Trump News Conference

22 May

May 2017 Diary

21 May

Is Trump’s Trip Green Light for UAE Blackwater-Led Mercenary army To Attack Iran?

A little while ago I did go to the above post by Stuart Bramhall. I ask myself what is going on in the Middle East?

So this is in the news: “Donald Trump to announce $350bn arms deal to Saudi Arabia.” What does it mean?

On my little walk this morning I passed Fowlers Road and the bridge over Brooks Creek. I checked the water level of the creek looking down from the bridge along Flowlers Road. Alas, I could see hardly any water despite the recent rain. There is a lot of vegetation along the creek. Things are growing immensely, There is not much room left for the water to flow along. And I guess that bit of water that flows along the creek feeds all this vegetation more and more.


“Learning without enjoyment wears you down, enjoyment without learning dulls you.”

21 May

This is a quote by Richard David.


“Precht is an advocate of a new civil society. He stands philosophically close to the American Communitarianism, the idea to democratise the society with higher civic sense of community. He considers the obligation of economy and politics for constant economic growth as damaging.  . . . “