Klaus Vollmar’s New Book

This is so interesting, I want to reblog it with congratulations to Klaus Vollmar! 🙂

The World according to Dina

Our dear Master was completely taken aback today like we have rarely seen him.
It all started when we told him that a little man with a big package was approaching the house. “Sure thing,” he said, “an Amazon package for Dina.” When he handed the package to Dina, she said it couldn’t be for her, that he should look at the addressee “and the sender!” Siri shouted.
Totally amazed, he realised that this package was for him, full of author’s copies of his first book, written in English – well, with a lot of help from his editor.

Masterchen war heute völlig verblüfft, wie wir ihn selten gesehen haben.
Alles begann damit, dass wir ihm sagten, dass ein kleiner Mann mit großem Paket sich dem Haus nähert. „Klar doch“, meinte er, „ein Amazon Paket für Dina.“ Als er das…

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First of Advent 2014

This is another post about Advent that I like very much!




Peter found a series of old German Christmas songs in the computer. It was very rewarding to be able to listen to all these songs while celebrating the First of Advent.

A picture from the computer of the Vienna Boy's Choir singing German Christmas songs. A picture from the computer of the Vienna Boy’s Choir singing German Christmas songs.

RIMG0601 (2)


We listened to a lot of Christmas songs by different groups and artists. They all sang the German texts that we are still quite familiar with, bringing back memories to what it was like when we were children. Here some names of the songs: O Tannenbaum, O du fröhliche, Ave Maria, Kling Glöckchen kling, Leise rieselt der Schnee, and so on.

We had tea and German ‘Oblaten Lebkuchen’.

Then I could not help myself taking a few more pictures!






RIMG0600 (2)

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Advent: Week #1, Choosing My Advent Companion

I like this blog very much!

Living on Life's Labyrinth

Even though I spent a good chunk of time last week decorating the house for Christmas, I had not thought much about Advent. How often I leap ahead, instead of being present to what IS right now.

Now to be fair, what I know about myself is that I love to create settings, and often the setting is the first step for me as I enter a new season or a new task. The setting is now complete: the tree is in its cozy corner, the big blue cupboard is home to brush trees, all the Santa Al’s are stationed in the kitchen, and the Nativity Set is once again arranged on the white cupboard in the dining room.

I am ready to turn my heart to Advent.

One of my practices in recent years has been to select an Advent companion from the Advent Perspective cards illustrated by Tracy…

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The Third Sunday of Advent

Here are some pictures of a third Advent Sunday! 🙂
Well, these pictures I took some seven years ago, didn’t I? It looks like I was then still very much into Christmas decorations, whereas this year I have the feeling, I may not get into the mood at all. Yesterday my daughter Caroline had to remind me, that it was already the first of Advent Sunday. I had not thought of it at all!
I wonder now, will I have some people coming to my place for some pre Christmas parties on my new outside deck? I had hoped, it would be easy, to get some people interested. Somehow, I am not so sure anymore. I do. take nothing for granted. If it happens, it happens. Maybe it is going to happen, maybe it isn’t. If it happens, I know, I’ll be very happy to have a few people gathered around me for an extended time. But maybe nothing or not much is going to come of it. I then have to live with that too and tell myself, after all, this cannot be the end of the world! Sooner or later there will be some good times again. One thing I can depend on: All my close extended family is going to arrive for celebrations on Christmas Eve! 🙂 At least I can be really certain about that already! However, about what I do after Christmas, I wouldn’t have a clue so far. We’ll see. Don’t old people often live just by their memories? If nothing pleasurable does come up for the time after Christmas, maybe I too will have to live just by my memories about beautiful times in the past. —-


Today is the third Sunday of Advent. Today is the third Sunday of Advent.


Our tree is ready for Christmas!

 We can still sort this out.






We played joyful American Christmas songs. I liked this very much. We played joyful American Christmas songs. I liked this very much.





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4th Sunday of Advent 2013

I remember this morning of the fourth of Advent-Sunday quite well. It was so good that our daughter-in-law was with us too. At the time she was ‘unofficially’ still with our son Martin.


In my Church four candles were lit for the fourth Sunday of Advent. In my Church four candles were lit for the fourth Sunday of Advent.

This is a window in the Catholic Church of Dapto. This is a window in the Catholic Church of Dapto.

After the Sunday Mass I took these pictures of the nativity.



