The infection in my lower leg, well all the doctors think that there is no more to worry about. So I hope, they are right, and that I will be able to handle it a bit better from now on.

From the 14th to the 28th of March I had a lovely two weeks with my son in Benalla, Victoria. Before that, that is from the 7th to the 14th of March, Martin and his dog Millie were here with me in Dapto, and on the 13th of March we did attend the wedding of one of my granddaughters. During this one week stay here I first did get this itchy dermatitis on both of my lower legs which may have eventuated from doing a bit of work in the garden!

So, Martin drove me to the doctors for some prescription. Towards the end of my stay in Benalla, one of the sores had flared up into a pretty bad infection. Back in Dapto, I was prescribed some antibiotics as well as several more visits to the medical treatment room. Two weeks after that it was detected, I suffered from ‘hypertension’. Now they are working on it to get my blood pressure down!



Today is Thursday, the second of October 2014. The weeks and months seem to pass in a flash. Is it already one week since Peter drove Aileen and me to the centre for the heart move exercises? I can’t believe it. Where has the week gone to? Aileen is one of my neighbours. Last week she came along with me for the first time to see whether these heart move exercises were suitable for her. It turned out that she liked the class very much. So today she wants to come along with me again.

On Friday last week we had our games afternoon at Irene’s place. Erika is back now from her holidays and she invited us to come tomorrow to her place for our games afternoon. Last Saturday, the 27th of September, our beautiful new great-grandson Alexander was born. We spent a wonderful afternoon with him on Sunday. His parents had gone to the hospital just before midnight on Friday. It took less than one hour before little Alex was born. About twelve hours later the parents went already back home with their little bundle of joy.

Peter drove me on Sunday to church for the 9,30 Mass. That Sunday turned out to be quite a warm day already. Then on Monday and Tuesday the temperatures went up to a bit over 30 Degrees Celsius. Peter and I had dental appointments for Tuesday at the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre. We caught the train from Dapto as we always do when we go to the Dental Centre. I had taken an extra cardigan along for the train and Peter had taken a warm jumper along. We knew the air-conditioning on the trains is often turned up much too high on a summery day. And so it was. On our two hour train ride we both were cooled down a lot with the air-conditioning blowing very, very cold air all around us.

We had appointments with one of the Dental Centre’s Dental Hygienists. Our appointments had been made months ago. On Tuesday Peter had had a bad night because he had developed a very bad toothache. Even a lot of painkillers did not make him feel much better. The pain had already started on Monday. He felt like there was an infection in the tooth. It may have resulted in some kind of poisoning wandering around in his head for he could feel it was affecting his brain! But he decided to wait till Tuesday when we had dental appointments anyway. He was lucky, he did get the right kind of treatment by a friendly young dentist at the centre. He killed the nerve of the tooth. It turned out that the infection was a root infection. He drained the infected area, which made Peter feel much better immediately. The dentist said he could have given Peter antibiotics. But these would not have been a guarantee for a cure.

Peter felt totally all right the following day after having had a good sleep. When the Dental Centre rang in the afternoon to ask whether he was feeling okay, he could assure them that he was fine. He said the dentist did a good job. I think this made them happy. But in about four weeks Peter has another appointment to see the dentist who usually treats him. It was only a few days ago when Peter said he is not going to make any more appointments with the Dental Centre for he wants to save the money for another trip to Berlin. Peter likes to make jokes about it, saying now the dentist can go overseas instead!

The Dental Hygienist asked me how I was feeling. I said considering I just turned 80 I do feel all right. I am glad I can still move around, but I said that I did not like this very cold air-conditioning on the train to Sydney.