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Writing is hard. For me, it takes a lot out, because I’m pouring so much energy in. It’s okay to wonder why you’re doing that, when so few people really pay attention. They’re your words, after all. Crafted by you, and yet it seems so irrelevant.

I think it’s okay to say that being anonymous hurts, when you think you have something to say, and that what you have to say is meaningful in some way. Or just different. Or just a voice that hasn’t been heard before. My experiences in my writing are shaped by being an immigrant to North America. For anyone who hasn’t followed that path, it’s impossible to explain what I mean by that. If you’ve not experienced racism in its ugly forms before, you cannot feel me.

But it’s more than that. I want to create better worlds. Unravelling…

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Remembering Childhood Prayers

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Now, that I am 87, I often remember these simple little childhood prayers. These prayers must have meant something to me when I was a child. This is, why I still remember them! 🙂

The family I grew up in was not very religious. During my whole childhood I remember being taken to church only once. This was for a service on Christmas Eve in 1943. Lots of familiar Christmas songs were being sung then. I thought this was wonderful!

Now what about prayers? Strangely enough there are some childhood prayers that I often remember when I wake up early in the morning. Then I am that child again who was being told to say these prayers before going to sleep.

The first prayer I learned was just saying that I am small and my heart is pure with only Jesus in it.

When I was a bit older I…

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Deciphering How Propaganda Deceives Us

This looks very interesting!

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Perverts Guide to Ideology

Directed by Sophie Fiennes (2012)

Film Review

Slovoj Zizek is a philosopher and researcher at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. In this film (written and narrated by Zizek), he explains the concept of ideology by comparing it to magic sunglasses that enable us to see the true message behind all the propaganda we are exposed to in daily life. An actor puts on the sunglasses and magically sees messages of “consume,” “obey,” “conform,” and “make love and reproduce” all around him. Zizek warns that most people don’t want to see the dictatorship behind democracy because “freedom hurts.”

Most of the documentary focuses on specific ideological messages contained in popular films. However though one segment focuses on Coca Cola and Starbucks advertising and another on the propaganda value of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (ie the section adopted as the hymn “Ode…

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My Life with Peter and without Peter

After just having had an other read of this post of mine, I decided to reblog it, so that hopefully some more people might get interested in reading it. 🙂

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Peter died on the 12th of December 2020. We had been married since the 21st of December 1956. So, on the 21st of December 2020 we would have been married for 64 years.

I knew already by the end of 2019 that his days were numbered. Either his very advanced cancer would be the end of him, or his very serious heart condition would result in his death. When it came to the crunch, once he had developed cancer of the bone, his body was destroyed more and more. I knew, there was no way he could survive this.

I had really been warned well in advance that he would have to leave me soon. When the day came that he actually died, it did not come as a shock to me. I had expected it all along, and I think during the last few days of his life the…

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Who Really Runs the Middle East?

“While western countries are increasingly unable to provide a proper standard of living, with mass unemployment, lack of healthcare, increased crime and suicide rates, and increased overdoses and homelessness, and pretty much everything you would expect to rise during a Dark Age straight out of a Goya painting, these “first-world” governments are applying further austerity measures on the people, even after prolonged lockdowns, while openly pumping trillions of dollars into wars that not only fund the destruction of entire nations, but funds the global drug, arms and sex-trafficking trade. All of this dirty money then circles back into the London-Geneva fondi, benefitting a select class that has existed and thrived for centuries on this sort of backdrop.”

Rising Tide Foundation

By Cynthia Chung

This article is a redacted version of an original publication on The Saker.

Whose “Arab Awakening”?

The renunciation will not be easy. Jewish hopes have been raised to such a pitch that the non-fulfilment of the Zionist dream of a Jewish state in Palestine will cause intense disillusionment and bitterness. The manifold proofs of public spirit and of capacity to endure hardships and face danger in the building up of the national home are there to testify to the devotion with which a large section of the Jewish people cherish the Zionist ideal. And it would be an act of further cruelty to the Jews to disappoint those hopes if there existed some way of satisfying them, that did not involve cruelty to another people. But the logic of facts is inexorable. It shows that no room can be made in Palestine for a second…

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Pathologist Asks: Where Are Investigations Into Organ Damage Caused by COVID Vaccine?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration ignored warnings before the vaccine was distributed that it would likely cause organ damage . . .

