The End is Nigh

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The original blog was posted on September 6, 2013 by Gerard Oosterman

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Hermitage_from_insideThe End is Nigh,

It is all so quickly over. It seemed like yesterday watching mum soaking the split peas over the (single) granite sink back in the forties. Yet, thinking of the timespan between dinosaur and IPad, a couple of mere Nano- seconds later in our universe’s evolution, it is almost over. Well, give another ten years, or more, or less.

I was hardly over my Vitrectomy getting used to endless eye drops when I reached a new stage in my own evolution. I fell over. This is a new stage I seem to have arrived at.

One of the things in growing more mature is that sleep will become more evasive. I used the word ‘more mature’ for others and not in my case. I have reversed in most of my tepid evolutionary efforts and am surprised I can still walk the talk.

We have an unwritten conjugal…

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When you love someone



RELATEDWhen you love someone, you’ll do anything You’ll do all the crazy things that you can’t explain You’ll shoot the moon, put out the sun When you love someone You’ll deny the truth, believe a lie There’ll be times that you’ll believe, that you could really fly But your lonely nights have just begun When you love someone When you love someone, you’ll feel it deep inside And nothing else could ever change your mind When you want someone, when you need someone When you love someone When you love someone, you’ll sacrifice You’ll give it everything you got, and you won’t think twice Yeah, you’ll risk it all no matter what may come When you love someone Yeah, you’ll shoot the moon, put out the sun When you love someone

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At School in Boulia

Josh Arnold – Small Town Culture5.91K subscribers

Share933 views Aug 22, 2022Life in Outback Queensland means a life of freedom by the river and red dust…and the kids from Boulia State School love their life. After 6 years it was so good to head back out to Boulia to record and film the new music video with this new generation of students. These young Outback superstars put on a show with singing, dancing, motorbikes, bulls and big smiles at the river…enjoy ‘At School in Boulia’.

Two Worlds

Josh Arnold – Small Town Culture

22,544 views May 24, 2017’Two Worlds’, is the first Music Video in the ‘Identity Matters’ series produced with Indigenous students from Catholic Education across Queensland. The series reflects the student’s culture and what it means to them being an Indigenous Australian. ‘Two Worlds’ was created in the Toowoomba Diocese with student’s from St Saviours, St Ursula’s, St Josephs, YCLC and St Thomas More’s.

Unimaginable Catastrophe on New Zealand’s East Coast

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Seemorerocks

The catastrophe from Cyclone Gabrielle in Hawkes Bay and the Bay of Plenty seems to be beyond anything one could imagine. For one, The devastation has all but destroyed from what we hear 50% or more of Hawkes Bay’s horticulture. They are not telling us any of that in the media. You can expect food shortages that may last years


We are getting reports MSM are ignoring the worst stories.

There are 5,600 registered as missing.


“Dead animals are building up and rotting & Napier residents have been without power, hot water, internet & phone signal since Mon night/Tues morning.”

“A lot of people have lost their houses, everything.”

“We were totally cut off from Napier in Hastings with many people being turned away from the only crossing available even though they were essential.”

“Looting, shooting, stabbing, killing, stealing, and hostage…

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Uta’s Diary, December 2014

This is the third post that I want to reblog today!
I write in this post about thunderstorms:
“When we were at Monika’s place another thunderstorm came up with heavy rain. This was about the fifth thunderstorm in a row. The clouds built up during the day and then it started to rain. A bit like in the tropics.”
I published in ths post a picture of Ayleen and me that was taken at a Christmas Party in December 2014. Ayleen was one of my neighbours. Her house is now for sale, for she had to go into a Care Home. She is now 91. In 2014 she would have been only in her early eighties!


Christmas 2014 in Dapto Shopping Centre Christmas 2014 in Dapto Shopping Centre

NBN means ‘National Broadband Network’. We are the lucky ones, it has come to Dapto already!


