Wife Admits Error of Judgement

Window Dresser's Arms, Pig & Whistle

Story by Pig’s Arms Cub Reporter Boo-Boo Bear

Faithful wife of 70+ years admits that it was a mistake to allow her late husband to drive himself to his own funeral.

“I should have known that no good would come of this” she told the Pig’s Arms.

Bystanders reported that the driver, referred to only as a Mr Duke swerved to avoid an allegation that he was an entitled racist bigot, before losing self control and rolling joints several times.

First responders on the scene administered Tenant’s Lager and confiscated all cameras, except that of our PA reporter who was cleverly disguised as a hedge fund manager.

The crack Edinburgh Metropolitan Police specialist VIP traffic accident cover-up team attended and reported that although the man was known to them, whether he in fact was licensed to do anything he wanted was unclear, but pretty likely to be the case and…

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How To Conquer Tyranny and Avoid Tragedy: A Lesson on Defeating Systems of Empire

“So is humanity doomed? Can a flourishing and prosperous civilization avoid the seductions of empire?”
I’d like to contemplate this!

Rising Tide Foundation

By Cynthia Chung

This is a transcription of a lecture, which can be found here, given as part of the RTF series “Art, Science and Civilization: The Renaissance Principles Across the Ages.

It is common today to be confronted with the belief that any country, any civilization that gains a certain degree of power, will be destined to become an empire. After all, we are in an American system of empire right now that is presently clashing with competing systems of empire from the East, correct?

Well, this is at least, the thinking that has been driving 75 years of cold war to this present day. That despite us being told that the cold war ended in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is rather evident that this cold war is still ongoing.

So is humanity doomed? Can a flourishing and prosperous civilization avoid…

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Shall We Allow Poets in the Republic? Part Three

Rising Tide Foundation

By Gerald Therrien

At the end of part 2 of ‘Shall We Allow Poets in the Republic’, we came upon the proposition that poets either must be ‘possessed and insane’ and derive their inspiration from some divine influence – like the oracles and prophecies of the priests and priestesses of the gods, or that poets received their inspiration by ‘enthusiasm’ from the Muse. 

In order to try to find a way to understand this enthusiasm, we’ll dive into Plato’s ‘Phaedrus’ dialogue. [Note: translation by Thomas Taylor, 1804.]

Phaedrus met Socrates, who was to be his partner in ‘corybantic fury’ of discourse (i.e. unrestrained frenzy of emotion), and they began talking about Lysias, ‘the most skilful writer of the present age’, and of his oration on love – that ‘one who does not love ought to be gratified rather than a lover’.

At first, Socrates spoke about the truth contained in…

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GLADIO: Is 2021’s Fictional Cyberattack Simulation Prepping Us For A Cyber Pandemic?

“Crises seem to conveniently arise when the people in power want change.”


Source – theorganicprepper.com

  • “…Many readers are aware of a simulation conducted by the World Economic Forum called Event 201 that preceded the COVID pandemic. Event 201 eerily described and seemed to predict the pandemic….The WEF, Russia’s Sberbank, and its cybersecurity subsidiary BIZONE announced in February that a new cyberattack simulation would occur July 9, 2021″

Is 2021’s Fictional Cyberattack Simulation Prepping Us For A Cyber Pandemic?

By Robert Wheeler

Many readers are aware of a simulation conducted by theWorld Economic ForumcalledEvent 201that precededthe COVID pandemic. Event 201 eerily described and seemed to predict the pandemic. (There was alsoa pandemic simulation called Clade Xthat preceded Covid.)

What some readers may not know, however, is that the World Economic Forum conducted a similar simulation,Cyber Polygon 2020.This 2020 eventalsopredicted a global catastrophe.

A new cyberattack simulation, Cyber Polygon, will occur in July…

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Disposable face masks pollute oceans with dangerous microplastics

This is beyond belief. How is that possible that they end up in the oceans? Who is responsible for this?

The Most Revolutionary Act

Disposable face masks are being dumped into the oceans, potentially releasing harmful microplastics into the atmosphere and our food.

This month marks the one-year anniversary of San Francisco enforcing the first face mask law in the United States. During the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all states have mandated the use of masks. By October, 93 percent of Americans said they wear a mask or face covering when they leave their home and are unable to socially distance themselves.

“Humanity is going through 129 billion face masks a month, which works out to three million a minute,” according to Big Think.

With large populations of the world using masks regularly as a health precaution against coronavirus, it has had an unintended consequence – pollution.

