Can the Writing of Emails be seen as a Substitute for Letter Writing?

5 Feb

A few weeks ago I referred in my blog to something I had read about ’emails and tweets’:

Nobody inherits emails and tweets!”

This is what Wally says in Di Morrissey’s novel:

I regard email writing more or less as a substitute for letter writing, and I do save a lot of emails for future reference.  I like that these days some instant communication is possible with email writing. In the past a letter would take quite a while to reach the receiver. Even though instant communication is possible per email, most people seem to prefer  the making of phone calls or sending messages by phone  or using  something like Facebook or twitter. These messages would probably not be kept for very long. But to my mind if you use emails as a substitute for letter writing, these emails might well be of some interest for future generations.

Or what do you think?


Peter and I saved heaps of letters that we received in the olden days when we had to rely on the postal service for the delivery of letters. We usually made copies of the letters we sent away and these copies are in these folders too. Well, all this someone interested might find in these folders once we’re gone!

Uta’s Diary: Last Day in January of 2018, that turned out to be a very cold Day!

3 Feb



I think it was Wednesday when the weather suddenly went from very hot to much, much cooler. This was the day when I baked some vegetables in the oven. I cut up one of the kohlrabis and some potatoes and arranged the pieces on the sides of the tray. In the middle of the tray I placed the cut up carrots  and right behind it some pieces of sweet potato . The whole lot I sprinkles with olive oil and a bit of sea-salt.


It was nice to have a bit of red wine with the meal.

Phantom Thread – Trailer

2 Feb







Phantom Thread: watch the trailer for Daniel Day-Lewis’s final film before retirement

2 Feb



BIOGRAPHY about Michael Leunig

31 Jan


Here is a very interesting biography about Leunig:




Diary towards the End of January 2018

30 Jan

On Monday we had some goulash and dumplings left from Sunday. Peter liked the spicy gravy very much. He also got a little bit of left over red cabbage and some other vegies. I chose the following for my meal: Cannellini Beans ( Peter did get some of these too), Natural Yogurt,  and Beetroot.



To the beans I added some Psylium Husk Powder and grated cheese. I also added some Turmeric to the beans and there were also some salad leaves on the plate. We were both very happy with our meal!


The other day at Bunnings in Warrawong we did get a spray can for painting the outside table a bright yellow. Peter also bought a new shower head. He already changed the shower head. And the new one works very well! Good job done Peter.


We always buy a lot of different fruit. Every day we eat a bit of banana. The banana skin gets cut into small pieces for the worms in our worm farm.


The apricots were delicious. Peter added one onto a piece of bread and thought it tasted as good as jam!

Up until last Sunday we watched a lot of tennis on TV. They showed quite a few very good matches from the Australian Open in Melbourne. The adds were very tiring though. It was usually  very hot during the AO. Here at our place we had a lot of hot days and nights the past few days. We even put the air-conditioning on a few times!

Just to be sure

30 Jan