This is the trunk of one of my favourite trees in the park behind where I live.

Now in the middle of March we are still on daylight saving time. The nights are already cooler but during the day we often still have more than 30C. However, we find that early in the morning it is never too warm to go for a little walk, that is we are in the habit of walking every morning for a little bit just before breakfast. I take only about 4 or 5 minutes to walk to my favourite trees in the park behind our complex of villas. Peter and I we usually leave our place together. I do walk very slowly just to stretch my legs a bit. Walking back home I  usually walk a bit faster. Peter uses some spray on his tongue that helps his breathing. He aims to walk straight away at a faster pace for 8 minutes. He walks quite a bit faster than I walk. I watch him walking in the park in the distance. On the way back, when he passes me, he calls out (just for fun!) Good Morning! And I call back: Good Morning! The whole park area feels to me very private, meaning even if I owned the whole area, I could not make any better use of it than walking there for a few minutes every morning! These days the sun comes up later and later. So often we miss out now on some sun when we walk early in the moring. However, I love the mornings, when the sun does shine through the trees! When daylight saving is finally finished, the sun will be up a little bit earlier again.


A link to a Post of Peter’s with excellent Pictures!


This post of Peter’s has some excellent pictures in it. Towards the end of the post you can see a very good  picture of the Gratitude Bell!

I copied some of the comments to Peter’s post. So, I had actually reblogged the post at the time!

Very well written essay about some of the difficulties in old age. I also like all the pictures you included. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  1. I don’t think it’s your brain that is responsible, but a tireless ego, a strong will to live that dismisses the fact of aging. I can surely see this with my Dad. As we age, the brain does not accept information as rapidly as in our youth, but I find that I’m able to think on a much deeper level as I grow older and have stronger powers of concentration.

  2. Thanks for commenting. You are probably right. My post is more tongue in cheek than anything else. But there seems to be a disconnect of what we want and of what we can achieve. At times, it is frustrating. Generally, I’m happy with my age and with my ability to manage my life.

Gratitude Bell and Cascades Walk


On Saturday, the 2nd of March Peter and I did walk up to the NAN TIEN GRATITUDE BELL. This bell is being chimed in gratitude for our ancestors. I love the sound of this bell. It travels far across the surrounding country.

The walk was quite exhausting for us oldies. But we enjoyed it. We walked slowly and took frequent rests. Later on we met up with our granddaughter and her friend at the Nan Tien Tea rooms. We were happy that they had come from Newcastle to visit us for the weekend. Son Martin had also come for a weekend visit from Benalla in Victoria and was happy that he could meet up with his daughter.

Saturday night we went for dinner to the Dapto Leagues Club where we met up with our daughter Monika and a lot of her family. The next day, on Sunday, we went with our visitors to the foot of Macquarie Pass for a little walk called the Cascades Walk.



Goodbye Facebook, it’s (not really) been real

I am on WordPress but have always been reluctant to join Facebook. Reading all your reasons why you want to discontinue with it, I feel I have similar reasons why I do not even want to start with Facebook. Still my best wishes are with Facebook. I am sure, for the people who like to spend a lot of their time with it. it is a very good thing.

Anthony Wilson

Dear Facebook

I thought I would write to let you know that after years of thinking (and even talking) about it, I am finally going to leave you later this year, probably on or around Easter, definitely before the summer.

You won’t really miss me. I was never one for posting photos of my amazing holidays or beautiful children (though they are, naturally) or thousands of awards and shortlists for my poetry (there haven’t been any) or arguments with other poets (ditto) or photos of the jam I have just made or that weekend living in my van.

I used you to spread the word about my blog, which I still love and feel wholly committed to in spite of everyone telling me blogging has died since Twitter. And, to be fair to you, you were good at that: getting the word out, helping me to get noticed, talked about…

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Union of Concerned Scientists

This is the site for the Union of Concerned Scientists:


A couple of days ago I published this:


And here is a blogger friend’s response to it. Debra wrote:

“It should be scandalous, but I don’t think most people are even surprised any more. Very troubling, however. Thank you, Uta.”

After reading Debra’s response I made the following comment:

I am very concerned that politicians with some knowlege of science are often not capable of evidence-based decision making.

I hate it, when powerful corporations or special interest groups mislead us on science. And can we not be educated to see that we ought to aim that our food, power and transport are being produced in a sustainable way? I mean these things should be obvious to any government by now. And governments should show us the way how these things can become achievable.

I am not a very educated person. But I was able to find the above information (about the Union of Concerned Scientists!) on the internet. I would imagine anybody that gets voted into a parliament for sure has similar information at hand and ought to think about it what can be done about it.

I guess the problem so far is that powerful corporations and special interest groups have the power to overrule anything sensible that politicians might aim for in achieving in the interest of humankind. I wonder whether there is any chance that corporations might change their thinking drastically and maybe start acting more like the Union of Concerned Scientists might want them to act. And then maybe there would be a chance that governments also would be able to act accordingly. Sustainability does not have to mean that all of us have to live like paupers. We can still have a good life, without too much stress and not the constant threat of wars!

Please have a look, here is a link to some blogs I find very interesting:





Merck Manipulated the Science about the Drug Vioxx


The Union of Concerned Scientists is a national nonprofit organization founded 50 years ago by scientists and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who sought to use the power of science to address global problems and improve people’s lives.

From: Heads They Win,
Tails We Lose
How Corporations Corrupt Science at the Public’s Expense

From 2005 to 2011, UCS conducted surveys
and received responses from more than 5,100 scientists at nine federal agencies, including the Food
and Drug Administration (UCS 2010e, 2006), the
Environmental Protection Agency (UCS 2008), the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(UCS 2005), and the Department of Agriculture
(UCS 2010e). Among other troubling trends, the
results revealed that hundreds of scientists across
the agencies had personally experienced political
interference in their work (UCS 2010e, 2009e).
Scientists attested that the interference often
stemmed from inappropriate corporate influence.