Series 1 Ep 6

Tanya Kalchuri is forced to tell Frankie she read her medical files – a breach of professional ethics; while Berger works with Eli Nadar to save a patient from deportation. CAST: Claire van der Boom, Owen Teale, Liam McIntyre

Broadcast 8:30pm Thu 24 Aug 2017. Published 10 minutes ago, available until 9:33pm on 7 Oct 2017. File size approx. 460 MB
Just now Peter and I finished watching Ep 6. We have been watching all episodes so far starting with Ep. 1. 

Pulse Extras

Series 1 Real Casting

Meet the diverse group of real-life doctors and actors that make up the cast of Pulse.

This episode was published 1 month ago and is available until 9:30pm on 7 Oct 2017. File size approx. 18 MB
All these episodes are still available on iview! In today’s episode the doctors work very hard to save a patient from deportation. It is heartbreaking how a woman in desperate need of medical care is in danger of being deported!