Starting a bit of Diary for February 2015


I have recently neglected to write any kind of diary writing or any kind of writing for that matter. What kept me occupied was scanning through quite a few blogs by bloggers I subscribe too. Some of the blogs stirred something in me that I felt I very much liked to reblog. I think sometimes I commented a bit when I reblogged something. All the reblogs I found very much worth noticing in one way or another.

Some of the said reblogs had to do with the Ukrainian crisis. Everything that goes on in connection with this crisis alarms me. Nobody seems to be on top of the crisis. How easily a situation like this can lead to war. This frightens me, it frightens me very much!

Then there are the frightening changes our government here in Australia plans for us. Peter is the secretary of our body cooperative. He…

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Before and after the War, a Reblog.

I am going to reblog this. I wonder whether any of my followers would like to have another look at it?


In 1942/1943 my friends in Berlin and I had often contemplated what life might be like, once we had peace again. Our dreams for the future were very basic. We all wanted to get married and have children. We all wanted our husbands to have occupations that would enable us to live in comfortable houses. My friend Siglinde and I were for ever drawing house-plans. There would be at least three bed-rooms: one for the parents, one for two boys and another one for two girls. Yes, to have two boys as well as two girls, that was our ideal.

Before we married, we would finish school and go to university and our husbands would of course be university educated. In peace-time we would be able to buy all the things we had been able to buy before the war started: Bananas, pineapples, oranges and lemons; all this would be…

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My Best Experience

Memories from June 2010: An excursion to the seaport of Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea.


Last year, after our return from Germany,

I was asked which experience on our trip had been best for me. I thought for a moment. Then I said: ‘I think it was our excursion to the seaport of Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea.’

It was a pleasant early summer day with lots of sunshine. Having arrived at Warnemünde by train, we promenaded along a beautiful walkway with hundreds of other sightseers all the way to the lighthouse. Seeing the expanse of water all around us, I was reminded of similar places in Australia. From where we rested at a railing near the lighthouse we could see a stretch of beach. I noticed  there were not many people on the beach. This was probably because the air felt still somewhat chilly. However there was hardly any breeze and the sun felt wonderful. It was so good to be  at beautiful Seaport…

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The Domestic Political Threat

Such a thought provoking and well written blog. I can only hope that some followers are going to take the time to have a look at it!

Lew Bornmann's Blog

It seems to me….

People might not protest for overtly political or social causes, but when they can’t feed themselves and their family, they will take to the streets.” ~ Marcus Samuelsson[1].

The U.S. faces a number of critical challenges but perhaps the most threatening is the breakdown of political compromise resulting in the possibility of an elected political leader attempting to impose a totalitarian governance supposedly for the “good” of the nation. Though most people consider the possibility highly improbable, that also was widely believed in Chile, the German Weimar Republic, and other nations until after it had actually occurred.

The primary risk is in one political party gaining sufficient power to stack the courts with sympathetic judges, manipulate voter registration, using the courts to challenge election outcomes, and, finally, invoking “law-enforcement” to use the police, National Guard, army reserve, or army to suppress political…

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