Prompt Day 10: What was the best book you read in 2019? What did you like about it? #Manifest20

I like to mention here three books I did read one year ago and that made quite an impression on me.  Last year I copied some details about these books without mentioning my own opinion about any of the books. But as an introduction to the first book I wrote:

DI MORRISSEY seems to be my favourite author at the moment. The most recent book of hers that I read is: “The Winter Sea”.

Peter said, I should write something about what I felt about these books.

So, the first thing that came to mind is that in each book there are some main characters that I feel very comfortable with. And of course there are some other characters that I would not feel very comfortable with but even the more ‘bad’ characters do have a few likable features. That means the characters feel quite real to me.

In each of the three books there are some male/female relationships that are great to read about. In each book there are some rather strong female characters. But even these very strong females do like a good man a lot! Despite a number of difficulties all these females end up with simply good men –  at least for a while.

‘The Winter Sea’ novel by Di Morrissey is for the most part set into an environment that I am very familiar with. It deals with a family history that encompasses nearly one hundred years and shows what happens to immigrants to Australia that come from different backgrounds, for instance Italian and Irish.

Greg Iles is a New York Times bestselling author. He wrote BLOOD MEMORY. Cat (Catherine) Ferry is a most interesting character. It shows what may happen to a person that has been abused as a child.

Well, the third book ‘THE GOOD DAUGHTER’ by Karin Slaughter, is a very well written book too. There are actually wo daughters, both of them I see as main characters. To my mind both are ‘good’ daughters, even though they are totally different. Maybe one is more the good daughter of the father, the other one the good daughter of the mother. So which counts for more?

The following three links to my auntielive site show you some interesting details  about the three above mentioned books:

Memories: Our Travelling in June 2018

In June 2018 we stopped at the

Common Ground Cafe & Bakery @ The Razorback Inn


From there we went to Picton to have a look at the GEORGE IV INN. We thought we might be able to stay there overnight.


As it turned out we stayed there only for a few drinks. We did have a look at their accommodation. But it was not to our liking for they could not provide us with any heating for any of the bedrooms.

So we stayed in a motel a bit outside of Picton where we had a large warm room with all the conveniences.


There was also dinner available on the premises, and so we had some excellent food and drinks there:


This sign was in our bathroom. I think their tank water was limited because they did not have enough rain for a while.


We checked out early in the morning and had breakfast here:



We rather liked this little town where we had breakfast. Then we drove on to Bowral.

The little town where we had breakfast was Tahmoor:

Here I write about T

ALICORN by Frank Gauntlett


When the Old World stopped believing in good Elves, Yetis, Fairies, Centaurs & such, those magical ‘mythological’ creatures established a comfortable Village colony in huge caverns beneath the Australian outback. But the battle between good and evil never ends. The Bad Guys – led by Spindox Corporation’s sinister CEO Nick Unseely – are massing and moving out of their huge glass pyramid headquarters rising from the Australian Bush; A terrifying Hag is sent to steal the Good Guys’ powerful relic – a real Unicorn horn, an Alicorn. Scores of Good Guys are consigned to Unseely’s subterranean prison but these Good Guys don’t give up easily – nor do their friends. Our trusted children’s fiction reviewer Sam Capell said this about Alicorn: “Trolls, wizards, unicorns, elves, gnomes and more all add up to a brilliant read in this well-written journey. Just one of many things I liked was the unique way of writing, going from one characters perspective to another, leaving cliff-hangers everywhere. Another is the incredible array of characters, beings and places, from wizards to leprechauns, trolls to unicorns, outback Australia to the devious Spindox corporation. In this book, myth meets reality with some big consequences. Evil pits its strength against good with varying degrees of success, and when humans come into the mix, things get serious. This was a thrilling read with lots of descriptive language, almost too much at times! Fans of J.K Rowling will be elated to add this novel to their collection.”