My Diary July 2017

One week ago we celebrated the fifth birthday of Lucas. On that Sunday all the family met at the Illawarra Yacht Club for lunch.

In April, we also had some lunch at the Illawarra Yacht Club where there is a beautiful view across Lake Illawarra. We had visitors from Germany at the time: My brother and his wife.

And it was three weeks ago, soon after the twins’ 38th birthday. that the family met at the Shellharbour Club. The kids, Lucas and Alexander, were keen on checking out the club’s kids entertainment.





We meet the family again next month for a holiday at Sussex Inlet. We booked some accommodation for the weekend from the 18th to the 20th of August. We  stayed for a weekend in August at this holiday place at Sussex Inlet just three years ago when I turned 80. We have known this holiday place since 1984, visiting there quite often with our children.

This is one of my blogs that I wrote about Sussex Inlet:

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Our first Time at Sussex Inlet in March 1985

My children and grandchildren had the idea we could celebrate my 80th birthday at Sussex Inlet. We always loved to go to this place. Peter, I and the children have such lovely memories about it and often talk about it. I have stored some memories about Sussex Inlet in three of my ‘Pages’. Today I opened Sussex Inlet Page’I’. I thought, maybe some other bloggers might want to have a look too. So I copied one of the photos and the text to the first page. (I noticed nobody had actually looked at this page so far!)

As I said I copied only one of the photos. If you look at this post and would like to see some more photos, then please go to the above mentioned post in my pages about Sussex Inlet. There are many more photos to be seen in that page and two more pages about Sussex Inlet.

Uta with daughter Caroline and grandsons Ryan and Troy (the twins!). It was a wet morning.

This was our first time at Sussex Inlet. Caroline was six and the twins were still five. The rain lasted only for one day. After this we had beautiful summer weather again. When our son Martin came to visit with his wife Elizabeth the Inlet looked gorgeous in lovely sunshine.

It was March 1985 and in July Martin and Elizabeth had their first child, a boy named Tristan.  After daughter Monika’s twins, Tristan was to be our third grandchild. (The following grandchildren were all girls. Monika’s three girls and Martin’s two girls. So we have eight grandchildren ; the last one of them was born in 1997. In the meantime we are also blessed with three great-grandchildren. )

After having experienced Sussex Inlet for the first time in 1985 we went back there lots of times. The children and grandchildren always loved it. Only our first born child, daughter Gabriele, was never able to join us at Sussex Inlet because she needed an Iron Lung for the night to sleep in.

We were happy that our youngest daughter had the company of the twins. The three of them did get on very well together. When people saw us with the three of them, they often thought they were triplets! The twins would ring their mum from a public phone near the office of the camp-site. The place was still called a ‘camp’ but it had newly built units which  could accommodate up to eight people each.

In March 1985 the unit we were in had only just been built.  Everything looked brand new. The best thing about Sussex Inlet was that it was very secluded. We called it our little paradise.