Impacts of the Covid-19 Lockdown on World Trade: Global Shipping Crisis Far Worse than Imagined

Our World is changing!

The Most Revolutionary Act

By F. William Engdahl

Global Research

Origins of the Crisis

According to German-based Statista Research Department, some 80 percent of all goods globally are carried by sea including oil, coal, grains. Of that total, in terms of value, global maritime container trade accounts for some 60 percent of all seaborne trade, valued at around 14 trillion US dollars in 2019. This ocean shipping has become the arteries of the world economy for better or worse.

This is a direct consequence of the 1990’s creation of the WTO with new rules favoring out-sourcing of manufacture to countries where production was far cheaper, that is as long as ocean transport was cheap. After China became a WTO member in 2001, they became the greatest beneficiary of the new rules and within a decade China was called the “workshop of the world.” Entire industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, chemicals as well as…

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Data shows coronavirus can only be controlled if 8 out of 10 Australians stay home

Here are some interesting Data from March last year!



The success or failure of Australia’s coronavirus fight relies to a remarkable degree on just one thing, new modelling has found.

And that thing is whether individual Australians now follow official advice — and just stay home.

The data comes from a complex model of how COVID-19 could spread in Australia, which finds:

  • Coronavirus will continue to spread virtually unchecked unless at least eight in 10 Australians stay home as much as possible.
  • If that slips even slightly — to seven in 10 people — the fight to ‘flatten the curve’ will be lost.
  • It also suggests that…

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Link arms at the campfire

Now, isn’t this just beautiful! 🙂
Makes you feel it is good to be alive . . . 🙂

Believe Anyway

Always have hope, dear hearts. Despite the things or people that tear your heart apart, believe anyway. There is always someone in your corner. Believe anyway. Go to the campfires where the loving people are. Sit beside them. Link arms. Laugh until your sides hurt. Sing with them. Listen. Watch their eyes sparkle when you arrive and when you share your heart. Your tribe can be pieced together like a beautiful quilt. You are a work of art and a work of heart. Simply you. Simply me.
Simply Kate ❤

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Leibniz: Scientist, Sinophile and Bridge Between East and West

I find this very interesting!

Rising Tide Foundation

By Matthew Ehret

Many people would be surprised to discover that Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716), a German polymath and logician best known for his discovery of Calculus, was one of the most important sinophiles of the 17thcentury, whose writings were instrumental in bringing the idea of Chinese culture and civilization to Europe.

Leibniz recognized the value of Chinese culture after an extensive study of Confucian texts provided to him by Jesuit scientists in Beijing. Inspired by the moral and practical philosophy that kept this ancient civilization alive (while European societies suffered nearly constant warfare), he created a journal calledNovissima Sinica(News from China) in 1697. The journal was followed by an organizing effort across Eurasia to bring about a vast dialogue of civilizations, driven by the pursuit of scientific discovery and economic development.

In the first issue of theNovissima Sinica,Leibniz wrote:

“I consider it a singular…

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Baby Lucas is here

This coming Sunday, the 18th of July 2021, Lucas is going to be nine years!


Lucas, born in the early hours of Wednesday, 18th July 2012.

This is Lucas, one week old

The parents of Lucas on the day of his birth in Wollongong Hospital

Great Grandma Uta with Lucas

Great Grandparents, Uta and Peter with Baby Lucas

Three aunts of Lucas stayed with him for hours in the hospital room.

Ebony, the Mum, likes the attention her baby son is getting

Happy faces all around

Great-Aunt Caroline with the baby

Grandma Monika and the three Aunties had been staying already for about an hour with the proud parents and the Baby when Caroline, Peter and I arrived. They stayed for another hour or so after we left!

A week later we saw Ebony at her home. Caroline holds Lucas with Ebony looking on.

Caroline took this picture

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Lesson learned.

These are some interesting thoughts, how the Coronavirus may have affected us.


