photo album I’ve have for that time in spite of dozens of moves since then  So, I reached in to the dark recesses of my desk, pulled it out, scanned a picture and present it to you here.

ImageThis is me at 16 in Saigon, or what used to be called Saigon in the former South Viet Nam.  Today, it’s Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

A question I get often is, “Why were you in Viet Nam at 16?”  My father was working for the State Department and the assignment was Viet Nam.  He said he’d go if he could take his family.  After 26…

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The following is the headline and the opening paragraph as reported by the Guardian:

Australia’s sick and proud message to the world: refugees are going to suffer

You might think that, now that desperate asylum seekers have been shot dead and severely injured in an Australian-run camp, we cannot possibly sink any lower. That’s unfortunately not true.