The Most Revolutionary Act

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole asks, after thousands of people have died following a COVID vaccine, where are the autopsies to investigate organ damage caused by the spike protein?

Story at-a-glance:

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration ignored warnings before the vaccine was distributed that it would likely cause organ damage — data published before and after the program was initiated showed it was the spike protein that damaged the microvasculature.
  • An analysis of 789 professional athletes with COVID-19 showed no adverse cardiac events in healthy individuals — however, the VAERS shows 11,793 people who had a heart attack or were diagnosed with myocarditis or pericarditis after the jab.
  • Data from a patient group treated by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko showed none of the 3,000 patients he treated within the first five day of the onset of COVID-19 went on to develop long-haul symptoms, including fatigue, brain fog…

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September 26, 2021

Dear Munira: It is good that you have Molly and little Scruffy! 🙂
Love, Uta from Australia 🙂

munira's bubble

The moon is a 71.4% waning gibbous and supposed to have risen at 21:50 pm tonight, but it wasn’t visible yet even at 22:25. The sole beautiful cumulonimbus cloud of the earlier evening sky had given way to a whole fleet of poofy ones. I climbed up to the top of the water tank as Molly and little Scruffy looked on anxiously, all bright-eyed and pointy-eared vigilance. They soon joined me there, Molly curled up at my feet and little Scruffy hell bent on smothering me with her (ever-welcome) love. I lay down on my back for an unhampered view of the panorama around and over my head. Today has just been that kind of day.

Sunset today was marked by a red sun in a hazy sky, nothing to reflect the last rays save for the aforementioned cumulonimbus, the poofy top of which turned increasingly neon shades of pink…

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Uta’s Diary, 2nd of September 2015

I just had a look at this what I wrote in September of 2015 and decided to reblog it, for it was very interesting for me to see all the pictures and what I wrote about my parents. So, I imagine it to be a bit interesting too for some other people to have a look at it. Anyway, I hope so! 🙂


Last Sunday turned out to be a lovely family day at our home. It was beautiful to be surrounded by children, grand-children, and great grand-children for a few hours in the afternoon.  Some almond-cake was left from Gaby’s birthday. There was also freshly baked cheese-cake. Peter had baked this cake!



Our daughter Monika took a few pictures with her phone. On most pictures you can see either Lucas or Alex, Monika’s two little grandsons.
As promised, Monika let us have these pictures. So I am going to publish here some of them:






11948208_10207692622059154_879370842_n (2)


11949757_10207692623419188_754561025_n (5)

11950868_10207692620699120_2130607373_n (3)



The older I get the more I seem to reflect on times past. I often felt very much out of place as a young person. Also I tended to be “zurückhaltend”, that is I was usually more the listener and observer and did not show a great deal of affection and emotion. On the other hand, I also remember times when…

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Ten Years Already!

Dear Catterel, I love so much what you say in this blog that I want to reblog it to maybe give some more people the chance to comment on it. Thank you so much for still doing some blogging! I don’t think, I’ll be around in ten years, but it would be nice if you could still be blogging in another ten years!
Yes, like chatting on a park bench, this is what this blogging often is. 🙂
Love, Uta


It came as a mild shock to realise that I have now had this blog for ten years. What a lot of water under the bridge! There I was in September 2011, plodding along comfortably in what the French call“le train-train quotidien”with no expectations of any major changes in my life, when I decided to upload my bits ‘n’ bobs of versification and musings on events plus the odd painting. Pussyfooting about the pond of my life, as I saw it at the time. And then – whoosh! I was swept right into the water and had to learn to swim.

I repeat for the nth time how glad I am that I have never known what lay ahead of me! But this blog has been more valuable to me in the past decade than I could ever have imagined at that time. It has provided an outlet…

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Australian fascism in a single image … Nazi police pepper spray elderly woman after throwing her to the ground. Psychiatrist’s life’s work

Throwing a 74 year old woman to the ground? Whatever can justify this? It is absurd!

Australian fascism in a single image … Nazi police pepper spray elderly woman after throwing her to the ground. Psychiatrist’s life’s work
David Icke / Gareth Icke – memes and headline comments by David Icke

If there’s one picture that could depict Australia.. it’s these two police officers double pepper spraying a 74 year old lady after violently throwing her to the ground.

— Pelham (@Resist_05) September 18, 2021


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