Coronavirus. Covid 19 has affected the world, this virus has made all of us, hopefully look inward and reflect on our relationships with each other and the world. With many of us, under or unemployed we have needed to stay strong and find some glimmer of hope in these trying times. For some, this has been more of a struggle than for others, staying positive and staying the course. However, I have learned a few things about myself and my roommates, who are now 17 and 20. I’d like to share them with you today.

            I have learned that I can cry at the drop of a hat, a fact that I only suspected was true until I was unable to go out and play with my friends. I have learned that I don’t like being told what to do, again something I had always suspected but never fully…

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Early At-Home Treatments Could Save 85% of Covid Deaths

In my opinion, as soon as people show symptoms, they should totally isolate with some treatments to reduce the symptoms!

The Most Revolutionary Act

What You Need to Know About Early At-Home COVID Treatment

By Dr Joseph Mercola

Story at-a-glance

  • Perhaps one of the greatest crimes in this whole pandemic is the refusal by reigning heath authorities to issue early treatment guidance. Instead, they’ve done everything possible to suppress remedies shown to work, whether it be corticosteroids, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with zinc, ivermectin, vitamin D or NAC
  • According to Dr. Peter McCullough, 85% of COVID deaths could have been prevented had early treatment protocols been widely implemented rather than censored
  • It appears the intense censoring and suppression of early treatments was a strategy to promote as much fear, suffering, hospitalization and death as possible in order to prepare the population to accept a new genre of gene transfer technologies on a mass scale
  • The overwhelming drive to get a “needle in every arm” is such that health authorities are not even acknowledging the fact that…

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Uta’s Diary

I can report, that the backyard looks beautiful now. A lot of work has been done to it during the last few weeks. I am very happy about this!


Today is the4thSunday after Peter died/On th 8th of November, that is just a few weeks ago, when Peter was still alive and able to visit the local doctor (with Olivia’s help that is), yes on the 8th of November I republished one of the posts from November 2011.

Now, I assume that most of my readers would not like to go to the trouble of looking up all these posts. However, for me it was most interesting to read through all of them again. It helps to give some kind of substance to what I do remember about the past nine years or so. These posts show me, that already nine years ago I could not help myself thinking about what would happen when Peter and I would come into our eighties. Well, Peter made it to 85 without any significant changes in our surroundings…

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Landline 2021

I always like watching the Australian ABC program ‘Landline’. But the story about the innovation of some beef farmers and the apple cider story I find especially interesting.


Online Saviour: Going online saves struggling beef business

Pip Courtney

The decision to take their business online saved a couple’s struggling beef operation and provided a new secure market for dozens of other farmers.

Diversifying After Disaster: Innovation aids recovery for Batlow apple growers

Luke Wong

Growers are implementing measures to help future-proof against fire and labour shortages, and some have turned to making cider as a way to diversify their income.

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Covid supply chain issues hitting fast-food chains as shortages worsen

“The mad rush to get everyone “vaccinated,” followed by the mass reopening of restaurants, has also caused a spike in demand for food that is only making the problem worse.”


The Most Revolutionary Act

Covid supply chain issues now hitting fast-food chains as shortages in foods and packaging both worsen

Dr Eddy Betterman

new survey by Reuters has found that at least nine popular fast-food chains are experiencing supply issues due to supply bottlenecks and other problems linked to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic.

Everything from iced green tea to fries to chicken wings, as well as plastic packing material and paper bags, is becoming hard to come by as Chinese Virus-related supply pipeline issues continue.

On June 14, the website for South Korea’s most popular fast-food chain, Lotteria, explained that cheese sticks will now have to be substituted for French fries, supposedly due to problems with ocean shipping and product inspections for potatoes.

Few shipping containers are arriving in South Korea these days due to fears about the spread of the Wuhan Flu, and customs checks are also much slower than they used to be.

These supply bottlenecks are expected to continue “well into 2022,” says St…

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