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17th of June 2018

19 Jun

Tante Mietze was born on the 17th of June 1873. On the day of the Uprising in East Berlin she turned 80. She was an aunt of Peter’s mother. Peter’s mum was a working mother. So it was great to have Tante Mietze around at all times. Peter  and his sisters remember Tante Mietze fondly. She lived with them and cared for the family all the time. Peter remembers that his father had not liked Tante Mietze living with them. He would have preferred his wife staying at home and giving up her job.

Every year on the 17th of June Peter remembers Tante Mietze, setting up a picture of her with some flowers and a candle. This year he also baked a cake in memory of her. He reckons it is the sort of cake Tante Mietze often did bake for the family.

This year the 17th of June was a Sunday and some of our family came to visit. Some family is soon going on an overseas trip, and some others are about to go on a cruise. Peter and I would have loved to join them on the cruise. However we did not want to book it because Peter off and on still needed some treatment at the hospital.






FIFA WorldCup opening gala concert in Moscow

18 Jun

Andre Rieu: Live In Maastricht 2015

5 Jun
This afternoon at 2 o’clock our TV station SBS did show a repeat of the Maastricht concert from 2015. Peter and I had great fun watching this performance!
Following is what I found in YouTube about it:

Affectionately known as ‘The King of Waltz’, André performs a series of concerts in his home town of Maastricht, in The Netherlands every year, which are always André’s most popular concerts of the year.


Russian Ark and my Post from the 3rd of June 2018

4 Jun

Yesterday I missed out on watching “Russian Ark”. I remember that I have seen it a few years ago in a cinema. But I am sure it would be interesting to watch it again. Peter did watch it yesterday online while I was fiddling around with lots and lots of  YouTube items about music and dancing with flash mobs in different cities. While I was doing this, I also came to notice videos about the dancing of some people in their 90s! I thought this was really quite remarkable. Anyhow I took to publishing some of the videos. I started with this one about a flash mob in Amsterdam that happened on Feb 29, 2016: In the write-up about this video it says:”More than 250 people participated in a ‘feelgood’ stunt this morning during rush hour at the Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium. Grease, the Musical opens in Antwerp on March 4th. This is how we drew attention to the opening week. Grease is definitely still the word!”


June 2018 Diary

4 Jun

A pair of red glasses, a pair of green glasses and a pair of black glasses: These are the glasses that I chose last week to be fitted with different lenses to help me cope with my deteriorating eyesight. I am so looking forward to be picking them up some time this week or early next week!

Peter and I watched the new series MYSTERY ROAD on ABC last night. I just noticed in THE GUARDIAN a very interesting write up about MYSTERY ROAD:

And this article about the “Best Film and TV Streaming in Australia this month” seems to be most interesting too.


A bit of Music and Dancing

3 Jun




Guest of the Day, Deutsche Welle: Sofia Falkovitch

24 May

23/05/2018 at 9pm – Deutsche Welle, guest of the day in Der Tag, Berlin

04/04/2018 – WDR Cosmo – Radio po-russki (from 23:25 min)

31/01/2018 – i24NEWS en direct, émission Tendances,

Tel Aviv – Paris

18/12/2017 – Radio RCJ en direct, Paris

28/9/2017 – Radio publique israélienne Kan, Jérusalem

14/7/2017 – Portrait, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Berlin

18/5/2017 – Radio Judaïques FM 9h30, Paris

Germany-Release-Concert 3/9/2017

European Days of Jewish Culture,


France-Release-Concert 21/6/2017

Fête de la musique

Librairie Lamartine, Paris