When I was Fourteen

Das Mädchen mit der schönen Figur
(The Girl with the Beautiful Figure)

Mum liked to see the woman doctor who had her consulting rooms a few blocks down the road from where we lived. The woman doctor was always duely concerned about Mum’s heart condition. Mum used to praise her a lot for saying kind words to her whenever she visited. Naturally Frau Doktor would prescribe the right kind of medicine too. In other words she was a very praiseworthy doctor. Her waiting room was never short of patients.

Once Mum sent me to see Frau Doktor. I think it had something to do with my irregular periods. The doctor’s sister lived with the doctor on the premises. She was the one who always received the patients. She liked to talk and was friendly with everyone.

While I was waiting my turn, the doctor’s sister started to talk to me. It did not take her long before she told me, that she had been watching me walking along the street. She said I had caught her eye because of my very erect posture. She also mentioned that she always thought of me as ‘The Girl with the Beautiful Figure’. Was I, a fourteen year old, embarrassed by all this talk? – – –
My word I was!

Diary of Aunty Uta


Four weeks ago I saw Dr. B. I’m aware I ought to see my GP this week to get my blood pressure checked again. I check my blood pressure at home all the time. Sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s low. When I get very tired, it’s usually very low. And when I can’t relax, it’s high. If I could get my emotions more under control, maybe then my blood pressure woul normalise?

Two weeks ago I saw the surgeon who operated on my tongue on the 31st of May. He’s very pleased with the way the tongue has healed. In three months he wants to see me again.

One week ago I saw the dentist at the Holistic Dental Health Centre in Sydney.I made another appointment with him for cleaning of the teeth and to discuss several health aspects. Hubby made an appointment too. Each of us are going to see him for one hour in the afternoon of the 21st of Septemer, which is my 77th birthday!

Before I got up this morning I kept thinking of themes for my blog. I could write about our area. We have beautiful beaches very close by. There’s also a bit of rainforest left in our area. I could write about different aspects in retirement. Whyx are retired people always pressed for time?

I could write about all the travelling we did over the past fifteen months or so.We had quite a few lovely breaks away from home. After every trip we enjoy being home again. We think our home is paradise! If I knew how to include pictures I could show some of them in my blog. I would love to show some pictures of our home and surrounds!

I only just started blogging. So mayby there’s still hope that it’s not too late yet for me to learn a bit more about blogging.