Mariane’s Diary Nr. 6

Yesterday, Monday, the 14th of November. Marianne had a few thoughts about intimate relationships between men and women of any age. She was thinking back to the postwar years in Germany when she was just a little girl. There were a lot of war widows at the time. Even as a little girl, she noticed, that for a man who was travelling around a lot because of his job. quite often it was very normal to have a loving widow in every town he visited. And every of these widows would welcome this travelling man with open arms, all too happy giving and receiving lots of sexual pleasures! What could be wrong with that? Really, nothing at all. Wasn’t everyone, who felt like this, entitled to giving and receiving some sexual pleasures? Everybody was just out to enjoy themselves for a little bit. Nobody got hurt. It was a very normal thing to happen at the time. And these women, often war widows, did not mind at all, if their man had other sweethearts in different towns, All these relationships would be sort of in the open, that is everybody was honest about it. No secrets!

Marianne, reflecting on it now, came to the conclusion, that surely if a very considerate and caring travelling man had a sexual relationship with several women within one week or one month, of course this was totally acceptable!

However, it seemed to Marianne, probably none of these women would have accepted a second lover for as long as there was still some involvement with the first lover!

This is just the way it is, thought Marianne. Men and women are very different in this respect. Hardly any women would want to have two lovers at the same time. Whereas a lot of men would just want to be free to be sexually involved with several women at the same time, if there was some opportunity fot this, meaning some women were just agreeable to this!! Since their experience might be, that most women just want their partner to be sexually exclusive, that is to have no other sex partner, these men, that end up getting involved with another woman or several othere women, want to keep it secret! And when the secret is discovered. it is said, the man has been cheating.

On the other hand, Marianne is sure, that once a man falls truly in love with someone. he would not want to involve himself all the way with another partner!

Marianne’s Diary Nr. 5!

The Weekend 12/11/2022 to 13/11/2022

Since yesterday, Saturday, and today, Sunday, Marianne has done a lot of reading. She is reading another novel in large print about relationships! It is written in a style, that very much appeals to her. It might help her in finding the right style for her own writing, she thinks.

Her thoughts go to the sort of novel, that she does want to write. She already made up her mind, what fictional characters, should make an appearance in her novel. Maybe somebody like Jack could be one of the characters. He may just have turned 70, and she could call him John and place him in England. So, the story is, that for some time now John has built up an intimate relationship online with an elderly woman from Scottland. But he is actually refusing to ever meet her in person. However, it turns out, he travels to Scottland quite often to date younger women!

When after a year of communicating online with that elderly woman, it turns out, that he has absolutely no interest in dating her, she decides to break-up with him.

In the Murray Mallee country…

I love this story that is set in the Murray Mallee country!


Twelve Caesars..

Book one…”Christopher Corridini”


In the Murray Mallee country. . .

I did a lot of work out in the Murray Mallee job we built a house out around Sandalwood ways, on a bit from Borrika…that’s the name of the location, not talking about the tree..though it stands to reason there may have been a lot of those type of trees there…but we built this most beautiful log-cabin place there on a farm..It was on stumps about two foot off the ground ..Australiana style with wide verandah with decking all around the house.. and over it there hung two tall mallee trees kind of embracing the whole house and making a picture of it all..and it was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen…But it didn’t end well for the husband and wife there..He was a dominating sort of chap, who worked in the…

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Finlandia – for Helvi

In memory of Helvi!
It is so good, I could find this post with a bit of googling!
Some three years ago Peter and I drove to Bowral for Helvi’s funeral. I don’t think I’ve been to Bowral ever since.
Thanks for the reblog, Therese.