The Ocean Conservancy released new data detailing how personal protective equipment has polluted beaches and oceans all over the planet. Volunteers who were cleaning beaches all over…

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MEDICINE WHEEL: Bicarbonate Proves to be Cheapest Fastest Safest COVID Treatment

“. . .The new bicarbonate research adds to the lengthening list of treatments. And it is no surprise to anyone who knows how and why bicarbonates work. Doctors and health care officials should, but do not know or even want to know, that viral infections are unanimously sensitive to pH changes. The simple alkalinization of the blood reduces the cells’ susceptibility to viruses. Meaning bicarbonates can be taken orally as a preventative, and as we find out below, can be nebulized and even pumped into the lungs in ICU patients when their lungs are impaired. . . “


Source – drsircus.com

  • “…Now comes some excellent news for the human race. There is an official study in Acre, Brazil that has doctors amazed at how fast COVID infected patients got better after nebulizing with 3 grams of sodium bicarbonate (widely available baking soda) in 100 ml of water administered in a nebulizer. However, the bad news is that there are powerful forces, which we will discuss below, that hate good news and will do everything in their power to censor useful medical information

Bicarbonate Proves to be Cheapest Fastest Safest COVID Treatment

One does not have to be an anti-vaxxer to see and understand that COVID vaccines are not needed. They are not required legally or for any medical or public health reason to treat or prevent COVID-19. There is a broad range of both natural and pharmaceutical treatments widely available, many already proven to be very useful.

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Disposable blue face masks found to contain toxic, asbestos-like substance that destroys lungs

Some tests for safety or effectiveness are definitely required!!

The Most Revolutionary Act

BOMBSHELL: Disposable blue face masks found to contain toxic, asbestos-like substance that destroys lungs

Dr Eddy Betterman

Health Canada has issued a warning about blue and gray disposable face masks, which contain an asbestos-like substance associated with “early pulmonary toxicity.”

The SNN200642 masks, which are made in China and sold and distributed by a Quebec-based company called Métallifer, had been part of Canada’s public school reopening plan. Students were told that they needed to wear them in the classroom to prevent the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Health Canada, however, discovered during a preliminary risk assessment that the masks contain microscopic graphene particles that, when inhaled, could cause severe lung damage.

“Graphene is a strong, very thin material that is used in fabrication, but it can be harmful to lungs when inhaled and can cause long-term health problems,” reported CBC News.

For a while now, some daycare educators had expressed suspicion about the masks, which were causing children to feel as though…

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A Copy of ‘Experiences in my Life’

And here now another reblog of a reblog!!


On the 10th October 2018 I wrote this:

“Yesterday there was on Peter’s Facebook a link to this blog. A few people were interested in reading it. I reblogged it here so maybe some more people might want to read it.”

So today, one year later, I looked again at this blog and decided to copy it, hoping that some blogger friends who haven’t seen it yet, might want to have a look at it.

Originally I published it here:


Here now is the copy of ‘Experiences in my Life’ from the 5th October 2017:

“It has been a while  since I added anything to my childhood memories. If I had another look at it now to see what I have written  some time ago, maybe I would find a few things in there that I do not remember so well anymore now. With time the memories seem to…

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A Copy of a Blog I published in May 2012

Here is another reblog of a reblog. I must admit, I very much enjoyed reading it again, as well as all the comments!


I wrote to Berlioz (Peter) in May 2012:

Hi Peter! I am sure this day and the two posts you wrote about it are going to stay in my memory. I had a lovely day. It was such a good idea to go for this drive, wasn’t it? Love, Uta

Now, seven years have passed and today Peter sent me an answer with the following invitation:

Hi Uta, it was indeed a lovely day and I invite you to do same drive on the 1, May this year. Love Peter

I just answered: Yes, Peter, sure I’ll love to do the same drive with you on the 1st of May this year. So, this is coming up in three days!! Very much looking forward to this. Love, Uta 🙂

The following two links are to Peter’s two posts about our outing seven years ago:



And here is the link…

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The Lady and the Unicorn, the Tapestries, Art Gallery NSW



We went yesterday to the Art Gallery of NSW. We saw there this picture:


In the Art Gallery Shop were a lot of different things for sale that promoted the theme of “The Lady and the Unicorn”. I was interested in finding our more about the tapestry.

Here: https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/artboards/theladyandtheunicorn/

it says among other things:

“The six tapestries can be viewed as an allegory of the five senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell – plus a sixth ‘internal’ sense – heart, desire or will.

Made at the very moment of transition from the Medieval period to the Renaissance, they continue to reveal a poetic medieval world of the senses, the spirit, romance, chivalry and morality.”



In the above link it says the following about the rediscovery of the tapestry:

“The lady and the unicorn was rediscovered in the mid 1800s in very poor condition. The tapestries…

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