Springtime in Perth Western Australia

I like these pictures very much and I like what Kitty-Kat did write about springtime in Perth, Australia.

Kitty-Kat Chronicles

Here in Perth, Western Australia Spring is finally here and my garden is full of life and all the flowers are in bloom. This is a garden that Dad and I started a few years ago with a lot of hard work digging out a lot of lawn and then mulching as we put plants in. Now it has developed more to have shrubs and succulents, the honeybees native to the area love it and when I went to photograph it today they gathered around me.

It can be seen from our front window of our house and never fails to put a smile on my face and others to see all those flowers nodding in the spring sunshine. It is getting warmer, but still cooler nights prevail at this time of year. We are still having rainy days and then you see all the flowers close up tight to…

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Another Weekend gone

This is a reblog from the 10th of February 2014. I wrote about it how we spent the weekend with cake, coffee and the family. I just love to be reminded how we had such a good time with family. And it is great to be able to look at all these pictures again!


Caroline did bake this cake. Caroline did bake this cake.

It was a good weekend. We had the family visiting with little Lucas. And we received the great news, that in September Lucas is going to have a little sister or brother. How exciting this is for the whole family!

Caroline and Matthew arrived yesterday at lunchtime. This afternoon they left again to go back to Sydney. Yesterday we had Kartoffelsalat (Potato Salad) and Bouletten (Berlin Meat Patties) for lunch. Caroline did bring some cake which she had baked herself.  We had this yesterday for afternoon coffee when Monika came with Mark as well as Troy and Ryan who did bring little Lucas along. Ebony, the newly expectant mum, had stayed at home to have a little bit of a rest.

This is what my plate looked like for lunch, yesterday, 9th February 2914. This is what my plate looked like for lunch, yesterday, 9th February 2014










Caroline, Matthew, Peter and I went for a bit of Supper to the AGA (Australian German Austrian) Club. Caroline, Matthew, Peter and I went for a bit of Supper…

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Faith in Spring – Frühlingsglaube

Here in Australia we are approaching autumn not spring. Still I like these verses by Ludwig Uhland. I just looked at this post and thought it would be good to reblog them. They are tagged under ‘springtime’.




German Verse by Ludwig Uhland

In the original German with a
line-by-line prose translation in English

Frühlingsglaube Faith in Spring
von Ludwig Uhland Prose translation by Hyde Flippo

Die linden Lüfte sind erwacht, The gentle winds are awakened,
Sie säuseln und wehen
Tag und Nacht,
They murmur and waft
day and night,
Sie schaffen an allen Enden. They create in every corner.
O frischer Duft, o neuer Klang! Oh fresh scent, oh new sound!
Nun, armes Herze, sei nicht bang! Now, poor dear [heart], fear not!
Nun muss sich alles, alles wenden. Now everything, everything must change.
Die Welt wird schöner
mit jedem Tag,
The world becomes more beautiful
with each day,
Man weiß nicht,
was noch werden mag,
One does not know
what may yet happen,
Das Blühen will nicht enden. The blooming doesn’t want to end.
Es blüht das fernste, tiefste Tal: The farthest, deepest valley blooms:

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The Ugly Truth About Monsanto and Genetic Engineering

Dear Stuart, I reblog today your film review from 2015. I hope a lot more people are going to read it and maybe also go onto some of the links that can be found in the comments to your post.
Maybe some people also want to go to your post from today: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/14359095/posts/2173120703

The Most Revolutionary Act


Jeremy Seifert (2013)

Film Review

GMO-OMG is an excellent first documentary by a young father on a quest to understand the science of GMO technology and its impact on the environment and human health. The film starts by focusing on the general ignorance of the American public about GMOs. This contrasts markedly with other countries, where popular pressure has led many governments to ban GMOs.

What filmmaker Jeremy Seifert describes, in essence, is the systematic hijacking and poisoning of the US food supply by three companies (DuPont, Monsanto and Syngenta), all without the knowledge of the American people. At present 85% of all corn grown in the US is genetically modified, 91% of all soy and 90% of all beet sugar. In addition, most non-organic meat and dairy products come from animals fed on GMO corn and/or soy.

Seifert first learned about the potential dangers of GMOs due to…

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In Berlin on a Hot Day

I very much like this blog by Berlioz.

Berlioz1935's Blog

On our trip to Berlin in June last year,  we had the opportunity to vote for the federal election at the Australian Embassy in the centre of Berlin.

In Berlin, you can find statues of the Berlin emblem, the Berlin Bear, everywhere in all different disguises. We even found one inside the embassy.

IMG_1546 The Berlin Bear greets little Aussie Lucas at the Australian embassy.

But there was a kangaroo too. It looked a bit on the “dry” side in a Berlin court yard.

IMG_1550 “Skippy” the Bush-Kangaroo hiding in a backyard in Berlin on a diplomatic mission

In the next picture, you see indeed some Aussies marking the ballot papers. The children thought we went there for a scribble session and Lucas wanted to have a pencil and a piece of paper too.  This is election Australian style. The voting papers are not marked in secret nor are there any cabins where you can hide what you…

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The Coming Fall Of The Super-Rich

Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
“Capitalism is now in a crisis that dwarfs all the past destabilizing events that have threatened to end it, including the Great Depression. One sign of this crisis is the fact that capitalism has become more destructive to the livelihoods of most people than it’s been in decades, and has in the process become very unstable. In America alone, half the people are either in or near poverty, 80% of workers live paycheck to paycheck, and 80% overall are in debt.”

This is what Dr. Bramhall wrote on her reblog. I said to reblog it, yes that is what I want to do!

O Society

by Rainer Shea  Revolution Dispatch Feb 5, 2019

Today’s super-rich are the most privileged and powerful group of people in history. If you’re a billionaire, you can usually decide an election by funneling a little bit of your money into the race. You can sway public opinion by buying up media outlets, and by using think tanks to influence schools and news sources. You can mobilize America’s law enforcement agencies towards targeting your enemies, like when the big banks coordinated with the FBI to crack down against Occupy Wall Street protesters. You can decide legislation through the politicians you’ve donated to, loot the treasury, and get the government to carry out wars and coup operations when these things benefit your business interests. The police, the court system, and the structure of capitalism are all oriented towards enforcing your influence.

You can have multiple mansions, drive expensive cars or…

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