Diary of June 2020 with pictures


Fried Herring Fillets in spicy Marinade. A real treat! With a few boiled potatoes it is a delicious meal! And I believe it is quite healthy too. We are always happy, when these herring fillets are available at ALDI’s. We did have a meal like this just recently.

So, what other pictures from this month can I add? I just had a look at some of the pictures that I took not so long ago. A lot of them did not turn out very well. But I try to find a few that are not too bad.


This one is really from last month from Peter’s birthday. I probably had not published it yet. Despite Coronavirus restrictions we had two family groups over for a visit. Peter and I tried to keep ourselves separate!




For lunch on Peter’s birthday we had Caroline and Matthew over. Well, all these are pictures are still from last month. Now I have to try to find some pictures from this month!

We were happy that this month we had our son Martin staying with us for a few days. He did a lot of terrific garden work for us. Luckily, he seems to love working in the garden!

I think we had this for breakfast with Martin


Martin planted some groundcover plants at the front of the house and he created a bit of a pathway to the electricity box. He also did quite a bit of work at the back of the house, but I regret to say, I have no good photos of it yet. I’ll look into it next month. The seeds of some of the vegies, that he did sow out, are already sprouting a little bit! So I should take some pictures of them soon.

During June we had also some repair work done to our house. A very nice young man was recommended to us. He did quite a bit of work for us around the house, and all this at a reasonable price! He also did a very good job outside where we needed a retaining wall to the neighbouring property. Then he introduced us to some people that can do some landscaping work for us. This is a work in progress!

Some time this month we drove to Kiama Harbour for a beautiful fish meal. We had to eat it standing up eating outside for there were still severe restrictions as far as people sitting in the same room too close together. But the perch tasted as good as ever. I had already my walker. I am very fond of this walking aid. I think it was a good buy. Helps to get me along a real lot!