Martin drove me to the 7.30 morning Mass. After Mass I was picked up by Martin, S and Peter and we did go straight away to Wollongong Beach.


Soon some life savers arrived. Soon some life savers arrived.

We stayed for about an hour on the beach. Then we drove on to the swimming pool a bit further North. We all went for a swim. I love to have a swim in this salt water pool. All in all we had an excellent Sunday morning.





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DIARY, Wednesday, 11th December 2013

Here is another reblog of one of my posts from nearly eight years ago! It was interesting for me, to have a look at this blog because it mentioned the same kind of problem with blood pressure that I experienced quite recently again. The difference is, that this time I was put on permanent blood pressure medication. But the medication I am on now, seems to agree with me. 🙂


I am  off the Hook!

I do not need blood pressure tablets anymore!

Well, this is a long story. It actually started the day I had my Carpal Tunnel Release operation.  On that day at six o’clock in the morning I was allowed a cup of tea and a very light breakfast. Then I had to wait for more than twelve hours before I could have as much as a glass of water or a cup of tea. I was told ‘nil by mouth’ before the operation, which was to last for only a short time, maybe twenty minutes. Unfortunately I was the last one on the list. Which would have been all right, if everything had gone to plan. However there were some unforeseen delays during the day, which meant my operation was postponed for many hours. I sat in the hospital waiting room, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Finally, well into…

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The Rain has stopped

I just love looking at old posts of mine from a time when I still took lots of pictures on my walks. This post that I reblog here, is nearly eight years old!



The rain has stopped. This morning I had another beautiful walk along Cambridge Road. I took the same walk yesterday morning too and also the day before that! That means I’ve been walking the same route for three days in a row.

Yesterday I did not take my camera along. But today I did. I’ve been taking pics on these morning walks so often! However, I always spy something else I want to capture. I hope I don’t make it too boring for you to show you some more of the pics I took.



The area along this fence  is meant to be a public access to the creek. The area along this fence is meant to be a public access to the creek.


This is what I see looking down from the bridge where the creek should be! This is what I see looking down from the bridge where the creek should be!

More and more stuff grows where supposedly some time ago a creek was happily flowing along. More and more stuff grows where supposedly some time ago a creek was happily flowing along.

When I reached Lakelands Park the sun had come out a bit. When I reached Lakelands Park the sun had come out…

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Uta’s Diary, July 2015

I found the following in this blog:
. . . I found out something about the ‘anti-monopolist’ Landlord’s Game by BY LIZZIE J MAGIE. I did publish some of the rules. I would be interested in finding out exactly how it works. As I understand it, it is kind of based on a single tax system which Henry George had been writing about. In this Landlord’s Game with some anti-monopolist rules apparently no player ends up as a monopolist, also all players can play right to the end, only that the players end up with different amounts of money and this determines who the winner is. Maybe the players are allowed to cooperate with each other and no player is allowed to fall below subsistence level.

We are all familiar with Parker Brothers MONOPOLY Game. This works out quite differently, doesn’t it?



I took this picture this morning. It is the first picture I have taken in a long time. I think all through June I never took a picture because my camera did not work anymore. Then I started using an older, smaller camera. This must have been in May. I loved walking around with this smaller camera taking pictures. All of a sudden this did not work any more either. It just would not open up, even though the battery was still full. So I gave up and just did not take any more pictures.

This morning Peter checked the little camera. Surprise, surprise, it opened up for him! Peter said, it was all right, I could used it for taking picture. When I took the above trial picture, it actually worked all right. So wish me luck, that my next pictures are going to be all right…

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Embrace Comfort

Such a peaceful blog! I love to reblog it! Thank you, Jan, for this beautiful blog! 🙂


“Being confident of this,
I take great comfort knowing
He who began a good work in me
will carry it out to completion…”

Philippians 1:6

Aren’t those comforting words?

God is doing a good work in me, this I know.
But that doesn’t mean I am going to be without troubles.
Hurt and pain are guaranteed in this world.
Through scripture, we can be comforted
by knowing that God is faithful,
and is always looking over us.

Our Heavenly Father truly cares
and is our protector and comforter in times of need.
Whatever the circumstance may be,
we can use comforting Bible verses
to find a peace that passes understanding.

8 The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you;
he will never leave you nor forsake you.
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Deuteronomy 31:8

Are you facing a difficult circumstance?
Something over which you…

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