A two-tiered Australian Society

Cameron Stewart says: “The vaccinated feel they need protection from the unvaccinated — but if the vaccinated are somewhat protected and can spread the disease, isn’t it the other way around? It is the unvaccinated who need protection from the vaccinated.”

I think he has a point there. However, I would say, even if I am fully vaccinated, I am in danger of being infected by someone who may be fully vaccinated too, for I do not want to end up with Covid even if it is in a mild form; for living on my own, I think I may be in danger of being admitted to a Covid ward, even with a mild form of the disease, since I might not be able to look after myself and be needing some sort of full time care.

It is true, I might have a good chance of recovering from the disease if I am being treated in a Covid ward. But being treated in a Covid ward, do I have the guarantee that they let me die a natural death if my condition worsens? And are they willing to let my children see me before I die?

Speaking about costs. This is what Cameron Stewart says: “Australia’s new two-tier vaccination society is almost certainly going to be a temporary one. The costs on businesses and governments of enforcing the rules indefinitely would be exorbitant.”

So, enforcing the rule is going to be too costly? He may be right, for we have to look only at overseas experiences in some other countries. I reckon, we should really learn something from these experiences in some other countries! 🙂