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How Editors Know if Your Writing Is Good

14 Sep


Published on Sep 25, 2014
“Editors want to be sucked into a story, and they can usually tell after just a few lines if that’s likely to happen. Writers and editors Victor Dwyer and Charlotte Gill were at The Banff Centre as the Literary Journalism program’s editors. They sat down with Ian Brown to talk about modern writing in 2014.”

Berliner Philharmoniker Master Class – Horn

14 Sep


The Ice Horn Challenge on Sarah´s Music

14 Sep





Carmina Burana in Berlin | Sarah’s Music

14 Sep



Hang on to your cash. This dash to digitise payments is dangerous

14 Sep

Published in The Guardian, written by Brett Scott who  is a campaigner and former broker:

“In granting financial corporations complete control over the money system, our every economic interaction ends up logged in their databases for analysis. ”

Do we want this?



“Blackout Bill”, “No coal Joel”, “Electricity Bill Shorten”… There’s never been a more exciting time for crap nicknames.

13 Sep

September 2017 Diary

12 Sep


I love taking some photos when I manage to go for a walk. When I took the above pictures I had taken my walking stick along. This made walking so much easier. I had not been walking very much during the past few weeks. It had always been rather cold and often extremely windy. The last few days I was determined to go out each morning at least for a little bit and get used to walking again. When I do it regularly, it really makes a difference. Often I feel more confident again to walk around without using my walking stick. This warmer and calmer weather makes me feel that spring has finally arrived here in the Illawarra of NSW, Australia. I just hope  for a bit of rain in the near future because for quite some time we had nearly no rain at all and everything is starting to dry out.