A Stateless Society?

The Dream of a Stateless Society

Dr Bramhall did a film review of Engines of Domination by Justin Jezewski   (2014)

She says: “In Engines of Domination, filmmaker Justin Jezewski  lays out a historical and philosophical argument for anarchism – a stateless society people run themselves via direct democracy.”

Personally I have some difficulty in imagining a ‘direct democracy’. I ask myself how on earth can people run themselves in a stateless society?

Jezewski’s short documentary is based on Mark Corske’s book Engines of Domination, published in 2013.

“The process begins with the confiscation of communal land by force (this happened to Europeans via the Enclosure Acts between 1500 and 1850), forcing the inhabitants to work for the ruling elite by depriving them of the ability to feed themselves. In Corske’s view, this denial of life support is a fundamental act of violence.”

“Maintaining control of confiscated land requires a command structure, i.e. a monarchy or its equivalent, the rule of law and weapons. Without weapons, domination over other human beings is impossible. Finally the ruling elite creates upper and ruling classes and provides them a range of privileges for keeping the working class in line.”

I believe the confiscation of communal land by force is a crime against humanity!

“Contrary to contemporary mythology, human beings are basically freedom loving and incline towards cooperation rather than violence towards our fellow human beings.”  I do agree with this!

“Building a mass movement to take advantage of our superior numbers is essential. Corske and Jezewski believe the best way to do this is to organize for specific reforms with the ultimate goal of abolishing central authority.”

This is where I ask myself are reforms like these possible without destroying our civilization in the process?