Here’s Bulli Beach again! We had another lovely time there last week on Tuesday. We decided we would stay there for lunch. And of course we had some coffee as well.





From where we were sitting we could look down to the swimming-pool.


Yesterday, that is on Sunday, 7th of April 2013, I opened another “Page”. It’s called Uta’s early Childhood. I was able to retrieve some of my early childhood pictures and published them in this “Page”. I have heaps and heaps more childhood pictures in my album, which is of course ancient. The pictures start with the day of my birth, which was on 21st of September 1934. I have at the moment some difficulties with my scanner. With Peter’s help I may eventually work something out how to do further scanning. However, for the next two weeks or so I can’t do anything about it. It’ll have to wait!

We have plans for the next two weeks! Early on Wednesday, this is the 10th of this month, we’re going to leave for a lovely little holiday in the country. We’re also going to spend some time in Melbourne with our son and his extended family. We are very much looking forward to finally see all the Melburnians again. Also going to see another granddaughter who’s coming to Melbourne from Newcastle during her school holidays. This granddaughter we missed out on seeing a year ago. So we’re glad we can finally see her again.

We plan to be back home on Saturday, 21st of this month.