31st of May 2014

Today, on Saturday, we actually did go out for a drive. Peter and I, we were both very happy that we actually did do this. However, we refrained from going up Macquarie Pass. I saw the clouds hugging the escarpment and urged Peter not to go up the pass. It definitely looked like there could be quite a bit of fog further up there. Not a good idea to make an elderly gent drive in the fog along all these curves of the pass, right? Not a good idea at all even though Peter is a confident driver. There was a time Рmany years ago Рwhen he had to go up and down the pass every day. More likely than not he still does know  every curve on that pass extraordinarily well!

We agreed it would be good to go down south towards Kiama and weather permitting further on to Berry. Would it rain today? This was the question. It turned out we were lucky all day. Off and on there was a slight drizzle. But no rain to speak of. Often there were quite threatening clouds, but also a bit of sunshine did get through in between very, very dark periods. It remained pleasantly warm for there was no wind, none at all. We could really call ourselves lucky that the weather had turned out all right after a very doubtful start in the morning.

We bypassed Kiama and Gerringong. This is what it says in Wikipedia:

“Major highway upgrade[edit]

Major roadworks are currently underway and are due for completion in 2014. Commenced in 2012, the major infrastructure project will include a new overpass over the Omega rail level crossing, major highway widening, with additional exits and safer on and off ramps.[5]

The $310 million upgrade will provide 7.5 kilometres of upgraded highway and include two new interchanges with access to Gerringong and Gerroa.”

Bypassing Gerringong on the highway we could see along this 7.5 kilometres stretch a lot of activity, never mind that it was Saturday. Will they be able to finish the upgrade this year? I wonder.

From Kiama it was another 25 kilometres. Soon we arrived in Berry for Brunch at the French Bakery Restaurant.




I chose Eggs Florentine
I chose Eggs Florentine
We had big cups of coffee.
We had big cups of coffee.
Peter had Eggs Benedictine.
Peter had Eggs Benedictine.
This Baker's Sourdough Bread and Cakes are very popular.
This Baker’s Sourdough Bread and Cakes are very popular.


Our brunch was very good tasting and very filling. We knew we would not need any more to eat for quite some time. Strolling along the main street of Berry later on, we had a good look at the various shop displays and took quite a few pictures.

Then on the way home I took some more pictures from the car, mostly pictures on that section where we had to slow down a bit because of all the road building work that was going on. I am going to publish some of these other pictures in my next post.