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I am sorry I haven’t looked here earlier… The funeral was yesterday with a celebratory meeting afterwards at our place. The house now still echoes with Helvi’s voice and Milo keeps looking at the bedroom door hoping to see Helvi come again to give him his morning pat. It is not to be anymore and now I have to keep busy and in moments of ache and pain tend to the garden of memories of which there are so many. The house is now empty of Helvi. She has gone.
It all happened so quickly but Helvi knew and wanted to come home where she died on the 29th of Oct. at 6pm.
She remembers you all and I let her know whenever I happened to visit this pub of so many years of contact. Some asked where to give donations. Here is the website;

While Helvi wasn’t given to malice or wishing ill to others, there was one item in her life that would make her angry. The treatment of the downtrodden, the mentally ill, refugees and others. She would be merciless and heap scorn on those that caused social injustices and misery to those that least deserved it. Our Sunday mornings were always special when we would settle-down on the settee in keen anticipation of the ABC’s program ‘Insiders’. A special treat at 9am.
The appearance of Morrison on the News would have her immediately break out in some very strong and unusual language. With Dutton it was worse, I needed to restrain her on the couch. She was merciless and politically astute enough to see the falsehoods, pretence and sheer humbuggery in politicians.
She was so sad that the issue of refugees in endless detention wasn’t solved. The treatment of the elderly in aged care left her speechless. ‘They would never have done that in Finland’, she often said.
Dearest Helvi, I will try and live up to your wishes but I will miss you so much. I’ll keep up your fight against injustices and I also know you want me to get over sadness and continue forward. That’s how you were. Always so positive and cheerful. Helvi, I’ll do my best to get away from myself as much as possible.
Goodbye Helvi, from Gerard, your best and lifelong friend.

Window Dresser's Arms, Pig & Whistle

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This is already Marianne’s Diary Nr. 4!

How can a single woman have an attractive single man as a close friend in a strictly platonic relationship?

Usually it might be rather unlikely that this kind of relationship remains strictly platonic if it is a rather close relationship where they communicate more or less constantly. All of a sudden, Marianne becomes aware, that, even though Jack really likes her as a friend, he is not at all interested in having an intimate relationship with her. He might sometimes say so, but his actions are more, that he likes the attention of other women.

She realises now, that she has to cut herself loose from Jack. There is no other way. She reckons, she may still have a chance of meeting someone else. Anyhow, she does like the idea to have the freedom to be able to perhaps go out on a date. It has been an awful long time since she has been dating anyone in a romantic way. She thinks back, how exciting it was, when she was dating Gunter, her husband, such a long time ago. On their first date they went to see a movie. And it was a great success!

Actually, she thinks back, that she met Gunter by going out with a girlfriend. You never know, this sort of thing, might still work. Going out with one of her woman friends might perhaps be a chance of meeting an attractive man in her age group! Maybe, there’s going to be a New Year’s Eve party at the Club that they could go to. Well, she thinks, whatever will be, will be. Marianne is determined to make the most of the last years of her life. There might not be many years left anyway. She just hopes, that she stays healthy enough for a bit longer. And for Jack she wishes good health too, and Good Luck!

The Diary of Marianne Kraft (3)

Yesterday, Marianne was overjoyed, that Jack had finally come to see her, hoping, from now on they could see each other quite regularly, since they really lived close to each other. Why should they have to restrict themselves to seeing each other only online? It just didn’t make sense to her. When she thinks about it again, she decides, it might be best, to talk to her sister about the situation the way it was now.

So, a bit later that same day, Thursday, Marianne talked to her older sister, asking her about her opinion. Well, first of all she was glad, she could talk to someone close to her about what was going on in her life with Jack. Just being able to talk about him, was enough. Helga, her sister, did not really voice an opionion, but she listened intendly to what Marianne had to say. It felt so good to Marianne, that someone was listening! That she did not have to keep everything to herself.

Marianne’s sister Helga lives in Queensland. She is 87, but still has a partner who has an apartment not far away from where Helga lives. This partner, Udo, is 72 now, and Helga has been with him for about twenty years already. She did get to know him just a couple of years after her husband had died. Helga’s children objected to Udo all the time, finding all sorts of faults with him, and telling Helga, that Udo was not good for her. But Helga stuck by him. So, by and large, the children have accepted now their mother’s relationship with Udo.

The only thing Helga was saying about Jack, was, that maybe Jack was ready now to have a longterm relationship, but not to be too disappointed, if it did not work out the way she was hoping, but to just take it, the way it comes! Above all, she should avoid being pushy about it. That means, it might pay off, to just be very patient! So, possibly not to stop loving him, no matter what. She might keep in mind, that to love him just as a friend, could probably be very rewarding too!

