Some more Pictures from our Weekend at Sussex Inlet in June 2019





The above pictures I took early on Saturday morning on the 1st of June 2019.

















On that weekend at Sussex Inlet, Peter and I as well as our daughter Monika remembered our arrival in Australia 60 years ago, that is we arrived at Port Melbourne on the 31st of May 1959 when Monika was barely 6 months old!

Monika’s partner, her two sons and three daughters (one daughter pregnant with her second child!) and also their partners and Monika’s 3 grandchildren and our 59 year old son Martin (Monika’s brother)  were all cebrating with us. Still, there were a few other family members that could not come to Sussex Inlet on that weekend. But some we had been seeing earlier on in May. On the last weekend of June, that is this month, we are going to be in Newcastle to celebrate the 21st birthday of Martin’s younger daughter Lauren.

This is what I wrote in May after we had had quite a few visitors on Mothers Day:

“We had quite a few visitors yesterday for Mothers Day. Come to think of it, all the mothers that were visiting, were already grandmothers. And I am even a great-grandmother! I was so happy, that great-grandons Lucas and Alexander were visiting too yesterday! And Peter actually did hand out roses yesterday to all the visiting mothers. I think they liked this very much.

So, for about three hours in the afternoon we had a large crowd in our house. Daughters Monika and Caroline did most of the catering. This was very relaxing for me.

Monika had come with her daughter Natasha and her son Troy had come with his fiancee Antonina. Troy’s twin-brother Ryan and wife Ebony spent the afternoon with Ebony’s family, but Troy and Nina had brought their nephews Lucas and Alexander along to our plae. Caroline’s husband Matthew and Monika’s partner Mark had come too, and Mark had brought his mother Merl along.”

As far as the 1st of June is concerned, I reflected that on the 1st of June 1959 we had already settled into our accommodation at Bonegilla, Victoria. I wrote about it here:


The Lone Pine at Sussex Inlet

From Friday, the 31st of May 2019 until Sunday, the 2nd of June 2019 we were holidaying at Sussex Inlet. We were celebrating being 60 years in Australia. The 31st of May 1959 is an important date for us, for this is when we arrived at Port Melbourne as migrants from Germany . We had come on the P & O ocean liner STRATHAIRD with two babies: Monika, not quite 6 months yet, and Gabriele, who was 21 months. The voyage on the STRATHAIRD had lasted five weeks. Peter had had a birthday on board, so he was 24 and I also was 24. Now we are both 84. And daughter Monika is 60. Son Martin was born in Wollongong, NSW, some ten months after our arrival in Australia, meaning he too turns 60 next year. Our youngest daughter Caroline was also born in Wollongong. She turned 40 last December. Daughter Gabriele (Gaby) is no longer with us: She died in July 2012.

Some sixteen family members were able to celebrate the 60th anniversary with us at our favourite holiday place at Sussex Inlet.


This picture of the Lone Pine was taken on our way home, on Sunday the 2nd of June.

Peter took a photo of that same tree on another visit in August 2014. We think this tree may have lost a branch since there seems to be another gap that was not there in 2014.



I loved to dip my feet into the water: This was on Sunday, the 2nd of June 2019!


Some kangaroos appeared near the lone pine.


This large kangaroo was having a good rest right next to our cabin at our Sussex Inlet Holiday Camp.


At nighttime we had some lights on when a possum appeared on our porch.

Here is a link to a Berlioz Blog from 2014 about another family gathering at Sussex Inlet: