Donald Trump’s administration is after Julian Assange and it serves as a warning to us all

“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is being aggressively pursued by the Trump administration, despite Donald Trump’s enthusiastic embrace during the 2016 election campaign.

Mr Trump famously declared “I love WikiLeaks” during the campaign as WikiLeaks began rolling out a series of leaks damaging to Hillary Clinton.

Mr Assange — an Australian citizen — is now charged with 17 counts of espionage and one count of hacking and faces a possible 175 years in jail if he is eventually extradited to the United States and found guilty.

The Obama administration also looked at the possibility of charging Mr Assange with espionage but eventually decided that a prosecution under the espionage act would be too problematic.

They concluded that if the US courts could charge WikiLeaks with publishing the classified information, they could also charge The New York Times.

The Trump administration obviously doesn’t feel The New York Times problem is so acute.  .  .  . ”


America Through Nazi Eyes

This looks to me like a very interesting docuentation. I want to read it and reblog it!

O Society

durham-train-1940At the bus station in Durham, North Carolina, May 1940. (Photo by Jack Delano via Library of Congress.)

The most radical Nazis were the most aggressive champions of U.S. law. Where the fascist found the U.S. example lacking, it was because they thought it was too harsh

by Omer Aziz edited by O Society July 29, 2019

Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law
by James Whitman

In September 1933, an important policy document known as the Prussian Memorandum began circulating among lawmakers and jurists of the Third Reich. The Nazi regime was still in its infancy; Hitler named chancellor just nine months prior, the result of a power-sharing arrangement with nationalist conservatives who thought they could control the mercurial Austrian.

Following the Reichstag Fire in February of that year, Hitler assumed emergency powers and within weeks usurped the authority of the parliament. By…

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Some of my Pictures from June 2019

On a sunny morning in winter Peter and I love to sit in front of our house with a cup of tea or coffee.

So these pictures are from early in June this year.


We had just bought this new set from Bunning when the above picture was taken. It is great that we can use the little table and chairs for sitting outside in the sun.  But usually we do not leave everything outside. All these things are very useful inside here too and so easy to move around a bit! These flowers on the table we probably had already on Mothers Day as can be seen from the below picture that was taken on Mothers Day.


The following pictures are also from my June 2019 picture folder:


Early in the morning I love to stroll to these trees! To be with these trees for a while to me is the perfect start of the day.


I am about to start some morning exercise!


Here is Peter on a morning when he went for a little stroll with me. Usually he prefers to do a walk on his own, a proper walk that is,  with a bit of speed. I walk too slowly for him!

The Easybeats

Friday On My Mind

Series 1 | Episode 1MCCDRAMA91 mins

In 1964 when five young newly arrived immigrants met in a Sydney migrant hostel and formed a garage band, little did they know that they would take Australian rock’n’roll to the world. This is the story of The Easybeats.

Friday On My Mind - Friday On My Mind - Episode 2

Friday On My Mind

Series 1 | Episode 2MCCDRAMA88 mins

In part two the band are in London where success hasn’t come easily. On the verge of collapse they are introduced to smash hit producer, Shel Talmy and together they put out the monster international hit Friday On My Mind.

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In Picton and Katoomba in 2018

In June 2018 we stopped here:

Common Ground Cafe & Bakery @ The Razorback Inn




We liked the hot apple cider. This was just the right thing to have on a cold winter day. I also had a very good pumpkin soup and Peter had a chicken pie and salad.



This is the Entrance to the Cafe at the Razorback Inn in Picton

One year ago Peter mentioned the following on Facebook, and Facebook reminded Peter today of that entry which Peter allowed me to copy here:

27/07/2019 11:06 AM
Attachment thumbnail
Today we had lunch at the “Yellow Deli” at Katoomba. It is run by the same cult, the “Twelve Tribes”; as the “Common Ground Bakery” is near Picton where we were four weeks ago. It is a cosy little place where the service and the food are excellent. On a cold day, like today, we loved the hot apple cider that warms you up.


Memories from our Visit to the Blue Mountains in July 2018


One year ago we spent some time in the Blue Mountains. Here are some pictures we took at the time:

We had some Christmas in July Dinner where we stayed at the Echo Point Motel:


The Echo Point Hotel was in Kattomba only a few steps away from the Three Sisters:






We saw some cabbages in front Bygone Beautys Treasured Tearooms in the village of Leura within the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.:


Amazingly, Cabbages can be used in this decorative way



So this is where we went for some delicious treats:



We went inside and had some lovely tea. And we shared some nice warm apple strudel as well!


Memories: Our Travelling in June 2018

In June 2018 we stopped at the

Common Ground Cafe & Bakery @ The Razorback Inn


From there we went to Picton to have a look at the GEORGE IV INN. We thought we might be able to stay there overnight.


As it turned out we stayed there only for a few drinks. We did have a look at their accommodation. But it was not to our liking for they could not provide us with any heating for any of the bedrooms.

So we stayed in a motel a bit outside of Picton where we had a large warm room with all the conveniences.


There was also dinner available on the premises, and so we had some excellent food and drinks there:


This sign was in our bathroom. I think their tank water was limited because they did not have enough rain for a while.


We checked out early in the morning and had breakfast here:



We rather liked this little town where we had breakfast. Then we drove on to Bowral.

The little town where we had breakfast was Tahmoor:

Here I write about T