Marianne Kraft (2)

It is true, Marianne and Jack had exchanged off and on quite a few emails to each other during the last twelve months or so. Seeing Jack in person yesterday Marianne found, thay Jack had not changed much at all from a few years ago when Marianne and Gunter had seen Jack and his wife Marie socially quite regularly. Marianne herself found of herself, that she had pobably changed quite a lot. Anyhow, Marianne was very pleased, to have been able to talk to Jack in person after so many years, and after having been receiving so many emails from him over the past twelve months. Jack does not live far away from her. So, she is wondering, does that mean now, that Jack would like to see her more often in future?

She is 81, and he is 78. The women he was dating, or having had affairs with, were usually quite a bit younger than he. However, from his recent emails to Marianne he gave the impression, that he did not seek a new relationship with a younger person. She is wondering, could she believe him? The question is, does he more or less look for a close relationship at all now? And is everything, he had said online in his emails, really true? She did not want to have doubts. But she was not so sure, whether this was right. Shouldn’t she have some doubts?

She wished there was someone, with whom she could talk about Jack. Did other people think it was possible for her to have a close relationship with Jack?

Marianne Kraft

Jack Brentano visits Marianne

Today is the 8th of November. So, Christmas 2022 is coming up soon. For Marianne it is going to be the fourth Christmas without Gunter!

Shortly before Christmas, three years ago, was Gunter’s funeral. Jack came to the funeral with his friend, a woman in her fifties. Jack was happy to have such a friend ten years after his wife had passed away. Jack had had several girl friends over the past ten years, but nothing lasting. Jack was hoping, that the affair with his new friend might become somewhat longer lasting. Jack was relieved that Rose, his friend, had agreed to accompany him to the funeral. Gunter had been Gunter’s longtime business partner. So he could not very well stay away from this Catholic funeral service. Or was it a funeral Mass? He wasn’t sure.

Yes, it turned out, that it was a Mass. And there were some refreshments after Mass. Jack and Rose paid their respects to Marianne and her whole family. This had been the last time, that Jack had seen Marianne in nearly three years! However, after his separation from Rose he had started to write emails to Marianne. So for the last year or so, he had become pretty close to Marianne. He had been thinking for a while, he might pay her a visit! Well, today was the big day. He bought some flowers and a bottle of wine, and went to see her!

My November 2022 Diary


I like it, that I did get another very good response to that reblog as well as to
the original page about wanting to write some fiction.

So with two good responses from my dear blogger friends I should really
feel encouraged enough to start writing my novel, or shall I call it my novella?
For I thought to restrict it to maybe 200 pages.

Last week I developed some major tooth problems. Some of it is under control
now. But I’m afraid some more dental treatment is still required.

I already had quite a few challenges in my old age. This is another challenge now, that I could do without. But then I can also look at a lot of good things that have come my way recently and throughout my life!

Yes, I feel I’ve had a very rewarding life, and I like writing about it. That I cannot write much about persons in my life, who are alive, is a bummer, for I like to write about things that are autobiographical. But then, you’ll never know, I might get to like fictional writing even more!

Starting to write a Story

Does this sound, like a fictional story that could be of interest for some readers? What do you think? I would very much appreciate some input. 🙂


I thought, maybejust starting to write something fictional rather than blogging something straight from my life, would be a change in my writing pattern. If I am persevering in this new way of writing, you never know what good might become of it. Anyhow, it should be worth a try!

I know Victoria a little bit. This is why I want my fictional very old woman to be living in Victoria! Actually in Essendon, which is a part of Melbourne. I might call this old woman Marianne Kraft. Her birthplace is Leipzig, Germany. She did get married in Berlin, when she was 18 , and had her first child at 19. When she was pregnant with her first child, she and her husband Gunter emigrated to Australia. Gunter was Catholic. Mariannebecame a Catholic when shemarried Gunter. Their first two children were boys, and then they…

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