Pictures from Monday, the 5th of December 2016

Wollongong Hospital
The old  Entrance of Wollongong Hospital at Crown Street


At Wollongong Mall
At Wollongong Mall








The other side of Wollongong Hospital
The other side of Wollongong Hospital

This month there are two birthdays to celebrate in our family, namely on the 5th and on the 9th of December. Instead of on Monday, we celebrated Monika’s birthday two days early, that was Saturday. We may have to celebrate Caroline’s birthday somewhat later because tomorrow, Friday the 9th, is the day when Peter has to go to hospital. We hope it wont be too long before Peter can go back home again.

Last Monday Peter had to go to the hospital for another blood test. We went into Wollongong by bus. There’s a bus stop right in front of the hospital. We thought that this was great. We liked that better than having to struggle to find some parking for the car. At the hospital Peter did not have to wait long. In no time at all he was out again. Another bus took us to Crown Central where we were taking a few Christmassy pictures. We also used the opportunity to do a bit of extra shopping in Wollongong. At the Churro Mexican Cafe we had something to eat and a very spicy hot chocolate drink. Our favourite! Feeling quite tired we went by bus back to Dapto Shopping Centre where our car was parked. Before driving home, we had first to get a few more things in Dapto Shopping Centre. It was a very hot day. We were glad, when we finally arrived back home to have some delicious ice-cream and afternoon coffee and a bit of a rest.

My tiny hands are bleeding: Vanstone on protest

After WW2 I was extremely upset when I saw pictures about the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews. I am just as upset now about the governments treatment of asylum seekers. To ignore human rights is wrong, wrong, wrong. To keep silent about it, is wrong, wrong wrong too!

No Place For Sheep

The Exceptional Amanda Vanstone The Exceptional Amanda Vanstone

In yet another piece of bellicose dross on the thoughtlessness of protesters, former Howard immigration minister turned ABC broadcaster and Fairfax columnist (via ambassador to Rome) Amanda Vanstone, yesterday unleashed her inner curmudgeon in this indignant rant titled “The ‘look at me’ narcissistic politics of the left.”

On reflection, her curmudgeon aspect is not that inner, but let’s not digress into personalities.

Briefly, Vanstone suffered trauma when as a young woman, indentured to the Myer group, she was forced to walk the streets of Melbourne bearing a load of something or other tied up with string that cut into her hands so badly she was obliged to make occasional stops in order to lay down her burden on the pavements and give her tiny hands a break.

One day, she was prevented from enjoying even this small relief by a crowd of “well-fed” protesters, upset…

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Today,  Sunday, Caroline and Matthew invited us to a five course Degustation Lnnch, degustation meaning taking a small amount into the mouth to taste the quality of the food.



Our five course meal was excellent. We sat there for hours enjoying one course after another. We took pictures of most of the courses. As an entree we had tiny cups of delicious soup, also some warm bread and butter. The bread seemed to be damper and was probably baked on the premises. The restaurant is up in the mountains. It was warm, but not too hot. All the rooms were open to the outdoors. No air-conditioning needed! I thought this was great. We felt as though we were being in the country. We were surrounded by lots of things from country life in the past. And we were only a fifteen minute drive away from home! Quite amazing really. The service by the staff was first class. And all the dishes were beautifully presented. We had no problem eating everything on our plates, for the portions were small enough not to fill us up too much.

These scales are probably from the time when this place was a village store and Post Office.



Opposite the restaurant are some restored old miners' cottages.
Opposite the restaurant are some restored old miners’ cottages.


This is what the restaurant looks from the front.
This is what the restaurant looks from the front.
This easy chair was great for relaxing.
This easy chair was great for relaxing.
Our table was in a separate small room.
Our table was in a separate small room.












These were sugar cubes for our coffee.
These were sugar cubes for our coffee.




Brainy Quote

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.  John Kenneth Galbraith”
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Kaye Lee writes how she feels sorry for conservatives for they do live in fear of a lot of things.