This is at the top story of Dapto Shopping Centre. This time I did not take any pictures downstairs. This is at the top story of Dapto Shopping Centre. This time I did not take any pictures downstairs.

On the second Sunday of Advent we visited Monika and Mark. They had been in the process of celebrating three birthdays: Monika’s, Mark’s and the 21st birthday of Mark’s daughter Tiana. There was some cake left from the previous night of celebrations:






When we were at Monika’s place another thunderstorm came up with heavy rain. This was about the fifth thunderstorm in a row. The clouds built up during the day and then it started to rain. A bit like in the tropics. The doctor had prescribed antibiotics for Peter’s infection. On the third Sunday of Advent was the first time when he did not have to visit the…

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A copied article from the SMH

Yesterday, 18/02/2023, Sydney had a violent thunderstorm!
It is interesting that six years ago, there was a severe thunderstorm, that bypassed Sydney. Wollongong wsas both times only a little affected.


Three women struck by lightning in Bowral during Saturday’s storms

  • Phoebe Moloney

Three women, all sisters aged in their 60s, have been hit by lightning in Bowral in the New South Wales Southern Highlands.

The women were sitting together on a bench in Corbett Gardens, a park just off Bowral’s main street, when they were struck by lightning on Saturday afternoon.

Two of the women have been treated for shock while the third, 61, was hospitalised for major injuries.

She has been airlifted to a Sydney hospital to be treated for severe burns, police said.

The incident occurred during the amassing of storms in eastern NSW

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Uta’s February 2017 Diary continued

I can’t believe, that I posted this six years ago!


This morning I cooked some spaghetti with some sea salt. I added a bit of butter, one whole red chilli and some Spanish onion as well as a tiny bit of fresh ginger. It made a delicious meal!

I spent about an hour outside cleaning bits and pieces in the garden area at the back of our house. Also, taking some photos, actually lots of photos!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is where our chillis grow.


Peter joined me for a while outside. We were sitting at the table in the shade, talking about this and that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the other table at the north side where it soon got too sunny and hot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This Jasmine bush is growing out of a pot and has a tremendous amount of buds at the moment.

Some of the buds opened up already. They have a beautiful, very strong scent!






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First Love

“. . . . we talked and shared our experiences as if we were in the same room and had never been apart. . . .”
Yes, it can be heart breaking when somebody close to you suddenly dies. This can happen at any stage in life, but especially, when you’re very elderly already!


It was the end of the 1950’s. I was seventeen, in the Upper Sixth of the Grammar School. A gangly, spotty lad, and something of a lone wolf. Not much use on the football field and even less on the cricket pitch. Books were my escape, birdwatching my hobby.

Ours was a mixed school, but I was invisible to the girls and so I decided to let them be invisible to me. There were occasional exchanges of course, but on the whole nobody would have noticed if I hadn’t been there. Sometimes, that came in useful and I’d skip a particularly boring class so I could hide in the library, which was quiet and peaceful and I could lose myself in other worlds.

It was on such a day, when I was trying to think of something sagacious to write in my essay, that I became aware of a girl…

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What Shall We Do With Granny?

Dear Cat, this is a very important blog, for you explain so very well, what sort of care the elderly should get. And I reckon Joe says it very well too in the comment section, what the care packages are all about.
I reblog all this in the hope that my family are willing to carefully read all this, and that maybe this is going to help them to get a different understanding about old age.


What should we older folks do when we get close to our use-by date?

One of the bloggers I have been following for a very long time is Aunty Uta, who moved from Germany to Australia with her husband and young family in the late 1950’s (I think – correct me if I’m wrong, dear Uta!). See

Now that her children are grown and she is a widow in her late eighties with grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she’s wondering about preparing to manage in the final years of her life. Should she hand over her house to her daughter and granddaughter, and restrict herself to just one room? A quandary that has set me thinking too.

My mother was running her own household, doing all her own shopping, cooking and cleaning, running upstairs and downstairs, managing her finances and everything else in daily life, until the age of 95. I…

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