Sussex Inlet III

In 1989 my brother Peter Uwe came  to visit us. He is the brother who is now a retired teacher and lives in Mecklenburg/Vorpommern,  north of Berlin. In 1989 he was still a teacher in Berlin. He took at the time a one year leave from his teaching  job. During this time he traveled the world. In this world trip he included a longer stay in Australia. Part of the time he was sailing and diving near the Barrier Reef in Queensland, but a few weeks he had set aside to visit us. We were able to show him around a bit in our beautiful area. Unfortunately it rained most of the time. Only during our one weeks stay with him at Sussex Inlet we had beautiful sunshine. That was so lucky!

I remember how Peter Uwe was really good at organizing. For instance, we had to take one weeks food supply to Sussex Inlet. Peter wrote out all the meals we wanted to cook and what sort of food was needed for all the meals for every day of the week. So we went shopping together. It all had to fit into our (yellow) station wagon. Apart from the two Peters, Caroline and myself, as well as the twins had to fit into the car. The twins were really keen to come with us again to this beautiful holiday place. They loved it there very much. Of course, we all did love it !

Because we had so much stuff to take along, we decided I would catch the train with the children. The train went only as far as Nowra (Bomederry). Peter drove Peter Uwe with all the supplies to the campsite first. Then he drove back to Nowra to pick us up from the station and take us to the camp. As I said before, the last part of the drive to the camp is a 13 km dirt- road. We always enjoyed this trip along the dirt-road which went right through the bush. We would wind the car-windows down to smell the beautiful bush-air. We caught glimpses of the water (Sussex Inlet) several times along this road. The sun would shine through the trees. The water glittered through the tree-branches. Marvelous!

When we arrived at the campsite, Peter Uwe had everything in the unit already under control. All the stuff had been packed away. So we could soon have our tea and apple-turnovers with fresh cream. Peter usually picked up these beautiful cakes at a certain bakery when he went through Berry. These apple-turnovers were always a special treat for us. The kids usually reminded Peter not to forget to stop in Berry to buy the cakes.

A place called Greenpatch is 18 km away from where we stayed. (I mentioned this place in my previous blog.) We went for an excursion to this place on one day and took lots of pictures with lorikeets.

Not far from where we were staying at the inlet there is a long beach. You can walk along it for hours. There is the open sea all along the way, called the Tasman Sea which is part of the Pacific Ocean. When we look out across the ocean we are always joking: ‘Yea, and in this direction is New Zealand!’ As though we could swim all the way to New Zealand!

Peter Uwe loved to jog along the beach. But he never made it to the end of it. Peter Uwe made lovely sculptures out of the sand right next to the ocean. There exist some photos of it. Sadly I could not find any of these amongst the pictures that we have. There’s only one picture of Ryan sitting in a boat of sand. I remember one day we spent hours and hours with Peter Uwe and the kids at some spot near the ocean. I am sure being creative with sand was an inspiration for the kids.  Certainly they never did get bored.

I think we did go for swims in the ocean and in the inlet at high tide. It was April  and still warm enough for a swim. However I could not find pictures of us in the water from that year. At nighttime we played lots of games with the children, such as card-games or board-games.

Caroline was ten, the twins were still nine.

Soon after waking up in the morning Caroline, Troy and Ryan go outside to greet a kangaroo.


Caroline with her Dad

Ryan and his boat